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Wed 7th Oct 2009

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Gigantorama commented on Solitary Castlevania Rebirth Screenshot Rises ...:

I only heard about this game yesterday, it sounds AWESOME. It's been a long time since I played Castlevania The Adventure, so updating the graphics a bit is like a dream come true. When is it out in the west?

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Gigantorama commented on Capcom Raising The Dead For Darkside Chronicle...:

@ Reala
Silly yes, but these kinds of stunts are actually really good ways to generate buzz. Local news that probably don't know much about the event will undoubtedly take notice, and the internet will spread events like that even more. It probably doesn't cost that much money to make people dress up as zombies and parade about London, so the advertising buzz should be tremendous!



Gigantorama commented on Spirit Tracks "Pushes DS Even Further" Than Pr...:

I thought Phantom Hourglass was great, but really for how many people was that their FIRST Zelda game? And although it probably was the first for some, I don't see how it could possibly be enough to make that the basis for their design strategy for ST? Weird.



Gigantorama commented on Rumour: New Mario In the Works?:

It doesn't make sense to believe he's lying. At the same time, it could just be a new Mario Tennis game. But could this be the title IGN teased us with a few days ago? If so, that's a whole lot of Mario coming these days.



Gigantorama commented on Review: A Boy and His Blob (Wii):

It's so good to know platformers haven't gone anywhere, that they're still alive and kickin'. I will definitely be getting this title once some funds roll in.



Gigantorama commented on The Stars Catalogue Gets More New Things:

That's actually pretty sweet. Believe it or not, a Mario, Luigi and Bowser Foam Wall sounds all kinds of sweet. I wish this was available in the States I'd be all over this. Am I the only one?



Gigantorama commented on Call of Duty Comparison Shots Don't Do The Wii...:

@ JayArr

I hear ya. To me, getting a multiplatform game on the Wii isn't the best utilization of resources for a console I quite like. I'm sorry, I own the other consoles too and I don't see why I have to put on my fanboy hat and claim the Wii versions are superior even though they are ports and usually suffer as a result. I like my Wii games, you know, the ones MADE for Wii. That's where my hard-earned money is going.



Gigantorama commented on Sin and Punishment 2 Comes into Focus:

@ PhoenixSage

Wow, and here I thought I was the only one who really REALLY can't wait for Golden Sun on the DS. Everyone talked about how it should've been on Wii, but I think it'll do fine on the DS if not better. It's better suited to touch play than waggle play, in my opinion.



Gigantorama commented on NVIDIA-Powered DS Successor Coming 2010?:

Personally, I don't think it's possible, simply because Nintendo seems to be closely affiliated with ATI. But even if it was possible, I would rather NVIDIA worked for someone else, I think ATI is a bit more stable these days, and I would love to see them push the GameCube chip to its fullest in a handheld.



Gigantorama commented on Epic Mickey Character Designs Surface:

I really really really hope this game will turn out the way the art is. I know it's not always that often when a game lives up to its concept art, but if Epic Mickey can even get close I might become an instant fanboy.



Gigantorama commented on Heron: Steam Machine Available on WiiWare this...:

@ Swerd_Murd

I lol'd, really I did. That being said, it really does look like the Bioshock minigame, and as far as minigames in games go, that minigame was a bad minigame. A good one would be the card game in Final Fantasy 8. Or even blitzball. A blitzball game for WiiWare would sell millions.

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Gigantorama commented on Reggie Trash-Talks the PSPgo:

I have no idea why the PSPgo wouldn't let you just use the old UMD discs. Personally, I think it's a sleek and attractive little gadget, but if the PSPgo was released FIRST, then this could've really took off. If the PSPgo came out the same time that the DSLite did, I think it would've been a great battle. As it stands, it's just too expensive and impractical to be of any use.

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Gigantorama commented on Review: Big Brain Academy (DS):

Yeah I really liked this game, when my friends and I played it we weren't all that big on the scores. But I thought Big Brain Academy is something far better suited to portable gaming rather than the console stuff, this was a great title!

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Gigantorama commented on Review: Final Fight 2 (Virtual Console / Super...:

I have fond memories of playing this game way back when. I'm curious whether they'll release Final Fight 3 though. And Luigi-La-Bouncy, I would personally say that Streets of Rage is a better game, but I think the beat-em-up genre lends itself to general criticisms. It's probably more of a personal preference.

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