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USA VC Releases: Mega Man and Neo Turf Masters

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The time has finally come! The Blue Bomber arrives on the US Virtual Console today after paying Europe a visit over a year ago! Accompanying everybody's favourite blue robot is the rather good Neo Geo golf game, Neo Turf Masters.

Mega Man really needs no introduction. After Mario and Zelda he was perhaps the biggest NES icon, and the Mega Man series still gets new games each year (Although their quality is questionable). The first game in the series is fairly standard compared to the sequels (Such as the sublime Mega Man 2 and 3) but is a cult classic and really should be played by anybody who considers themselves a NES fan in the slightest.

Neo Turf Masters is a golf game for the Neo Geo. You might think that golf games are boring, but Neo Turf Masters is actually very fun and probably one of the best golf games ever made. The game is fast-paced and easy for anyone to play - Of course it's harder to master! Released in the middle of the Neo Geo's life span, it also has rather good graphics and a not too interesting but still pretty good soundtrack.

That's this week's VC duo - On WiiWare this week, you can get Gameloft's Midnight Pool, a billiards game. Check out WiiWare World for more info, as you should know by now!

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User Comments (155)



Chunky_Droid said:

Finally! Glad I still got 500 points left!

Neo Turf Masters though, meh.

Still wish Megaman was in Brawl



slangman said:

A good week. Glad you americans finally got Mega Man game. Best month in ages.



blackknight77 said:

No surprises here. Although I though My aquarium would be out on Wii Ware. Anyway glad to see Mega Man is finally out. It won't be long before MM2 and MM9 come out.Hopefully they will be followed up with other solid releases for September. Overall a good week, and I think there is a 95% chance that SS2 and Y's will be out next monday.



Bass_X0 said:

I knew America wouldn't get Samurai Shodown 2 before Neo Turf Masters but any week now.

And you finally get Megaman 1. Its about time. I wonder if you'll get Megaman 2 before Megaman 9 is released...



slangman said:

I hope Mega Man 9 gets released soon. My possible first WiiWare game to download methinks.



mixahman said:

Finally a game I want on my wii console since I bought the damn thing. it's been collecting dust for a while but now that Megaman is out, i hope it turns on cuz I'm not buying another one.



North99 said:

It has been a long time since I've punched my credit card number onto my widescreen TV to buy VC Points, but today I'll put down $50 just to buy Megaman (and Sonic from last week) and hoard the points. Thanks for releasing something fun for me to download a couple of days after I quit my job



Digiki said:

I was expecting Ys instead of Turf Masters but Megaman is sweet. Pretty sweet week Megaman is great and Turf Masters is pretty cool too.



GameGod3008 said:

Good stuff for the US. Turf Masters is great and Mega Man is awesome, so have fun.

Edit: Oops, wrong account. Abandoned this one ages ago after creating a new one, Terranigma



Kultist said:

Well no surprises here, which is a good thing!
It's a good thing we finally got Megaman, I can only hope the other ones will follow soon.
I hope Tony's right and that we'll get Y's and SS2 next week, this would make August a great month. In the meantime, I'll have some gutting, cutting, icing, firing, etc. to do



blackknight77 said:

In regards to Bass X0 comment, I think there is a strong chance Mega Man 2 will be out in the next few weeks, and I think Mega Man 9 will show up in late September. Of course stanger things have happened.
I am going to guess that along with MM2 and MM9 that Space Harrier, Street Fighter2 SCE, and Earthworm Jim may show up next month as well.

Since Nintendo is in the habit of releasing games as tie-ins. How about putting Dracula X or Bloodlines to tie-in with the new Castlevania game. I think the VC is overdue for another Castlevania game.



Ark said:

Yes! I'm glad Mega Man is finally here. But I'm going to wait until Ys Book 1 & 2 comes out so I can buy 1000 them together.



Kidpit said:

Finally Megaman's out, now people will SHUT UP ABOUT IT. XD I won't be downloading it though as I have Megaman Anniversary Collection.I won't be getting Neo Turf Masters either. After playing golf on Wii Sports, I rather swing the Wiimote around then press the A button three times. It's just more fun that way.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I'm glad Mega Man's here, I just hope Mega Man 2 (and 9) comes out soon.

The origional Mega Man I have on the Collection, but I would buy 2 again



7th_lutz said:

I am happy that Megaman 1 is out. People will not complain about it now. I will not be downloading the gamethough. I have Megaman Anniversary Collection and I own the Nes cartridge.



WarioFan63 said:

I am going to guess that along with MM2 and MM9 that Space Harrier, Street Fighter2 SCE, and Earthworm Jim may show up next month as well.

September predictions? Im thinking Final Soldier and Gradius 2 will make up September's Import Week. Probably World Heroes 2 and something that hasnt been rated yet.



KingMike said:

Good that Mega Man came out, though I won't be downloading it.
Got the real NES cart and Anniversary Collection (well, PS2. I hear GC version has a poor button config that makes the game more frustrating than it should be). Though I suppose the suspend feature would be one advantage to the VC version, as the later levels can get quite frustrating to beat in one sitting.
Still, I'm guessing it's unlikely we'll get Wily Wars now.



Rapadash6 said:

Pretty much as I predicted. Next week should be Samurai Shodown II and Ys: Books I & II, and then I will have completely and correctly predicted the month of August. Even just as of right now, this has been a pretty solid month.

Also, I have a feeling everyones favorite plumber will be making another appearance on the Virtual Console very soon as well, which should make a lot of us very happy indeed.



Terra said:

I hope you're right, Which game would be likely to appear next though? My guess would be Yoshi's Island or a Mario Party Entry or SMRPG



Adamant said:

You know what? Yawn. Both games are already available for the Wii on collections, if people really wanted them so bad, they'd own them already. Mega Man in particular, that's been out for ages.

Ah well, at least people will finally shut up about MM1, and go back to whining about Earthbound and Mario RPG.



DarkLloyd said:

well as for the neo geo games like that one i wont be getting since i aready plan to get be SNK vol 1 with 16 neo geo games in it. since i only bought one neo geo game which is king of fighters 94 so it would appear ive bought it twice since its also in the volume 1 pack as well for metal slug since im getting the hard copy that has 1 to 6 in it.



Rapadash6 said:


Well, I was referring to Super Mario RPG actually and by "soon" I didn't specifically mean next month. More like within the last part of 2008. ^^' Yoshi's Island won't be coming for a while yet I'm betting because of the extra work involved with emulating the Super FX chip onto the Virtual Console. As you probably already know we have yet to see an FX enhanced game show up on the service but I don't doubt they're working on it.



Terra said:


I meant to put down SMRPG before. I've done it now, can't believe i overlooked that one. As for Yoshi's Island, i understand that issue, i was wondering why Star Fox wasn't on here yet.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I couldn't agree more with Adamant, I mean, if you guys REALLY wanted those games, you would have simply bought them in the collections they are already in. Although, I guess I can understand the problem with the button for people who played the NES original, if you never played the game before, there is no excuse not to get the collection on Gamecube. (I have it on PS2 though, so no button worries for me!)



dr_mario said:

I'm probably just going to wait to get Megaman 2, 3 and 9. I like how they had yearly releases and I liked all the games up until Megaman 64. I did not like what they started doing with Megman for Gamecube with all that net warrior crap.

I also wish Megman was in Brawl, is there still a chance of him being added through a wiiware download since some of the wiiware games can be expanded through extra wiiware purchases like FF?



JiggyGF said:

I'd rather play Mega Man 1 on PSP, but cool news for those who wouldn't. Now to wait on Ys.



Bass_X0 said:

A quick look on Ebay shows that the collection is still quite cheap to buy - $19 including shipping at a brief glance at the listings. But still, better Megaman 1 even if the collection is easy to find still, than a bad NES game, huh? Not everyone will want to spend the effort of tracking down the collection when they can buy the game on the wii shop and have it within seconds.



Modern_Legend said:

UGhhhh.....idc much for these, megaman i guess is ok but i ve had a months worth of points for shodown 2 and y's, this still is a disappointment in my eyes, im starting to get upset now



StarDust4Ever said:

If I decide to invest in the Megaman series, I will probably get it for NES so I can use a Game Genie with it, because I have a feeling I'll get my butt kicked otherwise...



MaxPlastic said:

I'm glad Mega Man is up so you people will FINALLY be satiated; I won't be downloading it (Got the Mega Man Anniversary and Mega Man X collections for the GCN), but I'm glad to see that the people who want it got it



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Well, now that this is out I can continue whinning about SMRPG and Earthbound
Then again, I AM gettung a SNES later this year soooooo.
I'll right. I've decided.




Jeph said:

where are they??? I got a new network and I updated the wii, but the latest VC update it shows is 8-11-08. What am I doing wrong!?!



WarioFan63 said:

What am I doing wrong!?!

Checking at the wrong time. The Shop updates at Noon Eastern so adjust accordingly to your time zone.



Iggy said:

Sweet Megaman but i wanted either Ys or SS II oh well least
i got one good game



Kultist said:

@ People talking about getting the Megaman Anniversary Collection :

Megaman Anniversary Collection :
Finding and buying the Collection on eBay, + shipping = about 25$
Getting a GC wireless controller if you don't want that 2 feet cord = about 40$
Learning to jump when you want to shoot, and to shoot when you want to jump = 40$ (to replace the first controler you broke when you threw it on the wall)
Total : 105$
Wii VC :
Getting all NES and SNES Megaman (when they are released) = 1-6 @ 5$ + 7-8 @ 10$ = 50$
Getting to play all original Megaman games with a controler that plays like the original, from the comfort of your couch, without having to pop in a disc or move at all : priceless
Total : 50$

Ok I'm lazy, but I still think the Collection isn't for everyone. And besides, where's the fun of having all Megaman games all at once? I prefer the fun of waiting and enjoying every game as they are released.



StarDust4Ever said:

Hahaha, just ordered Megaman 1,2,3 [NES] from

Grand total, including $3.99 shipping per item: $37.84
Being able to use a Game Genie for all of the lazy cheats I want: PRICELESS!!!



Iggy said:

Im guessing next monday we'll get Ys or SS2 but
i doubt nintendo would give us both so just one and
a stinky game:P



blackknight77 said:

Now if we can just get Vectorman to even things up a bit. I am really glad Nintendo is starting to be consistent with 2 VC games a week.



Drake said:

Kultist, MM8 is not a SNES game, it's for Saturn/Playstation. And SNES games are $8, not $10.



breaderer said:

I didn't feel like waiting for mega man last week so I ordered the Anniversary collection on Ebay and I didn't know the controls were bad...I haven't gotten it yet, but can you adjust to the controls?



mattrob24 said:

As a few others have stated already, it's disappointing that we didn't get Ys Book I & II. Every Monday morning, I check to see if it's been added to NA VC, to no avail. After three weeks of let-downs, I'm not holding my breath for next week.



tnk4god said:

sorry, I think hal's hole in one is better then neo turf, also is anyone else wanting bubsy bobcat to be released?



Stratos said:

I only have six blocks left on my Wii memory after getting MegaMan. I never got to play the old ones when I was younger for some reason so I am excited to play it.



ShadowFlame76 said:


No, you can not adjust the controls, but it doesn't take too long to get used to the buttons being reversed, I have completed Megaman 2 & # on the anniversary collection so far.. i have 5 consoles and tons o' games (newest one i have is the Wii, others are, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, SNES and NES)



WolfLink22 said:

Best Month of this whole year.And i had gotten to the Minus World on SMB 1 as well just the day before.



blackknight77 said:

@ Stratos
You are in for a treat then. And if you enjoy MM1 wait next month till MM2 comes out. As much as I like MM1. MM2 trumps it in every way, and its a little easier. Just wait to defeat Heat man last.



Adamant said:

@Bahamut ZERO: Uh, it DOES save after every stage. And yeah, it's not really a very hard game. Easier than Kid Icarus, too.



worrybomb said:

Looks like it is a great week for the VC with MM and NTM. I don't know anything about Neo Turf but judging from the review and some of the people here, it looks like it is worth a download.

Now Mega Man is where the sweet action is. If you haven't played Mega Man, then you're in for a treat...a difficult treat. It's not the hardest game in the world but if you're not familiar with it, you will die. And die and die. This games takes a lot of patience, for example learning Yellow Devil's pattern. Still you have some sweet action, great music, memorable bosses, and nifty power-ups. The controls aren't as functional here compared to it's sequel (I hate when you drop down quickly like if you played Tetris and pressed down for the block to fall). Still one redeeming qualityis the VC suspension save point. Back then, there was no password for this game so it was a very long hard fight to get to Dr. Wily. At least now, if you get frusterated, just take a break and come back to it later.

Download this game if you want some sweet action platforming. Or you can wait for MM2 but I'll be willing to bet after you play MM2, you'll be willing to try out MM. =)

(uber Blue Bomber fan =P)



elbo21 said:


Finally! This is the best VC month so far this year! MM2 is my all time fave game, so I REALLY can't wait for next month!




CanisWolfred said:

Finally Neo Turf Masters is on there! I was just thinking of what would be a good game to get alongside Samurai Shodown II when it comes out, and here it is! Just have to wait a little longer, and I'll be able to enjoy a good golf game, and a good fighter. Oh, and Mega Man's cool too.



Bendover83 said:

@Phantom93: Check real closely on that date that Ghouls n' Ghosts came out, because that was actually last year that it came out. You can double check be looking at the Games out now on this site and it shows that G n' G came out last year on the 27th.

Y's book I & II and Samurai Shodown 2 will likely come out next week. First Monday in September probably Megaman 2 than soon after, MegaMan 9. My very first WiiWare purchase.



MrPoo6321 said:

HELL YES!!!! FINALLY! I'll be getting this as soon as I put more Wii Points on my system. Now, I know I should be happy and satisfied with this update... but why did this take so long? What is it going to take to finally get Vectorman in the U.S.? Is there going to have to be a new one for WiiWare first?



Rexy said:

Surely after the high anticipation of Mega Man 1 on the American VC, there'd be no problems with this week at all, right? I find it weird that there's still some people who see it as one of those "meh" weeks, but even at that there's so few of them



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Not the one I know.
The Mega Man 1 I know (the NES one) you had to beat in one sitting.
The Anniversery Edition featured a save slate.



classicmike said:

Well this is a nice surprise for the NA VC this week, though I already have Mega Man 1 for the Anniversary Collection on Gamecube and Neo Turf Masters for the SNK Collection on Wii, but good week for those of you who have never played Mega Man 1 or Neo Turf Masters and want to try them out.



classicmike said:

@ Rexy: I guess there are people out there who will probably never be satisfied. Oh well, can't please them all.



blackknight77 said:

Earthworm Jim has a ESRB rating now. It could be any week
Well I guess all is well in VC land this week.



CanisWolfred said:


Don't worry, once we get Ys, people will stop complaining...unless Samurai Shodown II still doesn't come out, in which case people will still complain. Then there's the SMRPG group, though they've been silent this week, thankfully.

Yeah, there's just no pleasing people.

How much does the SNK collection cost? There are only 4 games on it that I want, but if it only costs like $20, I'll get it.



Rexy said:

Yeah, I suppose this is what happens - different strokes for different people. To be fair, I wouldn't be all too impressed with Samurai Shodown 2 or SMRPG for that matter but as long as some of the complainers finally get to shut up once they come around, then that's good enough for me.



CanisWolfred said:

I know what you mean, I not really looking forward to Ys, but I still hope it comes just so people will stop asking for it week after week.

In any case, I already have Mega Man on the collection, so I won't be spending my points on that, but it does inspire me to play the Collection again.



AlexSays said:

First week I'll download something in... well... a long time.
I might even give that WiiWare game a go.



Bass_X0 said:

does anyone else who has VC games already on a collection think they would play the individual games more if you had them on your channels? i have the sonic collection but i'd be tempted to play the games more if they were just there on my channels.



Master_K said:

I was so excited about Mega Man my stomach nearly exploded.
Edit: It really did explode.



Mipsymoodle said:

i have never played a megaman game surprisingly but everyone seems to love it so ill get it and maybe ill fall in love with the blue bomber and on the contrary i like golf games so ill probably get neo turf masters



Rexy said:

@Bass, comment #82: It probably depends on the collection in question and how comfortable you are with the emulation/button configuration. Like, I have the Sega Mega Drive Collection on the PSP but for some reason I feel more comfortable playing some of those games with the Classic Controller over trying to survive with an eye-straining portable screen for more than an hour (particularly being the case with Phantasy Star 2).

On the other hand, I did hear some people were more satisfied with the Sonic Mega Collection when it comes to Sonic titles, and I appreciate their opinions there (even though I still need to get it myself). Besides, the whole thing about the VC being able to emulate Sonic & Knuckles' lock-on technology (read: I'd rather play it fused with Sonic 3 than the latter alone) seems to be nothing more than a pipe dream at the moment.



Andrew said:

@Bass: For me, it depends on the series. I regret downloading the Genesis Sonics because I already have Sonic Mega Collection for the GCN. That may be because I'm not a huge Sonic fan.

On the other hand, despite having all of the Zelda games in their original cartridge format, I LOVE having my Zelda games as Wii Channels. I suppose that is because I'm a huge Zelda nerd, though...



Kriqz said:

MM is the 1st VC game I've ever downloaded the day it came out. It's amazing how hard games were back in the day, I remember playing this over and over when I was like 7 years old. Nowadays games are a cake compared to this.



blackknight77 said:

@ BassX0
Yes I have dowloaded Zelda and Mario even though I have them on Animal Crossing. I am thinking of getting Sonic 2 even though I have it on the Collection. And I might consider Mega Man even though I have the collection. Its kinda convientent the having it on the Wii Channels



Alpo said:

Question: How could you ask Nintendo about requesting specific games to come out for the VC?
I would like to see Contra, Turok 2, and Duck Hunt come out one monday together for sort of a classic shooter theme.



Kultist said:

@ Kriqz :
Yup. I was thinking the same just a about a minute ago. Boy is MM unforgiving. I think I only love MM1 because it was the first game I played on NES. (I still prefer the second and third).
I love when games like that are released, pretty much like Punch Out! You get bang for you buck because you know you're going to curse the TV and the remote for at least a month.
On another topic, I just thought of a Capcom game that might make it to VC and that would be nice if you're into platformers the quality of MM : Duck Tales (1st one).



marktheshark said:

I don't think you can request specific games to come out on the VC. Turok 2 probably won't come for a while, for Duck Hunt, they have yet to implement zapper support for the VC which might also take a while, but don't lose hope!

It's gonna take a bit for Duck Tales to come on the VC due to licensing stuff. But I can assure you that licensing issues could be less of a problem as time goes on. So it might come in the VC when you least expect it!

I'm quite the optimist arn't I?



Andrew said:

@Tony: Were the NES Zelda and Mario only available through the Animal Crossing E-Reader cards? I only had the lame ones like Tennis and Baseball.



Adamant said:

@Bahamut ZERO: "
The Mega Man 1 I know (the NES one) you had to beat in one sitting.
The Anniversery Edition featured a save slate."

Well, yeah, it didn't save your position to the cart, but once you had beaten a level, that level stayed beaten until you turned the game off. The VC allows for suspend saves, you you can take all the breaks you want to.



AngelBlack187 said:

yep megaman rocks. not very good at it though. too darn hard. the musics great. downloaded it a while ago as a phone ring. with the rest of the good stuff.



Adamant said:

Mega Man isn't that hard, guys. What kind of men are you? Show some balls.



breaderer said:

Mega man is hard at first, but you just have to memorize the levels, and then its easy.



Andrew said:

I'll get Mega Man once I have 500 spare points. Never played a Mega Man game before, though, so I'm not sure what to expect.



Ark said:

I checked Animalxing and it said Mario and Zelda were only available via cheat devices.

@Super Mario
O_____O I laughed.

I'm tempted to get MM and Sonic MS. Though I'm waiting on Ys...



Objection said:

@kevenz Its a big deal, trust me. And then thewres the MM9 hype machine pushing it from behind too. The last couple weeks have been much better than this whole year (minus wiiware launch). Let's hope that it continues.



harvey625 said:

i agree with adamant, mega man is certainly beatable. spend an afternoon with it, learn what robots are weak against others. y'all will be fine. i start with bombman personally....but that's all i'll say = p



Ricardo91 said:

@Chunky_Droid. I wish Megaman could've been in Brawl too. That's be awesome, and Tails, Mewtwo, and Knuckles would've been too.

@Kidpit. "Finally, Megaman's out, now people will SHUT UP ABOUT IT!"

Yes, and now that MM is released, people can now focus on bitching about Dracula X, Mega Man 2, Samsho II, Ys, Earthbound, SMRPG, and Vectorman, among others.

@Kultist. Ducktales would be cool. I haven't played it, but I heard it's good. And there's another licensed platformer I wish could appear on VC: Taz-Mania.

@tnk4god. "is anyone else wanting Bubsy the Bobcat to be released?"

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I don't think so.

I just got back from my trip to New York (My 2nd vacation in a month! ), and I must say this isn't a bad week. I'm glad to see Mega Man finally on the service after Europe has had it for god-knows-when, but I'll just get the collection. Since I didn't play the game in it's original form, I won't have an issue with the whole Button-switch thing, plus I don't have to delete anymore games!
I don't care about Neo Turf either, and if I did want to try it out, I'd rent/buy the SNK classics collection. And that Pool game on WiiWare looks a heckuvalot better than Break In.



Virus said:

Gah...last time I come to these things many comments...

Anyway, good week, but not for me. After last week, I was left with a pitiable 0 points...guess it's back to searching for pennies for that next 1000 points. I think I'll save them for Ys....

Mwuha...I have expanded the page two more inches. I'm so evil...



Viper1 said:

I guess it's good that we finally got it ... but I really don't like Mega Man. Everything about it is good except it's too hard for me to enjoy it. I could maybe beat it if I really tried over and over but with few exceptions games that I lose at over and over aren't fun.

Still, it's a game I can respect even though I don't enjoy it and it's good for the people who were waiting for it.



elbo21 said:

Well, I got Mega Man today and I beat it today. I guess I never realized that it's a pretty short game. What makes it take a while to beat is how hard it is. Man, I was about to throw my controller more than a few times! This game is definitely near impossible to beat without cheating a little (I refer to the Thunder Beam trick... pause, unpause, pause, unpause) -- I'm glad they kept that cheat in there, because I was unable to do it with the Anniversary Collection. I guess you need more of an NES style of controller like the Wiimote is. I mean, how can you possibly beat that one-eyed rock monster without that trick? I like this game, but MM2 is definitely the better game... it's on the easier side and a lot less frustrating. Also, the music and graphics are better. Can't wait for next month! Sigh... maybe I shouldn't have beaten the game in one day? Now what am I supposed to do?



Bensei said:

No good games this week. Come on nintendo stop sending out crap every week on the VC! Who needs Mega Man with the Anniversary Collection already out? Give me Earthbound, Super Mario RPG and Banjo-Kazooie NOW!




Dokenzz said:


If Mega Mans not of wuality gaming then i don't know what is, though i respect you may not like the game does not make it crap

God, i forgot it was monday, well its good i went to the mall when i did, i bought mega man today and double dragon; I've beaten cut man so far..



Bensei said:

@Dokenzz: Please read my whole post, it was sarcasm, that's when you say something and you don't mean it. I was referring to all those Americans who called releases like Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown bad because they are already on a collection, and then they b*tch around every week to want Mega Man. And even if I would have meant it serious, I didn't say anything bad about Mega Man other than it's already on a collection
At least now we can go on and complain about games not being out yet that are worth to complain about

Why is Metal Slug Anthology making Metal Slug a bad VC release but Mega Man AC not Mega Man?
Because A and B are swapped on the AC? Come on! You just have to get used to it, or buy the PS2/Xbox if it's such a big deal. I completed this collection on Gamecube btw. and suggest it every Mega Man fan and every one who wants to become one (or explore the story befor buying Mega Man 9), since all the Mega Man titles on this collection would cost 3800 Wii Points on VC (minus the Arcade titles and the MM8, whose consoles aren't on VC yet), and you can get that collection for 30$ as new! Although it might be a bit more expensive if you need a GCN Controller and a Mem Card. But hey, you can save much more space in your Wii if you buy al those games on disc!
I imported my AC for only 15€ due to the weak $ So I still got my money's worth



blackknight77 said:

@ Andrew
If I remember correctly Mario Bros. and Ice climber were unlocked with e-reader cards and only the action reply could unlock Super Mario and Zelda. I actually went on ebay and bought a loaded Animal Crossing memory card which had all 18 games and more goodies. It did not cost that much



Adam said:

I was starting to wonder why people consider this game so hard.
Then I got to the Dr. Wily first stage boss.
Why does Capcom hate me?



Adamant said:

"I mean, how can you possibly beat that one-eyed rock monster without that trick?"

Learning his pattern. It's not hard. Have a general idea of when blocks you must jump over will appear, be read for the two blocks directly following each other so you don't hit the second on you way down from the jump over the first... and that's pretty much it. I find the Mega Man clone to be a harder boss than the Yellow Devil.



elbo21 said:

I've played MM many times over the years and have never been able to really get good at avoiding the Yellow Devil's pattern. It's the 2 blocks, like you mentioned, that get me every time. I have, however, beaten the game a couple times this way, without the cheat. But it's just too tempting to use that cheat after I die a few times doing it the real way! lol As far as the clone, you can use the same thunder beam cheat to kill him too -- I did it last night and got thru without dying.



Dokenzz said:


Ah, I might pick up the GCN Collection, but I need a GC controller and plus I love playing it like it should be, with a NES Controller.



elbo21 said:


Yes! The Mega Man games are some of the best all-time games made for the NES. In my opinion, MM2 is the best of the series, and that was my first introduction to it... I played the first MM after that. In a perfect world, if 2 was out already, I'd recommend playing that one first -- but this way you get to work up on a curve! Play MM first, realizing that the second one will be better and you get to play that one next month. Don't get me wrong, MM1 is still a great game, but they definitely improved on it with number 2 and then 3. Hope this helps!



deadly_by_design said:

Don't tell me to "get used to" the A/B swap in Anniversary. That's the reason I'm not buying it. Yes, it's that big of an issue. (especially when there's no good reason for it)

That being said, I'm really glad to see Megaman hit the U.S. VC. (and even moreso anticipating MM2 & 9)



Cally said:

I agree with Adamant's comments, except that for us purists, the A/B swap really is a problem with the collection--tapping with the inside of your thumb while holding jump with the outside=soreness and somewhat less efficient. And the yellow devil is not hard, it just takes paying attention to what parts fly at you to the other side (you get some warning). I can't believe retrogamer described Mega Man 2's difficulty as something like "trying to live without kidneys" or some stupid comment like that.

It's not as hard as any shmup here. No limited continues. It's challenging but almost entirely fair. Maybe as tough as Super Mario Bros or so? Hard to compare.

It varies shooting with platforming in ways that I can't say I've seen anywhere else quite like it, which means pacing and less frustration. I'm kind of "biased" I guess since Mega Man 2 is my fav game of all time, and the first Mega Man isn't all that inferior, but distinct.



Cally said:

In that case, totally go with the collection. I haven't played the GC version of it, so I don't know how it controls. But indeed those games should NOT be missed. In fact, I've never known an old sidescroller action series of any kind to have such an intricate story.



CanisWolfred said:

@The Joker 72190

Do you have a PSP? If so just get the remake, Maverick Hunter X, it was pretty good. One warning though, they moved the parts around, so they won't be so easy to find.



Jolted85 said:

I downloaded both Mega Man and Neo Turf Masters, Neo Turf Masters is probably my favorite game on the NeoGeo, and well Mega Man needs no explanation as to why I like it, I'll download Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 9 whenever they come out.



LordJamak said:

Wow... Mega Man!!! That's all I can say. Are they going to release all those from the collection? The only ones I had back in the day were Mega Man 2 and 3. I did play the first one a little though and liked it a lot except for the lack of passwords...

As for Neo Turf Masters... is it worth it or is NES Open Tournament Golf the better golf game for VC? I never played it.



Jolted85 said:


Neo Turf Masters is definately much better than NES Open Tournament Golf, I play this game quite a bit actually, it's so easy to play, anyone can get into it real quick.



The_Joker_72190 said:

@ Cally

I was thinking about buying the collection but it would still be nice to see those excellent games on the vc.

@ Mickeymac

Just to clear things up I own an xbox 360, xbox, ps2, PSP, gameboy pocket, gameboy advanceSP, nintendo DS, and obviously the Wii.
And I might check out that remake u mentioned, thanks.



The_Joker_72190 said:

Now theres one particular game that i cant understand why its not on the vc. And that game is the original super smash bros game for the N64!!!
I cannot tell you how many hours I played that game!!!
Anyway, its good to finally see megaman on the vc.
It took them long enough lol

I can honestly say that I can smile for this weeks update



StarDust4Ever said:

"Just to clear things up I own an xbox 360, xbox, ps2, PSP, gameboy pocket, gameboy advanceSP, nintendo DS, and obviously the Wii."

Hmmm, interesting - no old systems. My game obsession started with an NES (found it in the garage) in 2002, took a trip to my local gamexchange, and then worked my way up through every Nintendo system ever made (except virtual boy) until the pinnacle of Ninty achievement. Only other systems I ever owned prior were a Game Boy Color and Atari Lynx (I lived a deprived childhood way back in the 80's with no Nintendo).

@joker: Like most new fanatics, you seemed to start with the most current generation and work your way backwards...



CanisWolfred said:


He did have a N64, apparently, plus it's more difficult to track down an older system than you think, especially if you have no previous enthusiasm for video games.

Personally, I started out with a Sega Genesis, albeit long after it had run out it's lifespan. I also had an N64, but I never really got into gaming until I got a Gamecube, and now I'm enjoying all the classics from yesteryear with the Virtual Console. Just felt like sharing that.



The_Joker_72190 said:


Actually my first system was the NES(which i got in the early 90's) than the SNES, N64, and etc...
but i sold my older systems a couple years back to get the newer ones(which i regret). The oldest thing i have left is my gameboy pocket. So I'm not a new fanatic.



Cally said:

Gah. I am so annoyed with all these writers saying how hard MM1 is (note: not VCR). It's definitely the hardest in the original series, but I wouldn't call it as hard as ANY shmup on the VC. But then, that may be because of that genre's miserable habit of limited continues (oh yeah, I'm absolutely in LOVE stage 1 after seeing it after the millionth time ) that adds stress of an actual threat of making you lose progress. At least THAT doesn't happen in Mega Man. Speaking of which, that was a completely awesome Mega Man tradition, of eight selectable stages and THEN a sequence of levels. The lack of energy tanks (in all the sequels except MM8) makes it tougher too. Still, no limited continues



Bensei said:

@The_Joker: You can set the controls in MMX like you prefer, which is wonderful. I never played the original, so I chose special GCN controls, which are Y to jump, A to shoot and X to dash. Also this collection includes 4 PS Games (5 if you include the PS version off MMX3 which was also available for SNES), which will hardly ever appear on VC.

@People who want to get into Mega Man: Either buy the Anniversary Collection which allow you to give you 2 extra lives and an easier difficulty for 7 of the 10 Games (as I said, the button swap isn't such a big deal, especially if you haven't played the original ) or buy MM2 first, since it's the only original Mega Man I know that had difficulty settings. But don't wonder if you don't have Energy Tanks in the first

Personally, I also prefer in the AC that they improved the NES games a bit, now if I change weapons I see a number of ammo and which weapon I'm using, which I didn't in the original



CanisWolfred said:

In my opinion, MM8 was the hardest, but then again, you couldn't tune the difficulty in that one, so that might explain it.



Bensei said:

If you played all the MM titles on the AC on easy you really can't call MM8 the hardest. The only thing in MM8 that were really hard for me where the snowboard passages (please, Capcom, leave snowboarding to Shaun White and Sonic ), Astro Man's Stage and some Grapple Beam Passages, but not THAT hard.

Imho the last boss battles of MM2 and MM7 were the most frustrating moments on the AC, and I've only done them on easy yet



Adamant said:

MM2 and MM7 only have one difficulty level, regardless of what you choose from the menu, I believe. And yeah - the final boss in MM7 is by far the hardest part in the series as a whole.

EDIT: Oops, it's Mega Man 2 and "8" that aren't affected by the difficulty level. I always kept in on hard, as men should, so I didn't remember the details.



Bensei said:

Yeah, those were really annoying, I had to learn the one in Wily's Castle to get past it

@Adamant: MM2 too? That's strange, since it was the only MM that allowed changing difficulties in the Original...
Anyways, it was my first Mega Man so I turned easy and Navi Mode on
But I turned Navi off in MM6, since MM4 the hints aren't useful anymore and spoiled the story partially
After MM X Collection I'm going to replay the Original Mega Man Games on hard



Adamant said:

Megaman 2 didn't allow for difficulty changes in the original, only in the American and European versions of the game. MMAC is based on the Japanese PSX series Rockman Memorial (or something).



SuperMichael64 said:

@ elbo21
Thanks, I just bought it! fun stuff. If mm2 is better than this I know what my next purchase will be.



lockelocke said:

LOL, keeping a video game on hard is what men should do, thats funny stuff, man

But, yeah, I totally agree, Mega Man's difficulty doesn't live up to the legacy. I never thought it was hard as a kid, and didn't hear about it being "so hard" until much later. Mega Man 2 was actually one of the few games that I could complete as a 5 year old, though that freakin puzzle-ish boss with Crash Man's weapon (after you beat all Wily's robots) took me a minute to figure out.



Bensei said:

Okay, than I have one MM game less to run through on hard

What are your predictions for tomorrow's VC Update?
My guesses are Sonic SMS and maybe DK3, since we haven't got it yet. Probably some other titles too, since those are only 500 Point games.

Earthbound or SMRPG won't be out tomorrow, since those games wil either be released on an America month or such or at the Hanabi Festival (which already released games that only came to America). Y's Book won't be out either (sadly), because somehow no TG-16 games were listed for us this month, and it would be strange if we get it before America does



MaxPlastic said:

@ Kultist:
I'm just saying, it's still a better value with the Collection... Of anything on the VC. The SNK, Capcom Classics, and SEGA Genesis Collections are all better values. Chances are, most of us own some games many times over any way



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah, Sonic SMS should be definite. DK3 likely. Hopefully Parasol Stars and some random C64 game, possibly Jumpman.



Kultist said:

@ MaxPlastic
Yeah, I agree you get more for less with the Collections, but I like Wii's Channels and not having to move to change games. Hep. I'm that lazy (when it comes to sitting in front of my TV to play games that is).
Anyways, now that I have lots of unfinished games laying next to my Wii, I'm starting to kind of like VC's distribution pace. Of course it's disappointing when you get some similar stuff 3-4 weeks in a row, but OTOH you get to appreciate the games you do like, and it gives you time to actually finish them. So bottom line is : I like VC



Bensei said:

@Kultist: Many people are complaining about VC releases but have lots of nearly untouched games in their memory.

@Bass X0: Yeah, forgot about those announcements, I guess all the C64 games that haven't been released yet and were announced back then (look into that "Y's Book heading Wiiware!" news) wil hit us tomorrow, since it's the last VC Friday this month (if NoE doesn't break the pattern with the end of the Summer Hole )



Ricardo91 said:

This is a bit off topic, but I managed to find a copy of Retro Gamer at a New York Barnes and Noble. It's a pretty interesting little magazine.

Anyway, I predict that we'll get SS II the coming week, and the ever-so-wonderful Ys the week after. As for additional games, who knows? Gradius II or Vectorman maybe?



CanisWolfred said:

Yes, the original Super Smash Bros would be great! I still have the cartrige, and it still holds up after all these years.



lockelocke said:

You'd be lucky if it still worked. I've been through three in the last 15 to 20 years. The one I'm working with now will play a game after like a half an hour of blowing into the cart, I end up just buying all the games I have on VC. 500 points is a small price to pay to put an end to the frustration.

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