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Sat 5th Apr 2008

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Stratos commented on id Chief: "Show Me Why I Should Develop For Wii":

Conduit is our ray of hope. I would like to see it take Hollenshed's words and shove them back in his face. Though if Conduit fails...
House of the Dead Overkill, Tenchu and Deadly Creatures were the first round. Madworld is the second. Conduit is the biggest of them all and will possibly be Wii's last stand of sorts. If they all fail then we can kiss a number of future quality games goodbye.
Madworld and Overkill are selling well (aside from the Madworld resolution fiasco in Europe) so there is hope there. We'll see how Conduit does.



Stratos commented on Curve Officially Announces Explodemon!:

Just because they mention it last on the list doesn't mean it will come out last of all the services. It could launch within weeks of the PSN version. It could also come a long while before the PC versions as well.



Stratos commented on Review: Bonsai Barber (WiiWare):

Corbie, I didn't even realize that the Barney avatar was you until it was pointed out by others. I thought it was a new member or something.

I'm thinking about getting this for my little sister. She went to a huge effort to plan an egg hunting party for Easter and every kid canceled or turned down her invite. This might cheer her up and she needs a new WW game to pull her off of My Pokemon Ranch.

Nice review. You do a great job explaining the mechanics to someone who is clueless to this game. I was pleasantly surprised.

All of this talk about Zoonami makes me curious about their fabled Game Zero. They pulled the pictures of the blacked out design doc files from their site. Wasn't that what everyone was hoping to be the Gamecube's Goldeneye/Halo killer though there was no proof of that? Maybe they'll reveal what it is before the end of the decade.



Stratos commented on Phantasy Star Zero Mini Coming to DSiWare:

i wonder if this will tie in at all with the full retail DS game Fantasy Star Zero. It would be cool if you could bring you character from the DSiWare game to the main game or vise versa. Who knows, maybe this is the multiplayer component for the main game.



Stratos commented on Nnooo Interview - Pop Plus: Solo:

I'll bet it would take a lot of effort to get a game patched like that. I know a few VC games have had similar things done but little is known about what the changes entailed. I would also envision it could run the risk of causing issues, especially if it has Wi-Fi features. Wouldn't want there to be a number of different versions that turn out to be incompatible with each other.
I would imagine that Nintendo would only allow it in the case of a major game breaking bug.



Stratos commented on Review: Evasive Space (WiiWare):

I play Geometry Wars on the Wii w/ the IR controls since I've yet to grab a classic controller (I need to do that soon for SNES VC games). I am quite fine with those so maybe I will enjoy this. I agree that this game and the Hot Rod game are a bit over priced. They both should be at 800 points.

It does seem that HVS is at least consistent with their games: varying degrees of decent and average. All of their WW games - with the exception of that Black Jack game - have automatically fallen into the "I'll get them later if I'm bored and nothing good is released" category. They also fall into the "I'll get them when I have enough space on my Wii" queue. Several times I've almost D/L'd several of their games but don't have any unused games to delete to make room.

Thanks for your review Professor! I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next one by you.



Stratos commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (11th Feb):

Aside from MLaaK, DYC and TV Show King are the last launch titles. Both seem like they intend to hang in there for quite a while.
The first week WoG was not #1 I was shocked. I wonder if it will have a swift fall or hang in the middle for a while first.



Stratos commented on First Impressions: Overturn:

@#36 Battle Bots, right? There were at least two different shows. I watched them from time to time.

Also, Wall-E, R2-D2, C-3PO, 2001, A Space Odyssey, the Jetsons' robot, Transformers, Data of Star Trek fame...the pirates on the Disney ride... (now I'm stretching it...)
There are lots of robots in popular culture.



Stratos commented on Review: Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame (WiiWare):

46 blocks kind of seals the deal for me. I prefer to always have a quick puzzler on the Wii memory for spontaneous play but high block counts hog my precious space.

On a related note, we are now in the month of February when Nintendo is suspected to begin implementing its fabled storage solution. It's also when the Rock Band music store starts getting the current updates along with the rest of the systems. Hopefully sooner in the month than later for both.

-And Welcome Dafoli! Be sure to visit VC-Reviews and the VC-reviews forum as well.



Stratos commented on Snowboard Riot:

Screens look really nice.
Do we know approximately how many courses there will be or if there will be online?



Stratos commented on Evasive Space Cleared for February Lift-Off:

Since this is almost released, we should expect another announcement from HVS about their next WW game that is NOT Animales. That was announced first and what do we see since? Blackjack, Gyrostarr, Hot Rod and Evasive. Still no Animales.



Stratos commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (28th Jan):

@ themortalangel
For me it is the sheer size requirements.
The main D/L is too daunting for my block starved Wii.

Honestly, the space requirement is keeping me from spending close to $100 on digital downloads.
Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 proved that because with the streamlined sd storage interface I have D/L'd over 30 songs between them both.



Stratos commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

I am studying a real martial art and would love to try and emulate the different moves with this game. That's probably the biggest interest for me.



Stratos commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

After looking at the website I am very curious at this game. If all the online functionality and other features are included I think I'd check it out.



Stratos commented on EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos:

Wasn't this the first WW game to announce DLC?
I was curious about it but since both my Wii and SD card are critically low on space, half of the stuff I would be interested in are now unappealing to me. I wish Nintendo would wise up and give us a real solution.
PS- for those hurting for more space check out this article on how to make a non-SDHC 4Gig card work with the Wii w/o hacking or modding.



Stratos commented on High Voltage Voltage Hot Rod Show Dated For 19...:

This seems to have come out of left field compared to other HVS games like Animales and Conduit which are constantly being delayed. I was not expecting this one until Summer, or late Spring at the earliest since they supposedly started on Animales long before this one and so I was expecting Animales to come first (be it a disc or d/l based game).



Stratos commented on Eternity’s Child – Still Alive, Coming in ...:

"What you say is true and extremely helpful in real life (believe me, I know), but here on the Internet, I think it only goes so far. I mean, after all, if someone takes what I say too seriously, that's their fault, because like I said I'm just voicing opinions on games and in this case developer."
Don't take that as an excuse to behave differently on the internet. There are people on the other end of your computer who feel pain and emotion just as they would in real life. Things said in the digital realm can still cause a great deal of pain, especially if online communities are a persons only outlet for socializing.



Stratos commented on New DSiWare Details Revealed:

@ shadows262
LOL, thats like Nintendo's Console strategy: Re-releases a slightly souped up GameCube and give it motion controls. Except the DSi doesn't have a killer gameplay hook.
DSiWare is as close to a selling hook for me as it gets but I am going to not get one until Nintendo anounces good classics for the service.
I also like having the GBA port on there as well. Wish that they had upped the tech specs a bit at least. I don't care that DS Lite is tanking in Japan, Im not ready for a new DS and neither is the rest of the USA judging from the sales charts of DS Lite (always in #1 or 2 spot).



Stratos commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (29th Oct):

@ deadbattery
You are awesome for getting Boom Blox, Okami and deBlob.
Too many poeple over look the quality 3rd party games on Wii.
I actually only own 3rd party Wii games (disc based-wise) with the exceotion of Brawl. Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes, Boom Blox, Okami, Guitar Hero 3 and Geometry Wars Galaxies.
I believe in supporting 3rd parties 'cause I want more quality support from them.



Stratos commented on Is WayForward's LIT Going To Light Up Our Live...:

If you really want to see Shantae the go to the company's site and sign up for the Shantae mailing list. It is nothing more than a gague to how many people would like to see a new edition of the game. If enough people were to sign up then they would speed up bringing out a new one.
I signed up, now its your turn



Stratos commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (15th Oct):

Awww Man! I never noticed until this article that WoG is 1500. Not complaining that it is too much, but the last time I was able to take my Wii to a friends house w/ Wi-Fi access I bought $50 worth of points and spent all but 1000 that was being saved for WoG...need more points...



Stratos commented on Introducing High Voltage Hot Rod Show for WiiWare:

I likes the looks of it; reminds me of the old top-down monster truck arcade game (forgot it's name).
Plus I don't have a Wii racing game be it Disc, WW or VC based. Come to think of it, the last racers I bought were F-Zero for GC and Mario Kart for DS...
And since I refuse to buy Mario Kart Wii on a matter of principal this will be a nice racing fix.



Stratos commented on MadStone:

The game looks really slick. I like the look of it.
I'm going to guess 800 points will be the price.