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EU VC Releases - 28th March - Commodore 64

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you like the number 64 you're in luck today - Not only are there three new games, they're all for the Commodore 64 and Nintendo 64! Obviously this also means there's now a new system on VC. Commodore 64 games cost 500 Wii Points each.

As the C64 is arguably bigger news than a new N64 game (It's not that great of a game anyway), its two games are our "top picks" this week. International Karate is probably the single most popular C64 game. It was ported to a variety of systems, some of them even with better graphics, but none of them ever really got as popular as this version. It's quite a basic little fighter, but it spawned a cult following and a number of sequels, so it might be worth checking out. It's not the best fighter on VC though!

The other C64 game this week is Uridium, a rather odd shoot 'em up which is not at all like any other one already on VC. Instead of fixed scrolling, you can decide whether you go left or right on your own in this game, and you can do so at various speeds as well, meaning that you basically decide the pace you want to play at. Nothing quite like it has been made since, so this is also quite a good game to check out.

Nintendo 64 games are normally highly anticipated by the VC user community. Don't get excited this week though - Cruis'n USA was thought of as highly average when it was originally released, and it's even worse now. It is indeed true that unlike almost every other current VC racer, it's quite realistic-looking, with real-life locations, realistic looking cars, and more, but if you don't care if you're driving through real-life areas or fictional locations, then there's much better racer picks already available, such as Mario Kart 64 and F-Zero. There was actually a rather atrocious-looking Wii sequel simply called Cruis'n released recently as well.

If you've played some C64 games before, you'll know that the system has it's own keyboard. How is this handled on the VC, you ask? Whenever you're required to type something, a "virtual" keyboard similar to the one on the Internet Channel (And Wii Shop search function) pops up and you can type whatever you want.

Three new games for the EU! That hasn't happened since last December!

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DaVeMaN99 said:

What ever can it be... I wonder if here at NA would get it also... Maybe we will get the sega one... I wish i wish upon a star...



Objection said:

i only hope for 1 good VC game to come out between now and Wiiware-something like Fire Emblem, Earthbound, FF, etc. I dont know what the chnaces are of that, though.



Mendez said:

We got a racer, just the wrong one!
I really wish we could just get SMK before MKWii... I probably won't care about it once I have that!



KoKoO_Psy said:

Objection_Blaster forget about FF, square said them selfs they arnt interested, they had a poll remember, weather people wanted the old ones uploaded, or updated remakes, the vote for updated remakes won. the other 2 are import games, sadly i dont think they will come any time soon. sorry for bursting your bubble.



Bass_X0 said:

pass. a three game week is good. but i have no interest in either the C64 games and Cruis'n USA is infamously poor. but i hope the USA gets these on Monday.



Shortay said:

Good week, even though I'm not interested in any of this week's releases. It's nice to see a return to 3 game weeks



Objection said:

@ KoKoO_Psy: yeah its burst. No, i realize those are far shots but thats why I was like one. those were just examples of what would make me happy. And Nintendo has said they have considered importing the older Fire Emblems. I know we'll get more imports sometime (i'm ignoring the new ones) and I hope for some of those to be included. And if Earthbound doesnt come, then they BETTER RELEASE THE WHOLE TRILOGY ON DS (which has been rumored for the last 2 years and has a small chance of happening with Brawls' push, just like Melee brough Fire Emblem)



DEMON212 said:

So J.J And Jeff was #100, and Cruis'n U.S.A is #200

Not a bad week. Although 500 for IK is a bit much. Hell for any C64 game. Especially when there colour is a lighter Blue. I was hoping for something new, like Green or Red or Purple.

KoKo, so did you lot just get Cruis'n?



Drake said:

KoKo: Yup, Commodore never announced C64 for Australia's VC, so I had a feeling that would happen. Did you only get Cruis'n USA then? Or did something else come out?

I'm not sure if Australia originally even got the C64, but you never originally got the Turbografx, and that was eventually released over there on VC as well, so keep hoping!



KhaoShar said:

Yay C64! But I did't know this machine looks so... old...
I think I actually played that Uridium back un my old man's commodore. That was even before I was old enough to be in school, so I didn't even notice non of the text was in german ^^o. But that sound when that ship leaves it's carrier at the beginning of each level actually sends shivers down my spine! I think there are still rides on our annual-fair that use the same sound- this is so 1986!

As for Cruis'n USA...
[quote] it's a realistic representation of the sport {/quote]
I don't get what you mean by that, for it's a rather strange thing to say about an arcade-racer that has you making wheelies for a speed-boost... ?°-°?

P.S.: When will there be real reviews for today's games?
P.2S.: Anybody else thinking that C64 games should be more like 300 points or so?!



Drake said:

I meant it more as in it featuring real locations, no fictional characters, etc., but I'll reword it slightly.



Majiiine said:

"P.2S.: Anybody else thinking that C64 games should be more like 300 points or so?!"

Kinda. From what I heard Sega Master System will be 400p alas the cheapest.



jg233 said:

Hmm. 500 does seem a little pricey... Sega Master System will be 400 in America so yeah...



WarioFan63 said:

Cruisn USA was bad? I could swear I had a blast just racing around for hours when my friend brought it over. We just kept doing this co-op tour or something, unlocking cars and paint jobs. Am I thinking of a different Cruis'n?



Jolted85 said:

Glad you guys got the C64 today, I wouldn't mind seeing those here on Monday myself, I was to young when the C64 came out back in the 80's.

If we do get Cruis 'n USA Monday I wouldn't mind it at all, I actually liked that game back when I had my N64, it's not that bad if you guys give it a chance, but maybe there'll be a proper review so we can judge for ourselves.

Have fun with the games guys.



Jay1 said:

Funny thing is these C64 games cost us brits £3.50 each. The physical games were released at lower prices than that



KhaoShar said:

Only funny if you like bad jokes. Oh, wait, that's black humor, right? Right!?



konkerdoodle said:

Getting three games is a relief. I was beginning to think Nintendo's solution to the storage problem was going to be giving us less games!
Well, not really. But it sure sounded good, didn't it?



Bass_X0 said:

i still say that the cost of commodore 64 games are what they are because commodore gaming is a small company and need to charge more to recuperate costs involved (ESRB approved). if this was a nintendo or sega machine and they were handling the downloads themselves then yeah, i'd expect them to be lower than 500 WP.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I thought now that the UK & Aus release are equal i thought that they c64 release at the same time which is why i was confused about the picture for this bit here at first .
Maybe one of these years then after all Australia got the turbographix games maby same story here



Serpent said:

This is a good VC release. I would have been happy with Cruis'n USA alone. (Yes, iam aware that everyone else hates it)



Rapadash6 said:

Am I seeing this right? THREE GAMES?! I hope the US has this many releases on Monday as well. Maybe this will become a more common thing now. Not sure if we'll ever get any C64 games but maybe we'll start getting Master System titles next week.



Tim said:

Cruis'n USA was great in the arcades back in 1990 something, but the 64 version is a horrible port.

I only want one more 64 game from you Ninty, Excite Bike 64. Do me a favor and release Excite Bike 64 on Monday instead. Knowing you, you'll probably do one better and surprise me with only one game or something, that I don't want.



brooks83 said:

Man this is the best update in a long time! I personally love Cruisin USA, and I'd be willing to bet it will come to the US on Monday. But what other game(s)? Maybe we'll get two for the Master System as well, and then both EU and NA will get new systems



E-dawg said:

I actually quite like Crusin' USA, might download it, but I'm still playing through Bully. Maybe to fill in the gap for Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl.



Viral said:

Wishful thinking Brooks83. I'm just glad they released 3 games for once. I made a comment a while back about C64 being announced, but no games yet. I think that Nintendo must've noticed this site's feedback. If they did, they'd be catering to us sooner than later. As far as Crusin' USA, I'm not a big fan except for the horrible graphic-version of the NES. And to comment about Earthbound series, yeah, I wish it'd all be released, but then again, we'd also like more imports, ie Fire Emblem. And for you all who are wondering whether to get Fire Emblem for Wii or not, get it, it's freakin' awesome and hard. Sothe is a badass!!!!



Jon2 said:

Yes! This is great news indeed. I'm happy that the C64 is going live on the VC, a great machine with many great games.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

I REALLY hope that Crusi'n USA doesn't come to America, taking up a slot for games such as Harvest Moon 64, Mischief Makers, Pilot Wings 64, Shadows of the Empire...heck anything interesting I'd actually look into before that game.

But I have a feeling it will. The games I don't want that aren't Nintendo owned seem to make the hop to America while games like River City Ransom have stayed over in Europe. What the heck.



aphexbr said:

The C64 games are a good selection but way overpriced. I'm sure that Uridium was part of a budget range of games for 2.99GBP. To charge almost the same 20 years later is stupid.



Roo said:


I may but the C64 games though. So it's all good in the end.



lesock said:

You could probably get either Uridium or IK at ebay or a boot sale for 50p to £1, Then you would have the original covers and instruction, because you then owned the original you could download the ROM (which my be legal anyway because of the age of the games) and play it on an emulator if you don't have the C=64 (or the patients to load a tape!). 500 points is a steep indeed.

Also both of these games are included on the C=64 joystick plug and play thing with about 20 other games - this is instant loading and plugs straight into your TV, And does not cost that much these days, about £10 or less!



mummydaddy said:

Typical, us brits (together with the rest of europe) are getting ripped off... 500 points for such outdated games is a shamble if not a complete sham. personally I think these games should be (Spectrum games would be cool also at) 100 points and would help spend those extra points that you always seem to have. (be honest you would rather spend a spare 100 points experimenting with old games than wait saving up for others..... and if small 100 point portions have been spent means that us customers would have to buy more wii points for the bigger games.



mummydaddy said:

I do however remembering enjoying a 4 player splitscreen race on Cruis'n the world, but cruis'n usa is one I have not tried yet so I might indulge myself there.



DEMON212 said:

Mummy, Cruis'n U.S.A is 2p, just warning you. Also, IK takes up 51 blocks. That's more than almost any NES game. The price and size will be because of the work needed to add the Keyboard.

And while I feel it unessercary (SP), purists love it

I'm doing reviews of both soon, can't post the link because I'm on the Wii, but just goto the forums and click my name/view the post in general



Bass_X0 said:

Cruis'n U.S.A is 2p

Well, thats how much it should cost us to download. But even then two penny sweets would probably give you more enjoyment. Heh. And I have to wonder what the next C64 games will be. I am personally looking forward to play all the Dizzy games if they ever appear.



Eva said:

The onscreen keyboard is a good idea for C64 games but I do wish they'd also support the keyboards plugged into our USB ports. Maybe it'll be added in an update.
Also a little strange seeing the tighten wrist strap screen - do they think we're more likely to get frustrated with C64 games and launch the remote through the window or something lol.



blackknight77 said:

I hope they build up good game libriaires for the C64 and SMS unlike the Neo Geo which has dropped of the face of the earth. Although I mostly watch what Sega Genesis games are coming out.

Anyway its cool to see new systems



Starwolf_UK said:

3 games, but I'm not sure if to laugh or cry. Two of them are the way, way too expensive C64 games (more than they originally cost in fact, and don't give me a lecture on inflation...) and the last is Crusin USA which was always a sorrow sight on the N64.



Rockman_90 said:

Yesterday i could not make the nintendo wi-fi usb connector connect to the wii and when it then was fixed again i accedentely pressed on the update button and to my suprise it started to update? does anybody know what kind of update it is? last time i updated was for the preperation for the wiiware channel since 20th march.



slangman said:

Yay for adding two games to the C64 libary. Might give IK a go first.

I won't be getting Crusin USA for sure since it was a rubbish game during the N64 days. The sequal might be worth checking out though.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

So, is this system going to remain exclusive to Europe since it didn't originally come out in North America? It seems a bit of a shame but the prices are a bit high.



PlayerOne said:

The Commodore 64 was an American machine, Tides. And I'm pretty sure those games cost more than 500 points when they were new, even without taking inflation into account. Budget games were less, but neither of those were originally budget releases.

Young people today!



Bensei said:

The games are all average, but finnally advantages for Europe after three dry months! America has ~11 games more in sum

And we got 2 N64 games this month, a privileg that is yet exclusive to us!



Betagam7 said:

There were orignally two tiers of C64 pricing. Brand new games were usually £9,99 (this is for the tape) and came in a large box. There was then a budget range (both new and old titles) that started out at £1.99 and gradually extended to £2.99 and the shocking days of £3.99 (I remember nearly rioting when I walked into my local store and saw this! not realising within £5-6 years we'd be asked to pay £69,99 for SF2 on the snes)
Uridium, I'd think would have originally been £9.99. Yes, I know you arnt getting the same value with it as you might with, say one of the more complex NES games but the 25 minute blast of fun and nostalgia I just had, along with the surprise of the on screen keyboard made me smile enough to be worth £3.50 of my money today (if not back then when I only got 50p a week pocket money!



goosey007 said:

anybody know when metal marines is released on the european vc? The six month delay from the us release sucks!!



Bass_X0 said:

then lets hope they stick to three games a week every week from now on, ender.



Jesse_Blue said:

At least 3 games a week. But the C-64 titles are obviously overpriced. Even high profile games on 8-bit home computers were priced in the range of 40 to 50 DM back then afair.
200 to 300 points for these games would have been ok imo.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

NO FKING C64 FOR NEW ZEALAND EITHER. nz did get c64 though, i can remember playing it at my friends place wen i was little. poos to cruisin usa!



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

NO FKING C64 FOR NEW ZEALAND EITHER. nz did get c64 though, i can remember playing it at my friends place wen i was little. poos to cruisin usa!



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

NO FKING C64 FOR NEW ZEALAND EITHER. nz did get c64 though, i can remember playing it at my friends place wen i was little. poos to cruisin usa!



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

NO FKING C64 FOR NEW ZEALAND EITHER. nz did get c64 though, i can remember playing it at my friends place wen i was little. poos to cruisin usa!



Bensei said:

Try switching countries on your wii, you may be able to download them, as you were able to download the TG-16

How are the controls? Can you use Keyboards or is the Wiimote/CC enough



Kelvin said:

I posted this in the thread on the Hardware Focus page, but it's worth repeating here, even if some people don't want to know about inflation...

"Prices varied. On cassette, budget titles were usually £2.99 (with some at £1.99, and some at 99p!) and full price games were about £9.99. Disk games were about £15 as I recall, and cartridges were about £25, but I never bought one, so I don't know for sure. Assuming those are 1990 prices, and taking into account inflation, that's roughly £4.90 in today's money for a budget game, and £16.37 for a full price title. So based on that, the C64 Virtual Console costs are pretty good!"

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