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Fri 8th Feb 2008

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Jesse_Blue commented on The Last Ninja:

I played 1 and 2 back then; just hope they're gonna release 3 on VC. The video shows a real pro there, I remember the jump parts to be really annoying and frustrating but the games were still a worthy experience showing off what the good old 64 could do.



Jesse_Blue commented on Impossible Mission:

I played IP II on C-64 and only had a brief look at this one. Seemed even more difficult than I to me. Animations were pretty smooth for 8bit and yeah it's hard to determine the genre for this one; more of platformer than anything else to me but it definitely has this exploring factor.



Jesse_Blue commented on California Games:

Played it on C-64 back then and I have to say it is a very good title. Good to play with friends as well, although there is no simultaneous mode afair.



Jesse_Blue commented on Cruis'n USA:

I remember this one and the Europe and World iterations as fine arcade games as "realistic" as Burnout or NFS. Never played the N64 version though.



Jesse_Blue commented on EU VC Releases - 28th March - Commodore 64:

At least 3 games a week. But the C-64 titles are obviously overpriced. Even high profile games on 8-bit home computers were priced in the range of 40 to 50 DM back then afair.
200 to 300 points for these games would have been ok imo.



Jesse_Blue commented on EU VC Releases - March 14th - Super R-Type:

Operation Wolf really looks awful. Even the C-64 Version looks better iirc. As far as the release strategy goes I can say that I wouldn't want like 3 Top Games each week but they could at least aim for 3 Games total per week.