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United Kingdom

Wed 12th Mar 2008

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Jay1 commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

Really nice article. I stopped buying VC games a long time ago because of this very issue. Sorry, NoE, but my money stays in my pocket until you stop stitching up EU Wii owners with inferior versions of releases.



Jay1 commented on EU VC Update: MERCS and Winter Games:

"As Commodore released Summer Games II instead of the first, we don't think there will be any more."

There's always The Games, Summer Edition and The Games, Winter Edition, both also by Epyx.



Jay1 commented on Hardware Focus - NEC SuperGrafx:

Rexy, I can't see why the Gameboy's peripherals would make any difference. Any peripherals which aren't emulated can simply be flagged as not connected. There's no reason the Gameboy would be technologically unstable.



Jay1 commented on EU VC Update - International Karate +:

I'm starting to see a pattern on this site. VC release~>moanrantwhinge. VC release~>moanrantwhinge. VC release~>moanrantwhinge.

GYAC guys - IK+ is innovative, it has ultra solid fighting mechanics and it remains playable to this day. Just a shame they didn't release the hacked 3-player version Turf Masters is one of the best examples of old school golf games and is up there with Leaderboard and PGA Tour Golf in my book. Can't see what you're all moaning about.



Jay1 commented on EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid:

Paradoid is a bona fide classic. The mini-game that comes into play when you take over a droid is a stroke of genius. Gradually working your way through the different classes to higher level droids is an absolute joy. Brilliant game.

Wonder if we'll see the 'director's cut' - Heavy Metal Paradroid?



Jay1 commented on US VC Releases - 14th April - Mega Turrican:

The bickering in here about who's got what makes for great reading. Zzzz.

I wonder if there are plans to release more games in territories for which their was originally no release? Like the Hanabi festival. Rendering Ranger would make a nice VC release.



Jay1 commented on US VC Releases - March 10th - DoReMi Fantasy:

Puyo Puyo 2, Kirby's Avalanche and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine are one and the same game. The latter two were re-skinned for the west.

Puyo Puyo 2 also happens to be the finest multi-player puzzle action game ever made