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United Kingdom

Thu 13th Mar 2008

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lesock commented on EU VC Releases - 28th March - Commodore 64:

You could probably get either Uridium or IK at ebay or a boot sale for 50p to £1, Then you would have the original covers and instruction, because you then owned the original you could download the ROM (which my be legal anyway because of the age of the games) and play it on an emulator if you don't have the C=64 (or the patients to load a tape!). 500 points is a steep indeed.

Also both of these games are included on the C=64 joystick plug and play thing with about 20 other games - this is instant loading and plugs straight into your TV, And does not cost that much these days, about £10 or less!



lesock commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade - Fight!:

I still think the major flaw in Wiiware is the Wiis capacity to store games. I am not as excited about wiiware since I ran out of room on the Wii. I don't buy the work around thats been touted. Deleting and downloading already purchased things is a faf and will probably mean you stop playing some games and not download them again. Sticking stuff on an SD card takes ages and so does getting them off the SD card again; not to mention deleting and moving games to make room for re-downloading etc. It all makes a mockery of the console ideal of pulling out a cartridge and sticking another one in in a minute!

This simple technial issue may be the star in 360's crown. If Wiiware sells less because people don't have anywhwere to store it the developers will priortise other platforms.