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  • Video The Unsung Heroes of the Nintendo Switch eShop

    Games that deserve more chatter

    One of the downsides of the Switch having quite so many lovely games (and a little bit of filler) is that certain games that demand attention get lost at the wayside. Frankly it's a travesty, and so we decided to swing that proverbial spotlight around and onto ten games we feel are worthy of significantly more credit...









  • News High-Speed Action Platformer Spark The Electric Jester Seeking Support On Kickstarter

    Inspired by classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man X

    Modern games inspired by classic 16-bit titles from the 90s are all the rage as of late. With the release of Freedom Planet for the Wii U eShop just around the corner, it appears a new game of a similar variety, titled – Spark the electric jester – is next in line for a potential...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Santa Factory

    Ho ho ho? More like no no no

    XINESS Games' Santa Factory isn't likely to inspire much confidence in players over the age of five. It's clearly aimed at very small children, featuring extremely simple platforming mechanics and some light edutainment elements after each level. That being said, it's not fair to write it off for its target demographic...

  • News BADLAND: Game Of The Year Edition Hits Wii U eShop On 30th July

    Save the clones

    The Wii U eShop is doing a good job of attracting quality multiplatform indie titles lately, and the next in line is BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition, which lands on 30th July in North America and Europe. The North American price is $9.99, with Euro pricing still to be confirmed. The Wii U version builds on the original tablet game...

  • News 2D Action-RPG Dark Flame Has A Chance Of Coming To Wii U eShop If Nintendo Fans Show Interest

    Kickstarter assisting the process

    The creator of the Metroidvania-style 2D Action-RPG, Dark Flame, has tweeted the title has a chance of a release on the Wii U eShop if Nintendo fans show their support. Dark Flame's creator is looking at taking his project to Kickstarter in hope of gaining funds to hire a few professionals and further polish the...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review The Stonecutter

    Cut the crap

    Visual novels haven't historically made much of a splash outside of Japan. It's only been in relatively recent times that titles like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward have shown Western gamers that reading can be fun - especially when mixed together with simple game elements like puzzles and branching...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Quadcopter Pilot Challenge

    Controls failin', players wailin', quadcopter

    A common complaint among Wii U critics is that the platform's primary controller, the GamePad, doesn't get utilized enough to justify its existence. Whether or not you agree with this assessment, one indie developer that's making an effort to assuage these concerns is TACS Games, whose Quadcopter Pilot...

  • News Endless 3D Platformer Blocky Bot Jumps Across To European Wii U eShop On 23rd July

    Additional points for the bloopy bloopy blop rap video

    After launching on the North American Wii U eShop in May, Mobot Studios has announced Blocky Bot is jumping across to Europe on 23rd July. The endless 3D platformer featuring 'mini arcade action' promises to test even the best players’ platforming skills and reflexes, pushing them to the...

  • News Epic Indie Sale For Wii U eShop Is On Its Way To North America

    Own or buy one receive 60 percent discount off the rest

    As discovered earlier this week, the 'Epic Indie Sale' is on its way to the Wii U eShop in Europe. As part of the promotion, if you own or purchase any of the eligible titles, you’ll receive a 60 percent discount on all other offers. We now have confirmation that this same sale will be...


  • News Co-Op Teleporting Platformer Roving Rogue Releases On Wii U eShop July 2nd

    What's left to do after the final boss?

    Roving Rogue is a unique take on a classic formula. Players control an adventurer named Kurt who has just defeated the final boss in a castle. Traditionally the reward is a kiss from a princess, but on this particular occasion, the hero has forgotten why he’s even in this castle in the first place. This...

  • News Spooky 2D Adventure Whispering Willows Will Be Haunting Your Wii U This Summer 

    An out of body experience

    Indie publisher Abstraction Games has confirmed that it is bringing Night Light Interactive's spooky adventure title Whispering Willows to the Wii U eShop. Originally released on Ouya, the game features gorgeous 2D visuals and an haunting soundtrack. The unique hook is that you'll be able to exit the main character's body...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Funk of Titans

    Funk off, Titans

    On the surface, it seems like Funk of Titans might be crazy enough to work. Take a jive-talkin', funk-lovin' interpretation of Perseus, toss him in a Mount Olympus setting occupied by an Aretha Franklin-inspired goddess, add a dash of hop-and-bop auto-running and stir vigorously. This project had the recipe for cheesy goodness, but...






  • News Key WayForward Director is Bringing His Solo Project to Wii U

    Risky move?

    It's not uncommon for creative minds at studios to strike out on their own. With limited budgets and resources, companies are sometimes hesitant to take big risks on games that don't necessarily sound like a profitable idea. If the developer really believes that the game is special, he or she may take a chance and shoulder the...

  • Rumour Cave Story 2 Teased at PAX South and Could Be in the Works

    "Maybe, maybe not"

    Cave Story is quite the tale of success. Developed over five years by one man, named Daisuke Amaya, it first saw release over ten years ago on PC. Since then, it's received universal acclaim, achieved widespread popularity and has been ported to numerous platforms. Taking inspiration from old school exploration and action games...

  • News Indie Title Holobunnies Fails to Make The Hop To Consoles

    But hey, there'll be a board game!

    Kickstarter can be a rather fickle beast. With a veritable sea of pending projects at any one time, making a particular endeavour stand out from the pack can be difficult; especially given the limited budgets and expertise that many aspiring developers have to work with. While there are many great success stories,...

  • News Nintendo Confirms New 3DS eShop Shooter IronFall Invasion

    Iron't falling just yet

    Keen to get their foot in the door of the shooter genre, Nintendo has announced an indie-developer third person shooter for the European 3DS eShop. Not much is currently known about IronFall Invasion, but the developer VD-dev has been posting screenshots of the game since September last year. The game takes heavy inspiration...

  • News Update For Arrow Time U Improves Overall Game Experience

    XenoHorizon also reveals a Wii U exclusive announcement is on the way

    Despite poor sales, indie title Arrow Time U has received an update to improve the overall game experience. Ohio-based developer, XenoHorizon, has followed through with its previous promise, making adjustments to time limits in certain levels, removing an irritating voice clip,...



  • News uWordSmith Is In Development Exclusively For The Wii U

    Coming to the US this December for $1.99

    If you’ve ever wanted to be a writer, perhaps this upcoming Wii U eShop release will let you start to make those dreams a reality (on a very basic level). uWordSmith is a new puzzle game for Wii U by Temple of Yog developer CHUDCHUD Industries. The creator, Cody Diefenthaler, has been promoting the project...






  • News Don't Touch Anything Red announced for Wii U eShop

    Play the demo in your browser today

    Indie developer Helix Games will be bringing its challenging upcoming title Don't Touch Anything Red to the Wii U eShop in the not-too-distant future. The game features off TV play, versus and co-op modes, two single player modes and five-player multiplayer only possible on the Wii U by use of the GamePad. While...

  • News Wacky Physics-Based Puzzler Gravity Badgers Releasing 29th May

    Grow out your mullet in celebration

    Wales Interactive's utterly zany physics-based puzzler Gravity Badgers will be making its way to the Wii U eShop on 29th May. Nintendo Life had a little chat with Wales Interactive's Managing Director David Banner back in January; the team, excited by the possibilities offered by the GamePad, is also working on a...

  • News Cooperative Puzzle Adventure Shadow Puppeteer Coming to Wii U eShop

    Developer Sarepta Studio approved for Wii U development

    Norwegian developer Sarepta Studio has been approved to develop games for Nintendo systems, and its first order of business is to bring co-op puzzle adventure Shadow Puppeteer to the Wii U eShop. The game was initially announced as a PC release, but the developers at the studio are ecstatic to...





  • News Nicalis Blasting onto 3DS eShop with Guxt

    Shmup from Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, creator of Cave Story

    Nicalis may have a rather questionable record of localising its download titles in all regions — mention Cave Story on DSiWare or the 3DS eShop to a European and see what happens — but it does actively seek to bring high-quality indie releases to Nintendo systems. When you consider that...


  • News Jason Rohrer Tackles Blood Diamonds with New DS Game

    Indie developer returns

    DSi owners might already be familiar with Jason Rohrer's off-beat games, with Primrose and the Jason Rohrer Anthology offering some of the most unique experiences on DSiWare. Publisher Zoo Games just announced the next game from the developer coming to DS later this year: Diamond Trust of London. Maintaining his reputation for sticking to unexpected inspirations, the game..


  • News Independent PC RPG Eternal Eden Heading to 3DS

    RPG Maker title ahoy!

    The DS has taken years to gain its reputation as a heavyweight console for RPG fans, but the 3DS may quicker out of the blocks, with Eternal Eden one of the first announced entries in the genre. A translation of an independent PC game developed using RPG Maker VX, the story revolves around three children who live in a garden...


  • News Nintendo Wants To Spark Indie DSiWare Development


    Hot on the heels of Sony's PSP "Minis" program, Nintendo is about to launch something similar for its DSiWare download service. Like the Minis service, Nintendo's new initiative will make it easier for indie developers to publish their own games through DSiWare. Nintendo will keep the current pricing structure of 200 ($2), 500 ($5)...


  • Interviews Kyle Gray talks Henry Hatsworth & indie plans

    Nintendo Life catches up with the man behind one of the most creative DS games to find out if there is life after EA.

    If you've read our review then you'll know that Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is one of the most creative and fun games you can play on the DS right now; the blissful combination of gorgeous 2D visuals, top-quality platforming action and brain-bending puzzle gaming..