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  • News Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Seemingly Teased For Nintendo Switch

    Can we expect a PAX East 2019 announcement?

    Gearbox Software has teased another game it will be revealing at PAX East 2019. This time it took to Twitter to share a picture of the fast and frantic first-person shooter, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. In the image, you can see Ishi Sato - one of the original characters from the game - along with Duke...

  • News Shovel Knight Developer Yacht Club Games Is Publishing A New Title

    All will be revealed at PAX East

    Word on the street is Yacht Club Games will be publishing a new title alongside Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown. Better yet, this new game will also be making an appearance later this month at PAX East 2019. So, what is this mysterious title? Right now, there's absolutely no information about...

  • News Both Dandara and GoNNER Will Be Playable on Switch at PAX East

    Dandara "really shows off what that slick little thing can do"

    The Wii U eShop, once the dust settles and it gets a fair viewing, will likely be praised for its role in taking Nintendo's relationship with Indies forward another step. The system's support of Unity in particular, and the store's increased accessibility, brought a number of developers...

  • News SteamWorld Dig 2 to Make Its Public Debut at PAX East This Week

    Following last week's appearance at GDC, of course

    When Nintendo unveiled its Nindie showcase shortly before launch it opened the broadcast with SteamWorld Dig 2 by Image & Form, with the Swedish studio announcing the sequel to its significant breakout hit. It certainly looked rather promising: After appearing at the industry GDC event, the...

  • News Nintendo Confirms PAX East Line-Up and Bravely Second: End Layer Panel

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Monster Hunter Generations will be playable

    PAX East is landing in Boston from 22nd-24th April, which is making the city a hot destination for the coming weekend. Nintendo will be there, of course, and it's outlined what it'll have to offer. In terms of games there'll be the first chance (outside of Japan) for the...

  • News Nintendo Is Heading To PAX East, And It's Bringing Splatoon Along For The Ride

    Loads of new 3DS titles to play, too

    PAX East takes place in Boston from the 6th to 8th of March, and Nintendo has confirmed that it will be attending the event along with a host of new titles - including Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. and Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition. The E3 2

  • News Gaijin Games' Woah Dave! Reportedly Coming to 3DS

    Whoa, that’s awesome!

    According to a recent GameZebo interview with Jason Cirillo of Robotube Games – a sub-label of Gaijin Games – retro-inspired platformer Woah Dave! is set to make an appearance on the 3DS in the near future. No doubt in the form of an eShop release. During the recent PAX East, one extract of the GameZebo interview...

  • News Nintendo Passing on PAX East 2014

    Not shipping up to Boston

    There is some potentially disappointing news for Nintendo fans heading to PAX East this 11th-13th April. A Nintendo spokesperson has reportedly confirmed with Polygon that the company will not have a showing at the Boston event: Interacting directly with our fans and letting them play our games firsthand is a key...

  • News Capcom To Make "New Product Announcements" At PAX East

    Says there may be "a surprise or two" in store

    PAX East is set to kick off in Boston this weekend and it's sure to generate a heck of a lot of buzz, what with the amount of video game companies that will be in attendance. One of those companies will be Capcom, which will be showcasing games such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Resident Evil...

  • News Nintendo Goes Big at PAX East

    Buy games a day early, try some upcoming titles

    PAX East kicks off in Boston this weekend — 22nd-24th March — bringing enthusiasts together in one glorious setting. Nintendo is going to be there in force this year, running a major booth and offering a variety of incentives, activities and hands-on opportunities for lucky attendees. For one...

  • First Impressions Mario Tennis Open

    Nintendo serves up another winner

    The mustachioed plumber’s handheld tennis and golf outings have an RPG history able to trigger warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia in all who earned hand cramps from them at one point or another. Those feelings won’t be triggered by Mario Tennis Open on 3DS as it eschews levelling up solo in favour of...

  • News Going to PAX East? Come Say Hello!

    Corner a panda

    If you're heading to PAX East this Friday or Saturday, make sure you keep your eyes open for our man on the ground, Jon Wahlgren. The panda himself will be on the show floor on Friday and Saturday, proudly decked out in a Nintendo Life t-shirt. Not only will Jon be happy to pose for photographs, sign autographs and bless your child,...

  • News Nintendo Reveals Playable PAX East Line-Up

    Anyone for tennis?

    PAX East is just a few short days away, and Nintendo of America has revealed the games attendees can get to grips with in Boston this weekend. Kid Icarus: Uprising players eager to expand their AR card collection might want to head to the show as there'll be a scavenger hunt and the ability to trade, share and collect new cards...