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  • News Masahiro Sakurai's 500th Famitsu Column is Coming Up

    Livestream to follow where he'll answer fan questions

    It's a fairly well known fact that Masahiro Sakurai – the creator of the Super Smash Bros. series - is a regular contributor to the Japanese magazine, Famitsu. His columns typically detail his opinions on topics relevant to the broader industry, specific games, or some aspect of the Smash...



  • News Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus Features in Games

    "If it bothers you so much, then don’t use that feature"

    Masahiro Sakurai shares regular articles in Famitsu magazine - on some occasions he discusses Smash Bros. features and updates or his personal plans, but occasionally he's happy to simply give his views on a topic that's clearly on his mind. This week he considers criticisms some level at...

  • News Masahiro Sakurai Celebrates His 45th Birthday

    And doesn't look a day over 25

    We want to know more about Masahiro Sakurai's diet and grooming habits, as he continues to defy the passing of time - the rigours of developing Super Smash Bros. have been tough on the game designer, yet he retains an admirably youthful look. Masahiro Sakurai turned 45 on 3rd August - at the time of publication it's...










  • News Masahiro Sakurai Outlines His Heavy Smash Bros. Workload

    "It's faster and more accurate to do it myself"

    It's been highlighted in the past that not only is Masahiro Sakurai keen to implement his own vision and high standards, but that he's a particularly hard working individual. In fact early this year he highlighted how an arm injury was impacting his work, but that he was nevertheless persevering. One...

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