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  • News Summer Games Done Quick Gearing Up For 22nd June

    Kicks off with Super Mario 3D World

    For those that are fans of speedrun marathons, the Games Done Quick events are major highlights, during which money is raised for charity and we occasionally see record breaking performances. The Summer event is almost upon us, kicking off on 22nd June at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK / 8pm CET. As normal...

  • Play Mario Kart 8 in the NLife Community GP - Today!

    Get your boosting going

    We may have the Nintendo Life GP on the go around the clock, but we thought it was high time, a week after release, for a good old-fashioned community race day in Mario Kart 8. Yesterday we asked for your votes on the tournament criteria, which has left us with the following: 150cc Grand Prix

  • Play Mario Kart 8 With Nintendo Life in a 10 Hour Community Tournament

    Bring it on

    As you may have seen recently, we've opened the round-the-clock Nintendo Life GP in Wii U racer Mario Kart 8, and since its launch two days ago hundreds of players have jumped in for some races. That's a rolling tournament with no real rules or winners, it's just for fun. We've decided that an old-fashioned Community session is needed,...



  • Vote Pick Your Favourite NES Games

    We hadn't forgotten

    A little while ago the Nintendo Life team voted for its favourite NES games, which included plenty of classics and closely-fought tied positions. Our ultimate winner was Super Mario Bros. 3, and at the end of the feature we promised that you, the community, would have the chance to vote for your own top 10 NES games. We...


  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo UK - Round 2

    Kicks off from 7-9pm UK time

    At the weekend Nintendo UK invited racers to some rounds of Mario Kart 7, though without a huge amount of advance warning. Nevertheless, the event — which should be open to worldwide players, we imagine — clearly went down well, as another official community get-together is confirmed for today between 7-9pm UK time;...


  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life

    Start your engines

    It's been too long, so much so that we may need to renew our licenses, but it's time to take to the track for some Nintendo Life community races in Mario Kart 7. We all like to think we're the next Sebastian Vettel with a red shell in hand, so now we have to prove it. Yesterday we asked you which rules you want in both our both...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 Community Rooms - Choose The Rules

    It's back

    Last year we had a couple of rather fun community sessions playing Mario Kart 7, where the Nintendo Life community did battle with each other and some of the humble writing team. They were blood-baths of shell and banana skin-related tumbles, while tears were shed along with some choice curse words as podium places were lost. It was...


  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Today! Again!

    Race or battle, you choose

    This week's been dominated by Wii U, with plenty of news, footage and excitement for Nintendo gamers. After all of the hype we need to relax, kick back, and go shell-crazy in Mario Kart 7, of course. We want to do this with you, so today is the second Nintendo Life Mario Kart 7 Community Event; this time, it's serious...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 Community Rooms - You Decide

    Let's go round again

    A week ago we hosted a Mario Kart 7 community event, where you joined us for some shell throwing, banana dodging mayhem. The community room we used expanded from four players to over 180 by the end of the night, and we loved racing against you all and chatting in the comments and on our Twitter page. Naturally, this isn't going...


  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Today!

    Start your engines

    Once upon a time Nintendo Life set up Communities in Mario Kart 7, and these rooms were full of happy 3DS owners enjoying some online races. The passage of time was cruel, however, and the official community room became almost empty, with just a few stalwarts keeping it going and some keen racers meeting up via the forums. We've...


  • News Nintendo Life Now Has a Google+ Page

    Roll out the barrel!

    Always ones to be fashionably late to the party, we've set up an official Nintendo Life Google+ page. If you're more a Googler than a Twitterer, you can add our page to your Circle to stay up to date with the latest Nintendo-related news and reviews. There's also the chance of digging through embarrassing photos of the team, so...

  • News Happy New Year from Nintendo Life!

    Here's to 2012

    It's the very first day of 2012, and we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy New Year. 2011 was our best year yet — we were featured in the 3DS eShop, teamed up with Eurogamer and even won a Mario Kart 7 medal — but we wouldn't be able to do any of this without the support of a great number of people


  • News Join Our Mario Kart 7 Communities for Festive Fun!

    Show us some skill

    If you're one of the many thousands unwrapping a 3DS console and/or Mario Kart 7, you probably want to try out its really rather good online modes. We've put together not one, not two, but three official Nintendo Life racing communities for you to take part in. Here's how to get involved: Load up Mario Kart 7 Install the Mario...

  • News Join the Official Nintendo Life Mario Kart 7 Communities

    Let's see some skill

    Mario Kart 7 is out around the world this week, and to get you all playing together we've set up an official Nintendo Life community for you to join. To make sure everyone finds something to enjoy we've set up a range of game types, all in the 150cc class. To join the Nintendo Life community on Mario Kart 7, follow these steps:...


  • News Happy New Year from Nintendo Life!

    Here's to what 2011 brings

    2010 was a fantastic year for Nintendo gamers, with Super Mario Galaxy 2, Shantae: Risky's Revenge and countless other top titles making their way to consoles in 2010. It was also a great year for Nintendo Life, during which we attended Media Summits, 3DS hands-on events and, for the first time,