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  • Feature Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at E3 - Kid Icarus

    Time to soar again?

    In the lead up to E3 we'll be doing a series of features covering game franchises that we want to make an appearance, and what we'd like to see out of a potential next entry in each series. In this entry, Nintendo Life news, reviews and features regular Mitch Vogel goes over the Kid Icarus franchise. There are minor plot spoilers...


  • Developer Profile Masahiro Sakurai

    About the man behind two of Nintendo’s most significant franchises

    "I decide what goes in the game; nobody else." These were the words of Masahiro Sakurai during a 2008 interview with Official Nintendo Magazine about Super Smash. Bros. Brawl. It's a quote that stands out because it contrasts quite starkly with the modest way in which the man...


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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Kid Icarus

    A demonic angel

    The popularity of Pit, even before his triumphant return in Kid Icarus: Uprising, was focused around nostalgia for his first two appearances on NES and Game Boy, with the home console original setting the tone with catchy music, quirky mythological enemies and lashings of creativity. This was impressive in the days of the early 8-bit...


  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising on SNES Might Have Looked Like This

    Pit's on fire

    Forget for a moment that Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of the best displays yet of the 3DS console's stereoscopic screen, and imagine it existing in an altogether simpler time: the 1990s. Talented pixel artist jmatchead (via Pixel Art Guild) has done just that, creating two SNES-style illustrations of Pit's new adventure. Both images...

  • Feature Kid Icarus - Nintendo's Next Big Franchise?

    Taking to the sky

    Whether planned or not, Nintendo has fallen into a routine with its franchises. There’s always a big 3D Mario title and an epic yet delayed Zelda game guaranteed for each system, with a good chance of others such as Metroid and Kirby making an appearance in between. This backbone of core franchises has served Nintendo well over...


  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising to Show Other Control Schemes How it's Done

    Sakurai proud of inventive controls

    The 3DS offers a huge wealth of control options for game designers to make use of: a traditional D-Pad and face buttons as well as an analogue stick, touchscreen, motion detectors and even the camera can all be used to control titles. Masuhiro Sakurai, the man in charge of bringing Kid Icarus: Uprising to the...


  • News Want Kid Icarus? Hey, Just Ask

    Nintendo producer says "yo, speak up"

    There's a huge list of classic Nintendo properties crying out for current-gen remakes, but one ever-present feature on the list is Kid Icarus. Absent from Nintendo systems for years, with the exception of a very cool appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pit has been all-but forgotten. You want that to change...