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  • News 3DS System Update 11.9.0-42 Is Now Live

    More stability

    In preparation for the Christmas period later this month, Nintendo has rolled out a new firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS. Version 11.9.0-42 is by no means a game changer. Once again, it's a minor update that aims to enhance the overall user experience and prevent any nasty exploits. Here's what you can expect in this latest...


  • News Nintendo Switch System Update 6.2.0 Is Now Available

    Sweet stability

    As we're now in November, Nintendo has rolled out a new system update for the Nintendo Switch. According to the official support site, version 6.2.0 continues to enhance the overall stability of the console in an attempt to one day make it as stable as the beloved 3DS. Below is the official changelog: General system stability...


  • News Nintendo Switch System Update 6.1.0 Is Now Available

    Stability is all you need

    Nintendo has rolled out its second Switch update for the month of October. According to the official support site, system update 6.1.0 includes stability improvements to enhance the overall experience. Here are the exact details: Resolved an issue where certain games don’t recognize a Nintendo Switch Online membership...


  • News Nintendo Switch Version: 5.1.0 Is Now Live

    Guess what? Stability.

    Anyone who lingers on the pages of Nintendo Life will know that we love ourselves a good Switch update, especially when one golden word is mentioned: "stability". Yes, Version 5.1.0 has now gone live and is available to download to your console, although there isn't all that much to shout about. Here are the full patch notes...




  • News 3DS System Version 11.0.0-33 is Now Available

    All the way to eleven

    It's been a couple months now since the last update went out for the 3DS, and fans around the world have no doubt been wondering what the hold-up has been. After all, the system surely won't become any more stable by itself. Fortunately, the tech wizards at Nintendo have worked their magic and figured out, yet again, how to...


  • News 3DS System Update 10.7.0-32 is Now Live

    At this rate, it'll become a singularity

    3DS firmware updates are something that are fairly common occurrences nowadays. While it may be that these typically don't add any new or exciting features, there is one thing that every update adds that we simply can never have enough of: stability. Fortunately, the Nintendo R&D wizards have managed to...


  • News 3DS System Version 10.6.0-31 is Now Available

    Guess what it does?

    It's been nearly a month since the last 3DS system update, and many gamers have no doubt been getting quite worried over the state of their 3DS software, stability-wise. Fortunately, Nintendo software staffers have swept in to save the day again, crafting a new update that should stabilize the 3DS OS even further. As always,...

  • Random Why You Can't Say "Smeg" on the 3DS

    "Sir, you're a smeeeee"

    If you are a bit of a potty mouth, you probably noticed long ago that swearing of any kind on the 3DS is prohibited. This is a smart move by Nintendo, as keeping the handheld free from profanity will obviously please parents who are concerned about their children being exposed to naughty words, or worse still being the...


  • News 3DS System Update 10.5.0-30 is Now Available

    Stability intensifies

    Exactly one week ago, Nintendo dropped the latest version of the 3DS system software, granting users the opportunity to experience the most stable version of the software, yet. One would think that it would take all of the intellectual minds in Nintendo's R&D department quite a long time to devise a superior OS that's even...

  • News ​3DS System Version 10.4.0-29 is Now Available for Download

    This thing can never be too stable

    A week ago, the Wii U received the first software update it had seen in awhile, and - you guessed it - it was another stability patch. For the majority of you, this changed absolutely nothing about the Wii U experience, but it sure feels good to know that the system is as stable as it gets. In light of this, some...

  • News Wii U System Version 5.5.1 is Now Available

    Brace yourself for an extra 47 MB of stability

    It's not too often that an OS update for Nintendo consoles really adds anything significant. Every once in a blue moon, we'll receive something interesting and notable like a speed update, but it's usually just a stability update that "improves overall system performance". That's what this latest update...


  • News 3DS Firmware Update Now Available, Stability Remains The Focus

    Stable and able

    A new firmware update is available for the 3DS and as you may have anticipated, it offers stability and not a great deal else. Ver. 10.3.0-28 should be ready to download to your console now, and adds even more stability to what surely has to be the most stable piece of gaming hardware on the face of the planet. In case you don't...





  • News Wii U System Update 5.3.0 Adds amiibo Settings

    Register figures and manage their data

    The Wii U has had its fair share of updates recently, and another has been rolled out to add support for the upcoming range of amiibo figures. System version 5.3.0 (add a U or E depending on your region) has added new menus for managing amiibo data while also, no doubt, done plenty of firmware work behind the...


  • News System Update 9.2.0-20 Now Available On 3DS

    Improved stability, but not much else

    Earlier this month, the hotly anticipated 3DS System Update introducing HOME Menu themes went live across Europe and North America. Additionally, this update activated the new Theme Shop, enabled screenshots of the 3DS HOME Menu to be taken, added a 3DS Image Share shortcut button, and also improved eShop...



  • News Wii U System Update 5.1.2 Takes Stability to Another Level

    Stability to make your head spin

    Nintendo loves its system updates for the Wii U, with regular notifications telling us that our shiny systems are ready to go to the next level. The next level of stability. That's right, firmware fans! Nintendo has released another system update promising more stability and mysterious improvements to our user...

  • News Wii U System Update 5.1.1 is Now Available

    Minor enhancements and stability ahoy!

    Just a short amount of time ahead of a Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct and in the midst of Nintendo Network maintenance, Nintendo has released a system update for the Wii U; version 5.1.1 is now available in Europe and North America, and appears to be one of those lovely stability updates. It's a small...




  • News New 3DS System Update 7-2-0-17 Now Live

    Parents have never had so much control

    In a never-ending quest to offer stability and usability to 3DS gamers, Nintendo recently released a system update lovingly named 7-2-0-17 into the wild. Here's what the update offers: Version 7.2.0-17 available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Added new Parental Control...

  • Video Nintendo Shows Off The Wii U's Forthcoming Quick Boot Menu

    Regular system boot also getting a turbo boost

    Fed up of wasting all those precious seconds waiting for your Wii U to boot up from cold? Fear not, because Nintendo has the solution, and it's coming in a firmware update this year. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed the new quick boot menu during the recent investor's presentation. The sequence...


  • News Wii U System Update 4.1.0 Available Now

    More wonderful stability

    Nintendo does occasionally have humorous timing, releasing a new system update for the Wii U on 1st April. It's real though, we can assure you of that, and is a relatively small download that should download and install within five minutes on a solid connection. As always the Nintendo support website provides a changelog,...


  • Guide Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7

    What's new?

    As you probably already know, the latest 3DS system update is available, bringing your machine up to version 4.0.0-7. We've put together a list of what's new in this update. If you find anything we haven't covered, post it in the comments below and we'll update this guide. Ability to add folders Probably the biggest new feature, this...

  • Out Now 3DS System Update (Worldwide)

    Get your folders here

    The 3DS system update that adds folder support is available now. To get the update, simply follow these instructions: Make sure your 3DS is charged up or near a charger; it may take a while. Open System Settings — the spanner on your main menu. Select "Other Settings". Scroll to the page furthest to the...


  • News DSi Firmware Gets an Update

    System Menu cranks to 1.4.2

    Nintendo has been pretty mum on the firmware update front for quite some time, but today broke that silence by quietly rolling out an update to its DSi line. Nudging the ticker up to version 1.4.2, the update description appears utterly unspectacular at face value by declaring that it brings along behind-the-scenes improvements to performance. However, we'd like to think..


  • News 3DS to Boot Games Straight from SD and More Informative Nuggets

    Such as firmware updates whilst on the move

    Those gamers who have struggled with rapidly filling SD cards on DSiWare may think it's too little too late, but Nintendo has confirmed the 3DS will be able to launch downloaded games directly from the card. The company is including a 2GB SD card with every 3DS console in Japan to allow all users to...


  • News DSi Firmware 1.4 Defeated Already?

    It looks like hackers have already bested the new DSi update

    DSi Firmware 1.4 was released a week ago with the intention of stopping pirates from running questionable programs on the machine. However, it already looks as if someone has got the R4i running on a DSi system with the new firmware. The video below seems to show it all running perfectly:...


  • News Nintendo confirms "play from SD" feature

    Run your Virtual Console games from an SD card!

    It's the news all Virtual Console fans have been waiting for - you can now run all your downloaded VC games directly from an SD card instead of clogging up your Wii's limited internal memory! As the library of downloadable WiiWare and Virtual Console™ games continues to grow, Wii owners have asked Nintendo to provide easy, expanded storage space..