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  • News Game Freak Director Discusses Evolution of Pokémon Designs

    "Treating them like living creatures"

    Game Freak Director and Pokémon series developer Junichi Masuda has been speaking about the design process in creating Pokémon, and how this has changed over the years since the games' inception.  Pokémon has always been praised for its wide variety of designs, taking things as...


  • Feature The Nindie Christmas Celebration - Pocket Card Jockey


    If there was ever a game to represent this most cruel, brilliant, and baffling of years, Pocket Card Jockey is it. Game Freak's most recent non-Pokémon venture makes little sense: You're a horseracing jockey, but really you're a Solitaire player... but really you're an animal husbandry novice. That this strange brew of strategy, quick...









  • News Game Freak Devs Explain the Origins of Soliti Horse

    Just horsing around

    When Game Freak teased a new game that featured a franchise popular worldwide, it's safe to say that no-one really thought "that looks like a horse silhouette, so it'll be a horse racing and Solitaire mashup". Yet that's what it is and, perhaps oddly, Soliti Horse looks like a lot of fun. Already released in Japan, its odds for...


  • News Game Freak Uses a Silhouette to Tease a New Collaboration Project

    Those cheeky scamps

    Game Freak should be fairly busy right now, presumably putting the finishing touches to Pokémon X & Y, yet it's found the time to tease a new title with a mysterious website, adorned with a silhouette that looks Pokémon-esque — our tipster reckons it doesn't look like any current 'mon, except possibly a Munna. In any...



  • News Pokemon Director Talks Translations, Names and 3DS Ideas

    Ahead of new title

    The DS console's time is nearly over, but it's certainly going out on a high, with Pokémon Black & White sure to sweep all before it in the sales stakes this year. GameFreak director Junichi Masuda spoke to Eurogamer about the title's Western appearance and where the series might go from here. Masuda revealed that the...