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  • News Dark Horse Will Be Giving Away ARMS Comics On Free Comic Book Day

    Free, you say? We're in!

    Considering ARMS contains a complete roster of interesting, colourful characters, and fighting game fans often long for a wealthy amount of information surrounding the lore of their favourite fighters, comic books and graphic novels surrounding the game seems like a perfect idea. Things have just become potentially even...



  • News Wil Overton's Smart Bomb Gets A Second Issue, And It's Glorious

    Another topper publication from the legendary UK artist

    If you're a veteran Nintendo fan in the UK then the name "Wil Overton" will no doubt trigger fond memories of standing in your local newsagents staring longingly at one of the many Super Play covers the talented artist illustrated. Overton's career has taken him to many different places...



  • News New Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

    The legacy lives on

    Sonic the Hedgehog has so many comics made about him, it's surprising Disney hasn’t bought the rights to make the movies. Last year Archie Comics released Sonic Legacy Series #1, a graphic novel which packed in issues 1-16 of the publisher's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, as well as issues 1-3 of the original Sonic miniseries; the...


  • News Penny Arcade and Nintendo Team Up for Zelda Comic

    Out this week

    After the announcement of Nintendo's collaboration with West Coast Customs, here's another, only slightly less unexpected team-up. Nintendo and Penny Arcade are joining forces to create a series of webcomics for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, starting this week. According to Nintendo: The comics include characters and themes from...



  • News Epic Mickey Brushes with Paper and Digital Comic Books

    Tales of the Wasteland sets up Wii title

    With the Epic Mickey excitement train picking up new passengers all the time following its impressive showing at E3, the game's designer Warren Spector has just announced a series of comic books to accompany the game. Named "Tales of the Wasteland", the series will be written by Peter David and will flesh out the game's backstory by revealing what..

  • News Nintendo to Show Off Other M and Dragon Quest IX at San Diego Comic-Con

    Get a free treasure map!

    Of all the conventions, one stands staunchly above the others in nerd notoriety: Comic-Con International in San Diego, California (July 22 to July 25 at the San Diego Convention Centre). Nintendo's announced that it's to have a featured exhibit for the first time since 2006, complete with tantalizing playables and super cool...


  • News Smart Bomb Issue One Now Available

    Former Super Play artist produces awesome comic along with fellow Rare employees

    If you're a UK-based SNES fan then chances are you will recall a fantastic magazine called Super Play. Easily the best publication devoted to Nintendo's 16-bit machine, the mag was especially notable for focusing on import releases (when all other magazines ignored...

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