Switch Kirby Waddle Dee Locations
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Kirby and the Forgotten Land on Switch takes everyone's favourite sentient pink ball and puts him in a gorgeous 3D world with hundreds of secrets to find and collectibles to... collect.

One of the secrets you'll be searching for throughout your journey through the titular Forgotten Land is the location of the many hidden Waddle Dees in each level. You'll score Waddle Dees for completing each mission in every stage — and we've put together a walkthrough showing you how to net every single one of these — but in particular we're focusing on the actual hidden Waddle Dees that you'll need to hunt down across every area here.

Yes, in this guide we'll detail the location of every hidden Waddle Dee in Kirby and the Forgotten Land and below you'll find a simple description of the World, stage, and location of each and every one of them.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Waddle Dee Guide - Where To Find Every Hidden Waddle Dee

In the following Waddle Dee list we've separated all of them by World and stage. We've kept things deliberately simple below in case you just want a nudge in the right direction without having the details completely spoiled. However, if you want more explicit information — including detailed screenshots — simply follow the pink link for each World and you'll find complete walkthroughs for each stage's hidden Waddle Dees giving you lots of info on the exact locations.

Let's jump in!

World 1 - Natural Plains Waddle Dee Locations

Kirby Waddle Dee Locations

1-1 Downtown Grassland (4)

  1. Defeat Wild Edge
  2. Use Mouthful Mode on the metal sphere
  3. Break the concrete block on the back of the first large turtle
  4. Defeat the boss turtle

1-2 Through The Tunnel (4)

  1. In a treasure chest in a hidden room (to the left of the metal sphere - use Mouthful Mode to destroy the wall)
  2. Detonate the bomb brick to destroy the wall of blocks near the star door
  3. Light the fuse of the area's first cannon and climb inside
  4. Light the fuse of the area's second cannon and climb inside

1-3 Rocky Rollin' Road (4)

  1. Shoot the target floating in front of the tree to destroy a wall beneath the falling boulders
  2. Shoot all the targets in the shooting minigame in the first secret area
  3. On a bench to the left after hitting the switch at the bottom of the hill during the boulder chase
  4. Use the boost to drive Karby through the side of the building

1-4 A Trip To Alivel Mall (4)

  1. Climb the ladder to the left side of the corridor after you've eaten the invincible candy
  2. In the square conveyored area, smash the barrels in the top left corner and hit the switch at the top of the ladder
  3. Turn right before the burger joint and use Mouthful Mode on the locker to find a chest
  4. Turn left before the second pie joint, hiding in the middle chest

World 2 - Everbay Coast Waddle Dee Locations

Kirby Waddle Dee Locations

2-1 Abandoned Beach (3)

  1. After the mini-boss in the second area, climb the yellow ladder and smash the wooden switch
  2. In the secret cave, dash across the disappearing platforms
  3. Guide the boat to a crack in the wall to reveal another secret area with a Waddle Dee

2-2 Concrete Isles (4)

  1. Collect five green coin pieces and raise the first crane
  2. In a little nook — collect orange coin pieces using the drill ability on shiny spots
  3. In a treasure chest on a secret isle
  4. Collect five more green coin pieces to open the golden cell door

2-3 Scale The Cement Summit (4)

  1. Behind some green Mouthful Mode lockers below the squared pool area near the first set of platforms
  2. Hit the red switch and collect the Waddle Dee before the time runs out
  3. Through a secret door to the left of the previous Waddle Dee, hit the switches without touching the spikes
  4. Through a crack in the wall in the gliding section

2-4 Fast-Flowing Waterworks (5)

  1. Near the start of the rapids, under some broken pipe in the centre
  2. Explode the bomb block and jump down into the new area — jump in the boat and blast through the walls before the timer runs out
  3. Raise the water bridge, put the ladder on the red switch with Mouthful Mode and climb up to freed Waddle Dee
  4. In the same area, grab the next set of steps and put them on the two red switches to open another yellow cage
  5. In the second whirlpool room, activate the blue switches to reveal steps

World 3 - Wondaria Remains Waddle Dee Locations

Kirby Waddle Dee Locations

3-1 Welcome To Wondaria (4)

  1. Hit the switch to the left at the rotating vehicles right at the start of the area
  2. Hit the switches during the rollercoaster portion of the stage
  3. Another switch to hit in an area full of rotating vehicles after you've completed the rollercoaster
  4. Clean all the mud of the fountain at the end of the level to get this one

3-2 Circuit Speedway (4)

  1. Get gold in the car race
  2. Hit the blue switch on the moving platform early in the level to reveal a secret door. Head in and bowl a bomb down the chute to hit a switch and unlock the cage to this one
  3. Cut a patch of grass to the right of the corridor after the Wild Edge fight to find a secret vent to this Waddle Dee
  4. Beat 50 secs in the second race of the stage to nab this guy.

3-3 Invasion At The House Of Horrors (4)

  1. Head down the secret corridor to the right after the very first pop-out monster, you'll find a box containing your Waddle Dee down here.
  2. Head into the star door to the left of the darkened lightbulb section of the level. Once in here fling your cutters through the gap in the wire then run around to the left so they return to and hit the box containing the Waddle Dee
  3. Just before the exit of the dark zone, head right and light up the solar panel to reveal steps to this one
  4. At the end of the vending machine shooting section this little fella will float by.

3-4 The Wondaria Dream Parade (5)

  1. Early in the stage there's a spike pit to the left with this Waddle Dee in a cage on the other side
  2. Beat the gold time in the car race (using the shortcut opened up by using Cone Mouth) to nab this little fella
  3. Straight after the car race float across the large gap to the platform straight ahead to nab this one
  4. Break the cracked metal shutter during the water pipe Mouthful Mode sequence to reveal this Waddle Dee
  5. Run towards the screen and away from the traffic chasing you, hit the switch on the right as you go to reveal this caged Waddle Dee in a nook on the left

World 4 - Winter Horns Waddle Dee Locations

Kirby Waddle Dee Locations

4-1 Northeast Frost Street (4)

  1. During the vending machine sequence take out the bomb block on the right to expose a breakable shutter, destroy this to claim your Waddle Dee
  2. At the yellow star gate head down to the left to enter a secret room with a shooting game to play to earn this one
  3. You'll come to a large tilting platform with snowball enemies on it, to the left there's a bomb block on the wall, blow it up to reveal this little pal
  4. During the multi-levelled stepladder sequence, use the stepladder at the very top to drop down one level and smash through the cracked portion of wall on the right of the screen

4-2 Metro On Ice (4)

  1. Early in the level use a hammer to bash the four star switches to have the ground move back and reveal this one
  2. You'll come to a column with some ice dropping around it and three star switches to smack with a hammer, doing so will open up a secret area with five green coin pieces to collect in order to net your Waddle Dee
  3. Climb up a ladder to the left as you leave the secret area to take out a walrus enemy and find the Waddle Dee hidden behind him
  4. During the cone mode section with the sliding platforms, head to the right and look out for a cracked portion of ice, use the cone on this to enter a secret area, ride the bust water pipe up here and nab your Waddle Dee

4-3 Windy, Freezing Seas (4)

  1. In the first part of this area, use the pipe in Mouthful Mode to smash through a cracked wall of ice to grab this guy
  2. During the boat sequence, hop off at the tiny island with the windmill and activate the windmill to lower a spike barrier, giving you access to this next one
  3. Just a little further along as you leave the boat, head right around the corner at the base of the yellow ladder to find a small wall of ice blocks, melt them and claim your prize
  4. During the section where you're blown straight down a gusty corridor, look out for a lantern to the left that you can light to reveal this little chap a little further along the way

4-4 The Battle Of Blizzard Bridge (5)

  1. Take the first left to enter a room with a cone to cut down from a vine, then use the cone to smash through a cracked piece of ground ahead to grab this Waddle Dee
  2. To the right this time in the next room in the stage, use the wind ability to spin the windmill and cross over to the switch. Hit the switch to raise the vending machine and then shoot cans at the cracked metal barrier to get this next one
  3. Smack the wooden switch on the right after the next boss to open a route on the right. Head in here and race to the left smacking every wooden switch you pass, then head up and race the car along to the right to claim your next little pal
  4. You'll see this next one floating down to the right of some platforms, float down to grab him then hover back up to safety
  5. Just as you approach the end of the level head right at the brick wall to find a burning door. Put it out with ice ability and head in to roll a pipe through a wall and nab this final Waddle Dee

World 5 - Originull Wasteland Waddle Dee Locations

Kirby Waddle Dee Locations

5-1 The Wastes Where Life Began (3)

  1. Collect five green coin pieces in the first area before the yellow warp star to open the cage to this guy
  2. In the second area of the stage use the Ring Mouth ability to blow sand away from the base of a pillar so it crashes down and reveals a chest containing this one
  3. An identical pillar to blow over in the same manner once again here and this time it'll crack the ground to reveal a door. Head in and jump the gaps to reach another stuck pillar, blow the sand away to drop it and claim your prize

5-2 Searching The Oasis (5)

  1. There's a pool containing this Waddle Dee on the other side of the wall you rotate around at the start of this level. Kill the second snake and head through the grass to reach it
  2. Head to the far right of the screen past the first poisoned Croakoms you see, you'll come to a ladder to climb up and nab this one from a floating platform
  3. Open the metal sphere with Mouthful Mode right beside the last Waddle Dee you found and then jump down into the water. Now head along to the pipe and use it to smash through a wall to get this next one
  4. In the area with the water pipe and poison Croakom, head to the right and use dig to head under the yellow fencing to the area containing platforms you need to dig up in order to find this Waddle Dee
  5. Defeat the final Croakom as you make your way to the exit to find this little guy hidden behind him

5-3 Alivel Mall (Staff Side) (5)

  1. Blow up the bomb block you find early in the level to reveal an O-ring, then travel back to the O-shaped hole in the wall in the last room and jump into it
  2. We need to fit into a rectangle shape this time so head right, cut the rope, drop down and nab the vending machine, then warp back up and jump into the shape on the wall
  3. Defeat Wild Bonkers in the miniboss encounter
  4. Move a stack of cardboard boxes away from the door beside the red clock, head in and smack the wooden switch in this room, grab the broken clock ring in the hall and use to it blow sand away from the nearby chest to get this one
  5. Now continue in ring form to the final area, jump into the hole on the wall to the right to reveal a water pipe, fill Kirby up and jump into the hole in the ground by the entrance to smash downwards to your next target

5-4 Moonlight Canyon (5)

  1. Find the path off behind the second fire-shooting cannon on the right as you enter the dark area. You'll find a solar panel to activate down here to grab this guy
  2. Light the next solar panel, on the left as you move on ahead through the level, to raise a platform to the exit with this little chap sat on it
  3. In the next area now with the crumbling platforms, head right and then move towards the screen when you get to the fire-shooting cannon to find this one just out of view
  4. Now very nearby to your last one, head up the crumbling block steps to find a mouthful mode lift you need to use to hit a switch then head into a secret area. Cross the platforms in the lift and run across the platforms above you to the right to grab this one
  5. This one is in the right hand side tunnel right at the end of the glider sequence

World 6 - Redgar Forbidden Lands Waddle Dee Locations

Kirby Waddle Dee Locations

6-1 Enter The Fiery Forbidden Lands (4)

  1. Collect five green pieces of coin from the blue boxes in the sinking pits at the start of this stage to net this one
  2. This one is to the far right of the sliding platform section that has you digging around with the mining ability. Dig under the fence to the right of the screen to nab it
  3. As you make your way across the thin ledge section of the level watch out for a meteor strike that causes a large part of the background rockface to start descending. Hang around and it'll sink, revealing a door to a secret area. Head in here and dig the dirt patches to reveal this one
  4. To the right at the very end of the water-spewing Mouthful Mode section, you'll need to dig under the fence once again to liberate this little guy.

6-2 Conquer The Inferno Road (5)

  1. This first one is locked in a cage that you'll need to pass by then track back to, jumping up into the little tunnel, as shown below and heading in to hit a blue switch that reveals a ladder down to your target
  2. After the Wild Frosty Fight, use your ice skating ability to skate over the lava on the left side and then jump across to the roof on the right where you can gain access to the Waddle Dee by skating over the fiery blocks then attacking them to fall through
  3. Cross the lava bridge leading to the cone ability, head back across with the cone and destroy the cracked area to reveal a doorway. Head on in here to use Mouthful Mode on the metal sphere, lockers and lift in quick succession to get this one
  4. Drop down the open shaft to the right of the long yellow ladder to nab this one then hover back up and out again
  5. Grab the broken piece of sign on the right then use your wind ability to activate all of the windmill switches, raising a platform in the lava below. Now jump down to the boat and sail over to grab this little guy

6-3 Burning, Churning Power Plant (5)

  1. Hidden behind some wooden crates in the right wall of the second set of crushing metal walls. Watch out for the bull!
  2. Collect all the green coin pieces dotted around the stomping platforms on the conveyor belt section
  3. Reach the area's star door and run towards the camera instead of entering. Light the lantern here to open up a secret route with a cannon mini-game
  4. Use the vending machine to blast open a route through a shutter during the spike wall chase sequence
  5. Use cone mode in the very last area to smash the cracked concrete floor and nab this one

6-4 Gathering Of The Beast Council (5)

  1. You'll get this first one for managing to reach it in the allotted time during the car platforming sequence
  2. In a chest to the right of the arena after you defeat Sillydillo
  3. During the Mouthful Mode pipe sequence, make sure not to jump for the last obstacle and you'll smash through the lower metal crates to find this one
  4. Up the ladder of the top left tower of the arena where you fight Clawroline
  5. Hit all the switches during the rollercoaster sequence then hit a final one once the ride ends to free this little guy from captivity

6-5 The Beast Pack's Final Stand (5)

  1. You'll find this one during the moving lift Mouthful Mode sequence on top of a platform
  2. Defeat all of the poisonous baddies in the second area with a water-filled Kirby in order to be rewarded with this Waddle Dee
  3. During the sequence involving the stepladder and vending machine in Mouthful Mode, use the stepladder to get up on the platform to the far left of the screen to find this little guy
  4. Beat all the crocs, grab the boat and smash it through the cracked concrete to raise up the platform to this fella
  5. You'll find this final one at the very end of this level's glider sequence

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