Kirby And The Forgotten Land Copy Ability Blueprints

Kirby and the Forgotten Land contains a total of 12 upgradeable copy abilities for you to use in combat against your enemies.

Each of these copy abilities can be upgraded multiple times at Waddle Dee's Weapon Shop in Waddle Dee Town and, in order to upgrade each one through its various iterations, you're going to need coins collected through playing, power gems earned via each world's challenge areas and an all-important blueprint for our workshop to get building.

Copy Ability Blueprints are tucked away all throughout the main game's campaign levels as well in some other out-of-the-way places. So, let's take a look at where you can get your pink paws on each and every last one of them.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land All Copy Ability Blueprint Locations Guide

Below we detail where to find every blueprint in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. They're presented in the order they appear from left to right in the weapon shop.

Noble Ranger Blueprint

You can grab this first blueprint for the ranger ability by beating the World 2 boss, Tropic Woods!

Space Ranger Blueprint

At the very end of World 6-2 you can nab yourself this blueprint by shooting the hidden target that's floating off to the right side of the screen at the very end point of the level, as pictured below. Blast it by locking on with ranger and a direct hit will see this blueprint delivered to you.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Copy Ability Blueprints

Toy Hammer Blueprint

During World 3-1 in Wondaria Remains, you will be tasked with watering all of the wilted flowers in the area in order to complete a mission - as detailed in our walkthrough guide. Once completed, this mission will net you the Toy Hammer blueprint.

Wild Hammer Blueprint

During World 5-3 you'll face off against Wild Bonkers in a miniboss fight. As soon as this scrap is done, use his hammer ability to smack the switches in the arena and nab this blueprint!

Masked Hammer Blueprint

Once you've beaten the game's main campaign, King Dedede can be found back in the Waddle Dee Town hub area. Approach him for the first time here and he'll reward you with this special blueprint.

Time Crash Blueprint

Towards the end of area 3-3, just as you're leaving the stage you can hover down to a circular tunnel on the left, as shown the pictures below, to enter a secret area and nab this blueprint.

Dragon Fire Blueprint

During World 4-3 you'll happen upon a lift that you can occupy using Mouthful Mode. Hop in the lift and ride over from the left to the right of the screen, hop out and up onto the platform here to find this blueprint!

Buzz-Saw Cutter Blueprint

During area 5-2, in the second part of the level, you'll find yourself in an area with tall plant enemies and lots of purple poison. You'll net this blueprint in the chest pictured below which is obscured slightly and sat down on a ledge.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Copy Ability Blueprints

Gigant Sword Blueprint

You'll get this blueprint after defeating Wild Edge in a miniboss battle in World 3-2.

Meta Knight Sword Blueprint

Defeat the great Meta Knight in the Coliseum in Waddle Dee Town to obtain this blueprint.

Chain Bomb Blueprint

During level 2-4 in Everbay Coast, you'll take on multiple enemies in a locked down arena-style battle. Make it through this scrap and you'll be rewarded with this blueprint for your troubles.

Homing Bomb Blueprint

Defeat King Dedede for the first time in level 4-5 to earn this blueprint for your collection.

Storm Tornado Blueprint

Right towards the end of level 6-4 you'll jump onto a rollercoaster and blast off to hit a bunch of switches. Before you do so, take a look down and to the right side of the platform where the coaster is sat. There's a little nook here with this blueprint hidden inside it.

Fleur Tornado Blueprint

Quite near to the end of area 3-4 you'll fill Kirby up with water in order to spray fairground vehicles into metal boxes to uncover goodies. Towards the end of this section you'll blast a metal shutter out of your way to obtain a Waddle Dee. Have a look when you've done this and you'll see the wall behind the Waddle Dee cage is cracked. Use the water spray ability to send a passing vehicle crashing through here to reveal this blueprint.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Copy Ability Blueprints

Pencil Drill Blueprint

You'll be awarded this blueprint for defeating Clawroline at the end of area 3-5!

Twin Drill Blueprint

Right at the start of level 5-4, just before you enter the main doors, you'll see a barrel sat to the left in a little nook, watch out for the collapsing blocks around it and smash it to grab this blueprint.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Copy Ability Blueprints

Deep Sleep Blueprint

In the area where you obtain your 3rd Waddle Dee in level 6-3 you'll find this one waiting in a little secret area to the left when you exit the secret area door, as pictured below. Just float over and into the tunnel to nab it.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Copy Ability Blueprints

Clutter Needle Blueprint

Right at the start of level 2-3 as you make your ascent up yellow ladders, you'll come to a floor with a destructible section which can be blown up by interacting with the bomb block as shown below. You'll find this blueprint waiting for you under here.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Copy Ability Blueprints

Crystal Needle Blueprint

You'll net this blueprint after defeating Fleurina during a miniboss battle in level 5-1. You can find the blueprint in a chest just to the left of where your battle took place.

Frosty Ice Blueprint

You be awarded this blueprint after the Twin Frosty arena fight in level 4-4. Simply gather it from the chest there.

Blizzard Ice Blueprint

Defeat Sillydillo in level 5-5 to get your hands on this sweet blueprint.

Morpho Knight Blueprint

The final blueprint in the game, this one is yours if you can best Morpho Knight at the very end of the post-game Isolated Isles content.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land: All Copy Ability Evolutions List

Now, let's take a look at exactly what you get for your hard work in gathering up all the above blueprints, with a list of every Evolution and its effects!


Evolves through: Ranger - Noble Ranger - Space Ranger

Ranger: The vanilla pew-pew ability, press "B" to shoot normally at foes or hold the button down to bring up a reticule to send a charged attack flying at distant foes. Charged shots will lock on to targets and holding in the button for longer will charge your blast through three power levels!

Noble Ranger: A fancier hat and dual-wielding pistols are your reward for constructing this upgrade which also turns your charged shots into a flurry of powerful blasts.

Space Ranger: An awesome space outfit and laser beams await you for upgrading to the most powerful ranger variant. Fully charged shots now cause huge damage, sending out sparks of damage as they make contact with enemies. Charged shots also create a large vortex if you hold them in to maximum power!


Evolves through: Hammer - Toy Hammer - Wild Hammer - Masked Hammer

Hammer: Smashing enemies with a great big hammer never grows old and you can pour on some rapid bonks with this bad boy. Hold in the attack button to charge up and perform a cool hammer flip attack that makes short work of squishy foes.

Toy Hammer: It may look cuter than the default, but this big toy bonker can hit enemies faster with quicker flurries of attacks and its charged hammer flips dish out bigger damage.

Wild Hammer: A great big stone beast of a hammer is your reward for upgrading to the third variant here, Kirby also gets himself a nice line in face paint. This huge weapon is much slower but it does far more damage than the other hammers and can even shake and break the ground up if you unleash a charged attack on your foes.

Masked Hammer: Dual-wielded hammers, a tuft of grassy green hair and a sweet wooden mask. What a reward for finding this blueprint and upgrading to this final hammer variant. You can do all sorts of damage with these two bad boys and your vanilla attacks are now imbued with flames and wind. Charge your shots here to perform a flaming whirlwind attack!


Evolves through: Crash - Time Crash

Crash: A one-time use of this one makes for a weapon you should use only when you really need it, unleashing a huge blast that nobody is safe from.

Time Crash: This slick upgrade gives Crash the power to slow time to a crawl, suspending your enemies and obstacles and allowing you to extend this state of affairs somewhat by killing your foes while they are frozen!


Evolves through: Fire - Volcano Fire - Dragon Fire

Fire: Blast a stream of hot flame out of your mouth with this ability or push attack after jumping to burst forward in a fireball. Hot stuff!

Volcano Fire: Upgrade your default fire ability to get a fetching new headpiece as well as gaining the power to fling big fiery boulders at your foes. Hold in the attack button to fire off rapid chains of attacks, burning everything that dares stand in your way.

Dragon Fire: Become the dragon! You can now spew great big pink lasers of flame at your enemies as well as holding in attack when you jump to sprout fiery wings and fly for short bursts across levels. You can even chain a few of these short bursts of flight together. Oh, and check out that flaming new hairstyle!


Evolves through: Cutter - Chakram Cutter - Buzz-Saw Cutter

Cutter: A sharp-edged boomerang is your basic attack here, bash the attack button to fire it out in rapid succession or hold it in to charge your boomerang in mid-air and spread the size of the area in which it does damage.

Chakram Cutter: This upgrade provides a fetching new hat for Kirby as well as giving you dual-wield cutters!

Buzz-Saw Cutters: Increased power and flying distance? Check. A ridiculous new hat? Check. The ability to ricochet your cutters off walls? Check. You get all of this as a reward for evolving your cutter weapon to its ultimate form!


Evolves through: Sword - Gigant Sword - Meta Knight Sword

Sword: Press B to swing this bad boy around and hack and slash your foes. Press it as you jump to perform a powerful forward spinning attack and charge up your attack by holding in the button to have Kirby pull off a sweet spin attack.

Gigant Sword: There's a little bit of Dark Souls about the outfit you get with this upgrade and the new big! Normal attacks here give you three big swipes followed by a spin attack. Jumping and attacking sees you pull off a more powerful version of your forward spin move, and charging up by holding down the button allows Kirby to perform an earth-shattering overhead cleave.

Meta Knight Sword: An awesome final upgrade for the sword, you now get to dress just like Meta Knight (let's face it, he looks pretty awesome), as well as pulling off sword slides by holding in R and pressing A. Normal attacks are a vicious flurry now, charging them results in a spin attack that sends you spiralling around areas and your forward spin results in multiple rotations accompanied by bats. Wowee!


Evolves through: Bomb - Chain Bomb - Homing Bomb

Bomb: Good old bombs, everyone loves 'em. Fling out multiple bombs with your default attack here or hold down the button to aim exactly where you want your explosives to go. You can also run as you fire here to roll your bombs along the ground!

Chain Bomb: Upgrade this ability to chain your bombs together, creating interlinked networks of explosive chaos!

Homing Bomb: The ultimate in bomb technology. Homing bombs land on the ground then use their scanner technology to pinpoint threats before rolling out in their direction. Fire out multiple bombs at once to totally surround your enemies and decimate obstacles.


Evolves through: Tornado - Fleur Tornado - Storm Tornado

Tornado: Hold in attack to take off in a whirlwind that sucks in and destroys enemies and obstacles. Hold a direction as you attack to take some control but be aware that this is a ferocious force of nature that can be unwieldy to navigate precisely!

Fleur Tornado: It's a tornado, but now it's got feathers and much more in the way of style as Kirby dons a ballerina's fetching headwear! Your whirlwind is even more powerful as a result.

Storm Tornado: The ultimate in storm technology. Hold in attack with this evolution equipped to transform Kirby into a whirling dervish of hurricane power imbued with lightning for a little extra spark. This attack is a screen-filling monstrosity!


Evolves through: Drill - Pencil Drill - Twin Drill

Drill: A really useful tool this one, you can use it to burrow underground, dodging enemy attacks and obstacles before emerging in a burst of energy from below to take them out. This is also a vital instrument for digging for treasure in a handful of levels. Attack whilst jumping and moving forwards to perform an air drill attack!

Pencil Drill: Your attacks and excavations are now imbued with pencil shavings as well as actual pencils that add more power as you dash underground and spring forth to surprise your opponents. That's the write stuff!

Twin Drill: What's better than a drill? Two drills! Your attacks are quicker and more powerful now and, as you dig underground, you'll still attack enemies up top thanks to a circular saw that runs along at surface level as you move.


Evolves through: Sleep - Deep Sleep

Sleep: Get some kip in with this ability that allows you to take a quick nap, dozing off and replenishing a little of your health bar mid-mission.

Deep Sleep: Just like Sleep, except now you get a nice bed to lie down in for a bigger break that recharges more of your health bar. Ok, that's enough now, Kirby, up you get. Kirby. Kirby...WAKE UP, MATE!


Evolves through: Needle - Clutter Needle - Crystal Needle

Needle: Press attack with this power equipped to jab your enemies with your spiky exterior or hold in the button to expand into a great big spiky ball to roll around picking up foes before chucking them at others. This ability also makes you travel much faster in wind-affected areas, something to take note of.

Clutter Needle: An upgraded variant of the needle that adds all manner of pointy bits and bobs to your default attack including pencils, screws, cacti and more! Ouch!

Crystal Needle: This ultimate needle evolution adds crystal power, enabling you to fire out sharp crystal shards as you attack as well as turning you into a much bigger ball of spikes when you hold that attack button down!


Evolves through: Ice - Frosty Ice - Blizzard Ice

Ice: A classic this one. Fire off chunks off ice by pressing attack or hold down the button to blow crispy cold air on your opponents, turning them into ice blocks that can be sent flying around stages. You also get a fetching pair of skates in which to traverse areas and can simply skate undamaged over fiery surfaces.

Frosty Ice: Beef up your ice attacks with this evolution that sees Kirby make mini snowmen when using his default ice attack. Hold in the button to create big snowmen that can be sent careening around areas to take out multiple baddies! Oh, and check out that super cute winter hat.

Blizzard Ice: Fire off great big jagged shards of ice with this ultimate evolution of your frosty abilities. Hold in the attack button to have Kirby shoot fast blasts of ice and create walls of the stuff around arenas while defending himself with a body of ice spikes. You also get a really nice tiara. Winning!

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