How To Beat Phantom King Dedede

Welcome to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss guides. Here we'll be running you through each and every one of the main bosses for the game and how we went about defeating them.

Now that you've beaten the main campaign you can get stuck into collecting Leon's Soul fragments across the Isolated Isles, where you'll have to take on harder, stronger versions of the game's end of world bosses in order to receive your final fragments for each area.

The fifth of these remixed boss encounters takes place in Forgo Horns where you'll face off against Phantom Sillydillo!

Let's take a look!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Phantom Sillydillo Boss Guide

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Phase One

This was one of the easier fights first time around and it remains so with this phantom return version.

Sillydillo will now mix up his first phase cage attack, where he'll swipe and try to capture Kirby, with a bomb attack that sees him fling a bunch of explosive Kirby dolls your way. These are easy to avoid as they have quite long detonation times, so your focus is still 100% on jumping out of the way of his cage attack and getting in for some damage where you can to whittle him down.

We used the dragon fire ability during this one as it continues to burn on him when he moves away, making for a very quick and efficient way to get his health down and onto phase two.

Phase Two

This phase sees the biggest change in this fight over its vanilla version, with the area now becoming enshrouded in thick dust, making it hard to see what Sillydillo is up to. Thankfully, all he is up to is grabbing his puppet partner and spinning around the area, an easy attack to avoid that drops stars you can use to attack him - or just continue to blast him with fire as he goes.

He'll mix up his moves here to incorporate his big rolling attack and this time he won't end up on his back after the third roll so you've got much less time to get your hits in. He'll also continue to use his cage and explosive Kirby doll attacks here but, overall, you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Just avoid the spinning and rolling attacks, get your own hits in as he recovers and you should have this fairly easy boss down again in no time to receive your final five soul pieces for Forgo Wasteland. Good job!

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