Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

Welcome to the next part of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land walkthrough. By now you'll have beaten the campaign and moved on to the Isolated Isles post-game content.

The second area of this post-game world requires us to find 48 more pieces of Leon's soul to help rescue him. That's a lot of soul fragments! Let's jump in and see where they're all at in this second Isolated Isles level.

The Isolated Isles - Forgo Bay - All Leon Soul Pieces

1st Area

Straight ahead of you as you start the level

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

Knock down all the burning barrels to your right at the very start of the area

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

Off to the left at the start this one's easy to spot sat above a whirlpool

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

Beat the phantom walrus on the left to nab this one

2022032816084600 S

Behind where you beat the walrus you'll see this one in a nook above a poison patch

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

In between the spinning spike barriers as you move forward here

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

You'll round off this first area by nabbing three soul pieces for defeating Wild Edge in an easy fight

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

2nd Area

Shoot the target off to the right side with ranger's focused shot to get this one

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

Under the moving walkway as you head on into area

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

On the left of the raised platform, smash the wooden crates to grab this one

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

To the left of the moving platforms here you'll see another target to shoot in the distance

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

Off to the right of these moving platforms, just offscreen there's one floating above a pointy pillar

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

Another target at the final platform in this area, it's off in the far distance to the left and raises a crane containing three soul pieces!

Kirby The Isolated Isles: Forgo Bay

3rd Area

Moving up the stairs from the start of this area you'll find the next one sat on the right side

2022032816191100 S

Just past your last one, this is hidden from view under the overhang where boulders are dropping

2022032816193300 S

Hit the small bomb block on the far right side of the screen as you move up the stairs to reveal this next one

2022032816203800 S

On the broken concrete platform shown below there's a shiny spot to investigate that nets you this soul piece

2022032816243300 S

This next one is on the next floor up on the right behind some vines in a little nook

2022032816212300 S

You'll net another three pieces by heading over to the left here and then moving towards the camera to reveal a chest!

2022032816220200 S

4th Area

Hit the switch directly in front of you in the first whirlpool of this area to reveal the next piece on the right side

2022032816565900 S

At the back of this same area you'll see a stack of wooden crates with this next one on top

2022032816572500 S

On the path to the next pool this one is partially hidden on the right

2022032816581700 S

In this whirlpool area go anti-clockwise with the flow of the water to hit the wall switches then beat the phantom enemy who appears to nab one piece followed by three more sat under a platform in the water on the left

The next whirlpool room has a soul piece sat in the top left corner

2022032817021000 S

In the same area hot the switches on the left and the right (up the steps) to nab another

2022032817024400 S

5th Area

As you're blown down the track in this next area, hit the bomb block to the left to reveal a soul piece on the right a little further ahead

2022032817041300 S

The path splits into three briefly now and the next soul piece is on the furthest left track

2022032817045800 S

Now you'll pass a platform on the right with an o-ring on it, head on past and grab the stepladder to your left then go back and climb up to get the ring which you'll use to blow a windmill on your right to reveal your next piece

Blow another windmill on your right for this next one

2022032817064700 S

Now a windmill to your left and then right to raise this next piece up

2022032817071800 S

Now you'll hurtle down a thin platform past a bunch of fire cannons, jump into the last little pool area and spin the fan to reveal three more pieces

2022032817090200 S

The final piece in this area is your reward for defeating a phantom you'll find lurking to the rear of this area

2022032817100300 S

And that's all of the soul pieces you'll find in the regular areas of Forgo Bay!

The final five pieces you need in this world are your reward for beating the area boss - Phantom Tropic Woods!

Phantom Tropic Woods Boss Battle

2022032817510300 S

Our next super-powered phantom version of the main campaign's bosses sees us make a return trip to Tropic Woods. He's got himself a bunch of new moves to test you out this time around but overall this is still a pretty easy battle which will reward you with the final five soul pieces you need to complete Forgo Bay.

If you need a little help with this boss make sure to jump over to our guide for a little more detail on how to best him...

Good luck!

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