How To Beat Phantom King Dedede

Welcome to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss guides. Here we'll be running you through each and every one of the main bosses for the game and how we went about defeating them.

Now that you've beaten the main campaign you can get stuck into collecting Leon's Soul fragments across the Isolated Isles, where you'll have to take on harder, stronger versions of the game's end of world bosses in order to receive your final fragments for each area.

The fifth of these remixed boss encounters takes place in Forgo Horns where you'll face off against Phantom Forgo Dedede!

Let's take a look!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Phantom Forgo Dedede Boss Guide

How To Beat Phantom Forgo Dedede

Phase One

Phantom King Dedede comes at you absolutely blazing in this fight, kicking things off with a huge spinning attack that knocks the entire arena off balance and covers large areas in lava. This one is tough to avoid but just hover and move completely out of the way until he's done spinning if you can, then prepare to get in close to dish out some damage as it takes him a little while to recover from this.

Now he's going to mix his moves up quite quickly, performing his triple ground pound that shoots out ripples of damage across the ground, a move that is accompanied by two spinning hammers this time around. Again, for this just hover out of the way and let him perform his three smashes, then move in on the third to get some damage dealt. The main thing to beware of during this move is that his third ground smash will tilt the arena floor so you need to watch where you land as you come down as where he is located will be swamped in lava.

He'll also come charging towards you whilst banging his hammers on the ground to shoot flames and perform a smaller variation on his spinning attack that leaves a thin trail of lava behind it. For these moves, keep back and let him exhaust himself then get some hits in. The good news is for this first phase his energy depletes really quickly so wait and get hits in when it seems safe and you'll soon have him down, dropping his hammer and letting out a roar as he moves onto the next part of the fight.

Phase Two

This phase kicks off with a meteor shower that's easily avoided by standing in a spot that doesn't have a shadow, then move right to the side of the arena to avoid the huge final piece of fiery debris.

Now you'll need to watch out for Dedede's big spinning move again here, the one that tilts the arena and leaves a lava trail. He'll also perform his dashing on all-fours move that he had in your first meeting, this one's easy to see coming and just jump to avoid it.

He also has an attack here where he'll pound the ground with his hammers for a sustained period of time, fanning out bunches of flames around the arena. These are easy to avoid and also leave lots of stars that you can use to go on the offensive when he's recovering.

He'll do his big ground pound attack again during this phase and, if you're really unlucky, he'll summon a bunch of beasts - including charging bulls - to fight you. These can be done away with by sucking up the smaller animals and shooting them at both Dedede and the bulls.

Take your time to get to know all his new moves and it won't be long before you've got him down, although this is definitely the hardest fight you'll have had so far. One tip we would give from our experience is that choosing to use the storm tornado ability, which you can pick up before entering the arena, makes this fight quite a bit easier. Just wait for him to do an attack and then rampage at him with your storm attacks to take big chunks off his health bar.

Beat him and you'll get another five soul pieces to add to your collection. Good luck!

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