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Welcome to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss guides. Here we'll be running you through each and every one of the main bosses for the game and how we went about defeating them.

As you progress through the main campaign you will come across miniboss encounters against Wild Edge, Fleurina, Wild Bonkers and a few more but for the most part these small-scale encounters are very similar in terms of how your enemy attacks and present little problem to successfully pass. As such, we've decided to focus on the main end of world boss battles for these guides, the larger scale showdowns that comprise multiple phases.

So, let's get stuck into the game's sixth main boss and the start of the final boss onslaught - Forgo Dedede!

How To Beat Forgo Dedede

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Forgo Dedede Boss Guide


  • Clear Stage
  • Don't Get Hit By Forgo Dedede's Fire Attack
  • Clear By Using A Second-Level Evolved Ability
  • Clear Within 2:00
  • Clear Without Taking Any Damage

Now we're down to the business end of the final world and it's big boss time. First up, you're butting heads with Forgo Dedede, and you've got a few things to look out for in his first phase.

Phase One

Forgo will use flame attacks, a running charge and spinning whirlwind attack here, all of which are easily avoidable by jumping away from the hammers and dodging and running to the side from the whirlwind and the charge. Give yourself plenty of space here and he shouldn't cause any problems.

He'll leave stars in the wake of all his attacks and you should use them if you're not equipping an ability to hit him when he's stopped for a breather. It won't take long to batter him into the next phase.

Phase Two

Once he's taken a bit of damage he'll smash down on the arena floor to cause area of effect waves that you'll need to jump over and he'll also take to the sky to fling down a pool of hot lava. Much of this stuff follows patterns we've seen in earlier fights and isn't too hard to dodge, requiring you to look out for him winding up and jump out of the way, hovering where necessary until the rings of damage beneath you clear. His AOE attacks are well signalled as he jumps up into the air and hangs momentarily before smashing down too, and they're always in sets of three.

Keep smashing him when you get a chance here and Forgo Dedede will go down and lose a grip of his hammer - feel free to snap it up to use against him at this point - but we honestly find sucking up and shooting stars the most effective method. Once he's lost his hammer he's gonna up the ante and start charging around on all-fours. Keep moving to avoid him, use the stars he leaves in his wake and watch out for a flame attack where he pounds the ground to shoot flames across the floor at you.

How To Beat Forgo Dedede

He's on the back foot now and nearly done so he's gonna call in two attack dogs but these guys can just be hoovered up and used as ammo against him before he begins to attempt to suck the entire arena into his mouth. At this point keep the stick in the opposite direction, pushing away from him until he's done and you can get back to smacking him and, eventually, take him down. Good job!

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