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World Two in Kirby and the Forgotten Land and we're off to the Everbay Coast for some sun, sea, sand and a whole bunch of hidden Waddle Dees and collectible bits and bobs.

Let's get stuck in!

World 2 - Everbay Coast

2-1 Abandoned Beach


  • Clear Stage
  • Save The Hidden Waddle Dees
  • Crack Open 3 Knock-Knock Nuts
  • Destroy The Animal Sand Sculpture
  • Complete The Sign On The Rooftop

Save The Hidden Waddle Dees

#1 Just after the mini-boss fight in the second area of the stage you can climb up the bright yellow ladder and run along a platform to reach a wooden switch. Smash it with your mallet to drop the concrete wall below and reveal your objective.

#2 This one's in a secret area that you can access by climbing up the platforms to the right of the water as shown below. Climb all the way to the top and smash the wooden switch up here to reveal a hidden cave on the opposite side of the water. Head into the cave and smack another switch in order to set off a timed event where you need to dash around disappearing platforms in order to reach the Waddle Dees.

#3 Another secret area here and this time you're going to drive your dinky little boat through a crack in a wall to reveal an area containing the next Waddle Dee.

Crack Open 3 Knock-Knock Nuts

#1 To the left at the very start of the level you'll find the first nut sat on a sandbank that contains an enemy and a few wooden crates.

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#2 On the warp star island that takes you to the second area of the level you'll find nut #2.

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#3 During the boat section of the level, head over to the water vortex in the top right hand corner where this nut, and a bunch of coins, will magically reveal themselves.

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Destroy The Animal Sand Sculpture

To the far right side of the second area, just after you defeat the level's mini-boss and collect your first Waddle Dees, you'll find this beautiful sand doggo, which you can then proceed to destroy. You pink monster.

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Complete The Sign On The Rooftop

Once you've reached the final area, assume Kirby's ring form by using Mouthful Mode on the metal O that's sat in the background, then waddle over to the sign and stand in place briefly to complete this mission.

Collectible Figurines

#1 In the water to the right of the warp star island.

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#2 Up an easy to spot ladder on the left side of the 3rd area in the stage.

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2-2 Concrete Isles


  • 1 Clear Stage
  • 2 Save The Hidden Waddle Dees
  • 3 Greet 3 Seabirds
  • 4 Make Landfall On The Isle Of Treasure
  • 5 Dig Up A Maxim Tomato

Save The Hidden Waddle Dees

#1 You're going to need to collect coloured coin pieces in order to raise crates on cranes with Waddle Dees hidden in them. The first crane can be raised by collecting the five green coin pieces scattered around platforms in the area shown below. None of these pieces are hidden very well so it's just a case of grabbing them as you pass by and then nabbing the Waddle Dee when the crane activates.

#2 More coin pieces and this time they are orange. Not all of these pieces are in plain sight so use your Drill ability to drill each shiny spot on the ground as you pass by and make sure to enter Mouthful Mode on the mechanical platform, as shown below, to reach the little nook containing the trickiest piece.

#3 A bit of a change of pace for this one, as it's sat on the secret isle of treasure, which you can reach by swimming over the downed fencing, as shown below.

#4 This time around you'll be collecting more green pieces and they're once again hidden in and around sparkly points scattered around the ground. Make sure to uncover the orange warp star, as shown below, in order to reach a higher platform and enter Mouthful Mode on the piece of pipe, then roll down the hill to blast past crates and blow an entire section of wall out of your way. Collect all five pieces and the golden cell door will open, allowing you to collect your prize. Easy!

Greet 3 Seabirds

#1 In order to greet these seabirds we need to simply move right over them and the first one you'll encounter is on the very first platform that you'll swim to from the starting point of the level.

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#2 This one is located in the water just off to the right of the platform where you'll collect your first orange coin segment.

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#3 In the water beside the warp star platform.

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Make Landfall On The Isle Of Treasure

A secret area you can see off in the distance behind the level's yellow warp star platform. In order to reach this look along the wire fencing beside this platform to find a bit that's fallen down, allowing you to swim across it and over to the island which has a bunch of coins and a Waddle Dee for you to collect.

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Dig Up A Maxim Tomato

Hidden in a patch of sparkly ground in front of a row of fireball-spitting cannons near the end of the level, simply use your drill ability to unearth this one.

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Collectible Figurines

#1 Kill all the enemies on the circular platform to raise the treasure and claim your collectible.

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#2 Drop yourself into the water spiral to the left hand side of the platform, as shown below, and you'll be transported to a secret area where you need to jump across some wooden crates in order to access a room where you'll find your figurine and a bunch of coins.

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#3 This one is just beyond some spike rollers to the right hand side of the area shown below, just before you get to the platform containing the first orange piece.

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2-3 Scale The Cement Summit


  • 1 Clear Stage
  • 2 Save The Hidden Waddle Dees
  • 3 Remove 3 Wanted Posters
  • 4 Avoid The Spikes In The Secret Room
  • 5 Freeze Fleurina With An Ice Ability

Save The Hidden Waddle Dees

#1 You'll find the first hidden Waddle Dee behind a green set of Mouthful Mode lockers down below the squared pool area at the level's first set of platforms, as shown below. Just waggle the lockers out of the way to retrieve your prize from behind them.

#2 Hit the red switch in the centre as you move through the area we've pictured below in order to reveal this next Waddle Dee. You'll need to rush over to get it in time before the clock runs out but don't worry, the game is very lenient with how much time it gives you here.

#3 Walk towards the screen from where you tear down the second wanted poster, just to the left of the second Waddle Dee's location, and you'll find yourself on a platform leading to a secret door. Enter here and you'll arrive in a room full of spikes with three switches to be pushed. Grab the whirlwind ability from beside the door and push forward whilst bashing the attack button to blast across the spikes, hitting the switches without touching the pointy surface. Good job!

#4 During the level's gliding section, you'll notice a cracked bit of wall to the right as you exit from the tunnel where the bull charges you. Blast through the cracks to reveal a secret path that takes you to your final Waddle Dee of this area.

Remove 3 Wanted Posters

#1 The first poster is on a wall right at the very start of the level as pictured below.

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#2 To the left of the bridge platform where you nab your second Waddle Dee.

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#3 Once you've landed your glider at the end of the level's flying section, look to your immediate right to find this poster partially hidden behind some scenery.

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Avoid The Spikes In The Secret Room

Make sure to use the whirlwind ability in this area, pushing forward and bashing the attack button to blast across the spikes without touching them.

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Freeze Fleurina With An Ice Ability

As you approach the platform where you take on this mini-boss you need to grab the ice ability to your right and then use it during the battle to freeze your foe. Just keep hammering her at every possibility and she'll soon seize up.

Collectible Figurines

#1 Use the bomb block in the pool pictured below to reveal this first collectible.

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#2 This one's hidden in a blue crate right beside where you'll find the second wanted poster.

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2-4 Fast-Flowing Waterworks


  • 1 Clear Stage
  • 2 Save The Hidden Waddle Dees
  • 3 Eat 3 Tins Of Fish
  • 4 Win The Battle Without Falling Into The Water
  • 5 Find The Golden Fish

Save The Waddle Dees

#1 Right at the start of this you'll race down some rapids where you can snatch this Waddle Dee from underneath some broken piping towards the end of the run.

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#2 As shown below, take out the bomb block on the right then jump back over to the left and down into the area that's been exposed by the resulting explosion. Once down here you'll find an area with a boat. Hop in and make sure to blast through the walls in time to nab the Waddle Dee at the end of the course before the timer runs out. In order to reach the goal on time charge through the crack on the far right, then left, then the middle route to avoid dead ends!

#3 In the area shown below you'll need to raise up the water bridge by pressing the central blue switch, then use Mouthful Mode to move the ladder so that it's set over the first red switch on the right. Now climb up and nab the Waddle Dee from behind the yellow bars.

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#4 Now you'll need to head up to the right past the snowman in this same area, take out the enemies here and then grab the next set of steps. Bring the steps back and place them over the two red switches to the right of where the first steps are placed. This will open up the remaining yellow cage doors and allow you to rescue another Waddle Dee.

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#5 After you take the star door on the right of the area where you've just rescued the previous two Waddle Dees, you'll pass through a few rooms with giant water spirals in them. In the second room you'll need to activate a blue switch to both the left and right of a spiral, as shown below, in order to reveal some steps that will enable you reach the Waddle Dee suspended in the air.

Eat 3 Tins Of Fish

#1 Just after the rapids at the very start of the level you need to jump up to the sparkling spot in the right hand corner of the platform in order to reveal a tin of fish over on the left of the area.

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#2 In the area with the water bridge and burning barrels, pictured below, you'll need to set the steps up so you can reach the barrels, then go get the snowman to the right and copy his ability. Now head back to the barrels and extinguish them, revealing a tin of fish.

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#3 The first large water cyclone in the star room secret area has got this tin of fish circling around it, just time your jump into the water to nab it without getting sucked under.

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Win The Battle Without Falling Into The Water

Pretty self-explanatory this one. During the multi-enemy mini-boss fight you need to avoid falling into the water by keeping to the metal walkway suspended over the area.

Find The Golden Fish

This little guy is located in the pool of water you can see Kirby in below, you'll need to be quick to see and grab him.

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Collectible Figurines

#1 Behind the piece of machinery below you'll find this one. It's in the area with the bomb block that exposes the path to the boating minigame.

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#2 Move the set of steps in the area below over to the far left red switch, drop it and use the steps to jump up to the now open yellow caged area.

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2-5 The Tropical Terror


  • 1 Clear Stage
  • 2 Destroy Tropic Woods' Roots
  • 3 Clear Without Using A Copy Ability
  • 4 Clear Within 2:00
  • 5 Clear Without Taking Any Damage

This final stage contains World 2's boss battle against a cantankerous tree. In order to complete all the missions above and rescue the Waddle Dees you'll need to fight him a few times.

For our first attempt we used fire to best him, a good tool as it continues to deal damage as it burns on him. We recommend using fire, or your own favourite copy ability, when aiming to get this one done in under 2:00 as it's a bit longer when you're waiting for him to provide ammo in the form of stars.

For our second go around we went ability free, sucking up the stars he leaves around after his attacks to beat him and complete the Clear Without A Copy Ability mission.

In order to take out his roots for the second mission, just wait until the final third of the fight when he unfurls them around the arena and make sure to attack them with whatever ability you're using to see this one through.

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Clearing without taking damage is easy enough too once you know his move-set, watch out for the dust plumes from his attacks, which you can jump over, dodge out of the way over any boulders he throws - or even suck them up and fling them back in his face - and time your advances to ensure you weave out of the way of anything he tosses at you. Not a tough boss all in all and you'll be rewarded with a few more Waddle Dees and access to the game's third world once you're done!

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