Kirby Gorimondo Boss

Welcome to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss guides. Here we'll be running you through each and every one of the main bosses for the game and how we went about defeating them.

As you progress through the main campaign you will come across miniboss encounters against Wild Edge, Fleurina, Wild Bonkers and a few more but for the most part these small-scale encounters are very similar in terms of how your enemy attacks and present little problem to successfully pass. As such, we've decided to focus on the main end of world boss battles for these guides, the larger scale showdowns that comprise multiple phases.

So, let's kick off with the game's first main boss - Gorimondo!

Kirby Gorimondo Boss

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Gorimondo Boss Guide

Gorimondo Boss Battle Missions

  • Clear The Area
  • Clear Within 2:00
  • Slip Through Gorimondo's Legs
  • Defeat Gorimondo With The Sword Copy Ability
  • Clear Without Taking Any Damage

This final stage of World One is a short trip up to the boss area where you'll face off against Gorimondo. There are no Waddle Dees as such to collect here but you'll need to complete the missions above to 100% clear the area and get your rewards.

Gorimondo may look like one great big brute but, in reality, he's a little bit of a pushover really. We defeated him first time by sucking up the stars he drops as he throws tarmac and swipes his arms and then switched it up to the sword ability for our second run.

Phase One

His attacks early on consist of chucking lumps of scenery which are easily avoidable and break up on impact with the ground. Grab the stars to chuck back at him as they appear if that's how you're attacking him. He'll also perform big slow swipes that can be easily jumped over and leave a trail of stars in their wake.

Phase Two

Gorimondo will eventually beat his chest in frustration and move into phase two where he has another attack, a slow-moving spin that sees him move around the arena, ending with a nice long period where he reorients himself, allowing you to get stuck in for some smacks. There's also a foot stomp here that produces a small area of effect damage wave that's easy to avoid by staying back or jumping.

Slipping in between his legs to complete that specific mission is as simple as just running clear through them as you attack (you'll spend most of your time close to his legs when doing this one with a sword) and, as long as you're reasonably quick reaching the actual battle, clearing things under 2:00 should a breeze.

This is an easy intro to the game's big boss battles that shouldn't take you long to clear. Good luck!

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