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Welcome to the next part of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land walkthrough. By now you'll have beaten the campaign and moved on to the Isolated Isles post-game content.

The fourth area of this post-game world requires us to find 51 more pieces of Leon's soul to help rescue him. That's a lot of soul fragments! Let's jump in and see where they're all at in this next Isolated Isles level.

The Isolated Isles - Forgo Horns - All Leon Soul Pieces

1st Area

Right at the start of this area use the dig ability to unearth this first one from the patch straight ahead

2022033114280000 S

Use quake surge on the first cage to reveal this next one

2022033114284000 S

Now pass under the yellow fencing and use quake surge again on this cage to grab your next soul piece

2022033114301700 S

Head down the secret passage on the left of this first area and dig down under fence to nab this next one

2022033114310800 S

Quake surge the bomb baddies who are flinging projectiles from the mound to get this one

2022033114314600 S

Heading up the steps now and take out the bomb block to reveal this one behind the wall of metal crates

2022033114322900 S

Off to the left of this next area and you'll see this one floating down a hole, just hover down to grab it

2022033114330500 S

Head to the right of where the vending machine is and investigate the shining spot in front of the black post, this reveals steps up to our next soul piece

2022033114340300 S

On the left side at the start of the icy platforms

2022033114354400 S

Now take the vending machine across the icy platforms and head right at the end, use your limited ammo to shoot out the two metal crates to reveal three pieces!

2022033114363700 S

2nd Area

As soon as we start in this area you'll see this one sat behind some barriers - jump in and get it but beware of the massive icicle dropping from above

2022033115292000 S

This next one is sat in the background a little further along

2022033115295800 S

Now hit the three switches on the pillar wall to open up a secret area and reveal this next one - be aware that you'll need to charge up your hammer to flame the ice block on the last switch

2022033115311500 S

This one is sat out in the open between two falling pillars

2022033115322900 S

Hit three switches again now - the last one is, once again, frozen in ice - to reveal a secret area containing this one

2022033115334100 S

Now head off to the far right of this corridor and float along in front of the wire to nab this hidden one and head to another secret area

2022033115340200 S

In this secret area you'll get another piece by smashing the ice blocks to clear a path

2022033115340600 S

The last one in this area is up to the left as you're leaving, head up past the walrus, hit the switch and reveal a platform to your prize

2022033115360700 S

3rd Area

Straight ahead at the start of this area, this one's sat between some fire cannons

2022033115523800 S

Grab the needle ability now to reach the switch on the left and reveal this next one

2022033115530700 S

Straight over to your right now and this one's sat on a pillar, float over the gap to grab

2022033115531300 S

A little further ahead and to the left now, you'll need the needle ability to reach it in the wind

2022033115545200 S

The next one is sat in the open between two cannons

2022033115553900 S

Now head over to the next platform section and walk towards screen to find the cone, use it to smash the first metal crate and nab this next soul piece

2022033115562800 S

Break and ride the cracked water pipe up ahead to get up to ledge with metal crates, smash them all for three soul pieces

2022033115575600 S

Now head on over to the right past the bull, bust the water pipe then exit cone mode, ride up the geyser with Kirby and float over to this one

2022033115594300 S

4th Area

Sat on the right platform as you you start this new area

2022033116011400 S

Beat the phantom dog after all the bulls charge for another soul piece

2022033116015900 S

There's a shining spot on the wall behind the enemy on your left now, interact with it to reveal this next piece in a nook to the right

2022033116023400 S

Just before the next set of platforms, this one is sat off to the left of your screen

2022033116031300 S

Now you've got a multiple miniboss fight and you need to grab the orange coin fragment that passes across the arena during each boss's turn - there's four in total - then grab the final piece when all the enemies are defeated to reveal a chest with three more pieces!

2022033116044400 S

5th Area

As soon as the boat section starts, this one is on the left hand side

2022033116125600 S

Again on the left, this piece is just after a spinning spike barrier

2022033116134500 S

Over to the right now after you grab ring mode and smash through the wall, you'll need to stick to the right side and jump over the spike barrier to get this one

2022033116145700 S

Kill the croc and jump the next barrier to get this one

2022033116153700 S

Disembark to the right side, kill the walrus and nab this next one before getting back on your boat before it floats away!

2022033116161500 S

Kill the next croc and jump the triple spike barriers to get this one

2022033116164300 S

Now, in the final part of the area, spin the windmill on the right to open the gate on the left and reveal three final pieces!

2022033116172800 S

And that's all the soul pieces you'll find in the normal areas of Forgo Horns!

Phantom King Dedede Boss Battle

The final five pieces you need in this world are your reward for beating the area boss - Phantom King Dedede - and you can check out our guide to taking him on if you need help nabbing these final five pieces by following the link below. Good luck!

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