Welcome to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss guides. Here we'll be running you through each and every one of the main bosses for the game and how we went about defeating them.

As you progress through the main campaign you will come across miniboss encounters against Wild Edge, Fleurina, Wild Bonkers and a few more but for the most part these small-scale encounters are very similar in terms of how your enemy attacks and present little problem to successfully pass. As such, we've decided to focus on the main end of world boss battles for these guides, the larger scale showdowns that comprise multiple phases.

So, let's get stuck into the game's fifth main boss now - Sillydillo!

How To Beat Sillydillo

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Sillydillo Boss Guide


  • Clear Stage
  • Hit 3 Of Sillydillo's Homemade Kirbys
  • Defeat Sillydillo With The Hammer Ability
  • Clear Within 2:00
  • Clear Without Taking Damage

It's time to get down and dirty in a boss battle against the ever-so-slightly crazy Sillydillo and it's definitely the most challenging fight so far.

Phase One

Sillydillo begins this scrap by attempting to snatch Kirby up into a cage and the best thing to do here is wait for him to swipe then jump straight up to dodge the cage, landing then attacking with your equipped ability or sucking up and firing off the star that follows in the wake of his attack to dish out some damage. If he does catch you in the cage simply waggle the left thumbstick to break free.

Once he's tried to cage you a few times, and you've knocked enough of his health bar, he'll destroy the floor of the arena, dropping you both down and beginning the second phase.

Phase Two

Here he'll begin with a rolling attack which he performs three times in quick succession. Dodge (or preferably slide) to the side for each roll attack and then get in close to dish out damage as he finishes up stranded on his back for a bit once the third roll ends.

Keep dishing out damage here and he'll whip out a lovely lady companion that he's created for himself from rubbish. Whatever you're into, mate, we're not here to judge. Sillydillo will spin across the arena with his paper companion dropping stars as he goes. He'll then stop and fire out two spinning companions before performing his rolling attacks again. We recommend just dodging out of the way of the spinning companions and then watching for the rolls, avoid all three and get in to attack again when he's on his back. Keep this up and he'll be toast in no time.

With regards to the missions here, well they're all quite self-explanatory. Hit three of the stuffed Kirbys hanging from the ceiling during the first phase of the fight and make sure you have your hammer ability upgraded as much as possible in order to make short work of him when attempting that challenge.

Obviously getting him down in under 2:00 is gonna take an upgraded ability too and we went with good old Dragon Fire here, blasting him with purple energy to knock his health down ultra-fast. Good luck!

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