How To Beat Phantom Forgo Leongar

Welcome to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss guides. Here we'll be running you through each and every one of the main bosses for the game and how we went about defeating them.

Now that you've beaten the main campaign and collected all of Leon's Soul Fragments it's time to move on to the endgame and a final flurry of bosses.

The first of these is Phantom Forgo Leongar!

Let's take a look!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Phantom Forgo Leongar Boss Guide

How To Beat Phantom Forgo Leongar

Phase One

This first phase is a nice surprise, with Leongar doing absolutely nothing you haven't seen from him before. He'll use his X-attack to fire an X-beam at you in three repetitions, just jump the first, stand under the second and jump the final one as usual, grabbing the stars on the ground to fling back at him when you get the chance.

He's also going to do his charge attack where he stomps towards you, this is well signposted and all you have to do is move away and rotate to one side of him to pick up stars or attack as he's got his back to you, then rinse and repeat. He'll also pull out his big beam attack here and you just need to slide out of the way and move in close to him to avoid this, exactly as we did in the first fight against him.

It won't be long until you have him onto the next phase.

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Phase Two

Now Leongar is angry and we're gonna see some new moves at last. His big beam attack now drops boulders in its wake so, as you slide out of its way and then look to the ground for shadowed patches to let you know where the boulders will strike.

He's also got a new ground pound that sends out shockwave rings for its first two attacks and then finishes with big shockwaves accompanied by vertical electricity strands. Simply jump over the rings of energy and then weave in between the electricity to avoid an attack that looks very busy but is in fact easy to manoeuvre around.

He's also gonna lunge at you, jump backwards and hover to avoid, and perform sets of swipes which he'll repeat three times. This is a good opportunity to get plenty of hits at him as you hover to avoid all three swipes then drop down and punish him before he goes again.

Before long you'll have his energy 50% down and he'll power up again, this time being joined by Elfilin in battle.

Phase Three

This phase sees one big new variation, on Leongar's X-attack he's going to send out an X to start as usual but then follow it with very quick horizontal blasts of energy. Hover to avoid all of these then drop down and get your hits in quickly as a huge orb of energy is going to fill the arena, so move right to one side and prepare to dash in for stars or attacks when it dissipates.

The rest of this final phase is Leongar pulling off moves you've already seen, mostly his AOE ground pound and sets of three swipes, while Elfilin makes it hard for you to time responses by shooting out an orb that you need to avoid as well as watching his attacks.

Keep your focus on Leongar and time your attacks when he's readjusting, watching out for that orb, and you'll soon have this big boy down once again. Good job!

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