How To Beat Phantom Clawroline

Welcome to Nintendo Life's Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss guides. Here we'll be running you through each and every one of the main bosses for the game and how we went about defeating them.

Now that you've beaten the main campaign you can get stuck into collecting Leon's Soul fragments across the Isolated Isles, where you'll have to take on harder, stronger versions of the game's end of world bosses in order to receive your final fragments for each area.

The third of these remixed boss encounters takes place in Forgo Park where you'll face off against Phantom Clawroline.

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Let's take a look!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Phantom Clawroline Boss Guide

How To Beat Phantom Clawroline

Phase One

The first phase of this fast-moving fight sees Clawroline immediately lashing out with new and improved moves. She's going to fire knives at you from the ground now, usually doing this move in three repetitions, and you can easily avoid the incoming projectiles by simply keeping moving and hoovering up stars to blast her with as you go.

She's also now got a spotlight attack where three spotlights will circle the arena and stop in your location, indicating it's time for you to jump up and hover to avoid a very fast dash attack from Clawroline which leaves her open to a good few smacks.

The slashing claw attack from your first meeting returns here too but this time she'll slash at you a total of five times instead of two, so be wary of moving in before she's done here. Her other new manoeuvre of note in this first phase is a charged attack that has a really obvious wind-up to it which makes it very easy to see when it's coming. Again, just jump and hover over this to ensure it misses every time.

Phase Two

Now you've got her riled, Clawroline is going to take to the towers surrounding the arena just as she did in the first fight, except now there are multiples of her and they all come crashing down for an AOE attack one one after the other. Don't panic though, you just need to time you hovers here, jump up and float until she hits the ground then quickly exhale to land and immediately jump up and float again in order to get into a rhythm that avoids all of the incoming Clawrolines. She'll take a breather after her last attack her, giving you a nice chance to batter her. Have that!

Another new move in phase two is an X-shaped power attack that's exactly the same as the one used by Leongar. As you did in that fight, simply jump over this one as you see it coming and pick up the resultant stars to fling at her. Besides this her only other new move is a faster version of her knife throwing from the towers above the arena, these projectiles come in super quick but your tactic here remains the same as the first encounter, just keep moving.

Once you've got your head around these souped-up versions of her original moves though there's really not too much to worry about here, we definitely thought this one was going to be tougher than it turned out, and you should have your hands on the five soul pieces you'll get as your reward in no time. Good luck!

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