World number three now and we're off to the fairground for our next bunch of levels. Let's take a look at where you can find all the hidden Waddle Dees and goodies this one's got to offer.

World 3 - Wondaria Remains

3-1 Welcome To Wondaria


  • Clear Stage
  • Save The Hidden Waddle Dees
  • Help The Lost Ducklings Find Their Mama
  • Enjoy The View From The Top Of The Rocket
  • Make All The Wilted Flowers Bloom

Save The Hidden Waddle Dees

#1 Early on in the level you'll come to the rotating vehicles in the area picture below. There's a switch to hit on the left which reveals this first Waddle Dee over on the right hand side. Look out for the vehicles and patches of mud!

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Wondaria Remains

#2 Once you've assumed rollercoaster form with Mouthful Mode you need to keep an eagle eye out for two switches as Kirby flies around the rails. The first switch is on your right at the crest of a hill and is an easy target as you're slowed right down. The second is a bit tougher, sat on the left it's at the end of the ride and you'll pass it quite quickly so be ready to tilt as it comes into view.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Wondaria Remains

#3 This next one is similar to the first and is once again a switch on the left of an area filled with rotating vehicles. Slap the switch and jump over to the right to nab this one.

#4 Right at the end of the level, you'll need to use Mouthful Mode to fill Kirby up with water and then clear all of the mud off the large fountain area in order to reveal this final Waddle Dee.

Help The Lost Ducklings Find Their Mama

An easy one this. All of the ducklings you're looking for are in the immediate starting area of the level before where you'll see the mama duck waiting patiently. Look in and around the steps here to find them all, as pictured below.

Enjoy The View From The Top Of The Rocket

Make All The Wilted Flowers Bloom

After filling Kirby up with water for the first time, you'll need to clear some mud off the ground, as shown below, to raise up a set of steps and make it up to a higher platform containing four flower pots. Shoot the pots with water to revive the plants.

Now discard your ability and climb to the next level via the stepladder, here there's another pipe and three more flower pots, give them all a good spray and then clean the patch of mud in the very top right corner of the ground to reveal a secret area where you can drop down and find the final flower pot! You'll also be rewarded with a Toy Hammer Blueprint for completing this mission!

Collectible Figurines

#1 Right beside where you find the first Waddle Dee you'll see a shiny spot to interact with to nab this one.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Wondaria Remains

#2 During the rollercoaster ride you'll get this one immediately after hitting the first switch at the crest of the big hill.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Wondaria Remains

#3 This final one is right below the switch for the 3rd Waddle Dee, it's sat in a little nook directly below it, as pictured.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Wondaria Remains

3-2 Circuit Speedway


  • Clear Stage
  • Save The Hidden Waddle Dees
  • Reach The First Race Goal Within 20 Seconds
  • Defeat Wild Edge Using Invincible Candy
  • Boost Through The Cardboard Shortcuts

Save The Hidden Waddle Dees

#1 In order to nab this first Waddle Dee you'll need to clear the gold time in the area's first car race. Make sure to avoid the mud patches which slow you down and remember you can try again as much as you want here by using the blue star at the end. Good luck!

2022031809192100 S

#2 After the first race section is over you'll enter a platforming area, hit the switch on the moving platform at the bottom of the stairs, as pictured, then enter the door that appears as a result.

In here you'll find a Waddle Dee trapped behind bars and, in order to free them, you need to roll bombs down the moving platforms to the left to smack the switch. When doing this it's best to roll the bombs from the top of the hill, as you need to get back to the caged Waddle Dee quickly or the door will slam shut again!

2022031809255500 S

#3 The Next Waddle Dee can be found by cutting a patch of grass on the right of the corridor just after the Wild Edge mini-boss fight. Just before you come to the door to exit this area you need to cut the grass away to reveal a small vent, enter here to find a secret room with your target inside.

#4 Another race-based Waddle Dee here and you'll need to best a 50 second time to grab gold in the second race of the level and nab this final little guy.

2022031809311700 S

Reach The First Race's Goal Within 20 Seconds

Yes, you need to get 24 seconds to get a gold medal and secure a Waddle Dee but, if you want to complete this mission, you'll need to be quite a bit quicker round this course. Practice makes perfect!

Defeat Wild Edge Using Invincible Candy

In the area where you bowled bombs down the hill to hit a switch and release a Waddle Dee, once you've rescued the little guy, have a look at the back of his cage area and you'll find a yellow ladder, head up to a secret room where you'll find Invincible Candy.

Take the candy and race back downstairs and through the area full of enemies as quickly as you can in order to reach the Wild Edge fight before your invincibility wears off. Once in the boss fight you only need to hit Wild Edge once to defeat him and complete this mission. You'll also unlock a Gigant Sword Blueprint for finishing off this boss!

Boost Through The Carboard Shortcuts

In the area's second race there are two cardboard shortcuts, both of which are pictured below, that you'll need to blast through in order to complete this mission. The good thing is you can take your time here as your final clock result doesn't factor. Line your car up with the boxes and boost/jump your way through for the win!

Collectible Figurines

#1 Just before you reach the switch that opens the door to your second Waddle Dee, as you're coming down the steps, you'll spot a patch of wall that can be destroyed - we've pictured it below - blow the wall away and nab your collectible.

2022031809242100 S

#2 You'll find this one at the door that exits out of the area in which you fought Wild Edge. It's just up and above the exit to the right.

2022031809292900 S

#3 Get a silver time in the second race to grab this figurine.

2022031809311700 S

3-3 Invasion At The House Of Horrors


  • Clear Stage
  • Save The Hidden Waddle Dees
  • Clear Without Touching Any Ghost Gordos
  • Eat 3 Of The Ghost's Hidden Snacks
  • Destroy 13 Aliens By Using Vending Mouth

Save The Hidden Waddle Dees

#1 As you make your way along the first corridor with pop-out monsters early in the level, you'll notice a path, pictured below, that heads off to the right just after one of the pop-outs. Follow this round to find a box that switches its appearance. Wait until the box shows a picture of a Waddle Dee then strike it to rescue this one.

#2 During the dark area of this level whilst Kirby has assumed bulb form through Mouthful Mode, you'll find a star room, pictured below, that's sat off to the left of the area. Once in here you'll need to hit another box that switches appearances by flinging your sword through the gap in the wire fencing then running around to the left so your sword passes through the box as it returns to Kirby. You might need a few tries to get the timing right but leaving the room and re-entering resets the puzzle so it's all cool!

#3 Just as you come to the exit area of the funhouse's dark zone, head off to the right, as shown below, to find an area with another light-activated solar panel, use Kirby to power it up and release the Waddle Dee behind.

#4 Right at the end of the section where you shoot soda cans at pop-out monsters in vending machine form, this Waddle Dee can be snatched up if you're quick!

2022031811552600 S

Clear Without Touching Any Ghost Gordos

A straightforward task this. Just make it through the entire level without letting a Ghostly Gordo touch Kirby!

Eat 3 Of The Ghost's Hidden Snacks

#1 This first snack is hidden behind some scenery just after the first crumbling platform section, as shown below.

#2 This one is to the left just before a doorway that leads out of the darkened section of the level.

2022031810553600 S

#3 In the area shown below where you'll face off against a large group of Ghost Gordos, this slice of cake awaits you on the right hand side once you're done fighting.

Destroy 13 Aliens By Using Vending Mouth

Towards the end of this area you'll use Mouthful Mode to assume vending machine form and then get taken on a platform ride where you get to shoot soda cans at pop-out monsters. Simply blast 13 of these spooky guys to complete this task.

Collectible Figurines

#1 In the darkened section of the level, you'll find a platform that moves in and out of the wall on the right of the room, as pictured. Quickly jump onto the middle platform it emerges from the wall, then back to the right then forward to the uppermost platform to nab this one. You'll need to do this fairly fast!

2022031810492300 S

#2 At the 3rd solar panel in the dark area, once you've used Kirby to power it up, the floor will raise and reveal this next one.

2022031810513100 S

#3 Sat in plain sight to the left of an area up a ladder towards the end of the level, as shown below.

3-4 The Wondaria Dream Parade


  • Clear Stage
  • Save The Hidden Waddle Dees
  • Help The Lost Ducklings Find Their Mama
  • Remove Elfilin's Wanted Poster
  • Clear Without Stepping On Any Mud

Save The Hidden Waddle Dees

#1 In the area shown below, where trains are zig-zagging up some platforms, look out to your left for a spike pit with this first Waddle Dee sat just beyond it.

2022031813573100 S

#2 The next Waddle Dee requires you to best the gold record time in this area's car race. In order to do this you will need to open up a shortcut to the finish line by assuming cone form and bashing the crack in the road behind where the car is sat. You'll expose a switch which reveals the shortcut. Now hop in that car and floor it!

#3 Once you leave the car area you need to float over to a platform in the distance to nab this next one. Pretty straightforward stuff.

2022031814051400 S

#4 During the sequence where you use Mouthful Mode to fill Kirby up with water you'll see a big breakable metal shutter to the very right of the area. Use water to smash it and reveal this fourth Waddle Dee.

#5 Towards the end of the level you'll need to run away from traffic and, as you do so, you should head to the right to activate a switch, as shown below, then follow the coins to the left to find this final Waddle Dee sat in a little hole in the road.

Help The Lost Ducklings Find Their Mama

An easy enough task this as the ducklings are all pretty easy to find, apart from the last one who's off to a sneaky area to the bottom right of your screen, as we've shown below. Collect them all up and deliver them to their waiting mama before moving on.

Remove Elfilin's Wanted Poster

Just after you've rescued the 3rd Waddle Dee from the tall platform, you'll drop down to a squared track with some vehicles hovering around it. The poster in question is on the back wall here.

2022031814054900 S

Clear Without Stepping On Any Mud

A straightforward one to finish this stage, simply avoid all mud patches as you blast through the level to complete this mission.

Collectible Figurines

#1 At the start of the level you'll see a switch to the right hand side, as pictured below. Avoid the traffic to hit it and reveal this figurine over on the left of the screen.

#2 Get a time worthy of silver in the car race to nab this collectible.

#3 Destroy scenery during the Water Balloon Mouthful Mode to uncover this figurine.

2022031814084000 S

3-5 Danger Under The Big Top


  • Clear The Stage
  • Hit High-Up Clawroline Using Ranger
  • Defeat Without Hovering
  • Clear Within 1:30
  • Clear Without Taking Any Damage

The toughest boss you've had to face yet, Clawroline is quick on her feet and has sharp claws to attack you with. We first defeated this boss by using the stars that she drops around the arena as she attacks, sucking them up and shooting them at her for pretty big damage.

You'll need to watch out for a few moves here, most notably a jump where she hangs in the air momentarily, signalling that she's going to produce a shockwave that you'll need to jump over as she lands. She also has a double claw swipe attack that's easy to avoid by simply hanging back and letting her make her two swipes, then jumping in for a few hits.

Besides this she'll also take to the metal towers surrounding the arena for her final phase, firing down volleys of knives which are easily avoided by keeping on the move. This is the part of the fight where you should hold down attack to bring up a targeting reticule as a ranger in order to complete the second mission on our list. However, beyond using it to complete this mission, we wouldn't particularly recommend ranger for this fight as it does very little damage.

Watch out too for the spotlight in the arena focusing on Kirby, as this means she's about to zero in on you with a charge attack. As soon as you see that light fixed on you, get ready to either jump and hover or dodge to either side to avoid this one.

In order to complete the fight in less than 1:30, you'll want to come into battle wielding an upgraded ability to take her down quickly. As far as not using hover or taking damage, well, these will take practice until you get used to her move-set, but not hovering is fairly easily achieved by using slide to move away from her shockwave, dive and charging attacks!

Good luck!

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