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Welcome to the next part of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land walkthrough. By now you'll have beaten the campaign and moved on to the Isolated Isles post-game content.

The sixth area of this post-game world requires us to find 51 more pieces of Leon's soul to help rescue him. That's a lot of soul fragments! Let's jump in and see where they're all at in this next Isolated Isles level.

The Isolated Isles - Forgo Zone - All Leon Soul Pieces

1st Area

Start out here by grabbing the tornado ability and using it to cross the lava pit ahead, you'll find your first piece on the right as you cross

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The next piece here is a little further along to the left in the same lava pit

2022040113140300 S

And now over to the right, this one is rotating around a rock pillar

2022040113143700 S

Time your next rush forward to grab this piece from between a bunch of fireballs

2022040113152600 S

You'll see a wooden tower ahead that's hard to reach the top of. Use your tornado ability from a platform to get right up against it them hover up the rest of the way to find a chest containing three pieces

2022040115360100 S

Off to the right now and you'll see this one just before you reach the area's star door

2022040113170100 S

2nd Area

Now head through the star door and grab the ice ability to skate over to the far right to grab this next soul piece

2022040113242400 S

Now keep going right and around corner, keep moving right and you'll see a ladder down to this one in the far corner of the screen

2022040113265400 S

Now head back up the ladder and destroy the large snake enemy to reveal this next one behind a block wall above the two cannons

2022040113281200 S

We now want to head past the three pieces we can see in the caged area, keep moving around until you see the ledge up with an enemy on it that takes you back around above the cage. You now need to interact with the shining spot just outside of the cracked wall to open a space for you to drop down and claim your triple prize

2022040113291700 S

Now as you keep heading around and up, you'll come to two more cannons with two holes in front of them, drop down the right hole and hover under the concrete to your right to reveal this very sneaky one sat under the overhang

2022040113365700 S

Head straight up the main ladder to the area's warp star now to beat a bunch of enemies, including a phantom, to net your last soul piece here

2022040113344000 S

3rd Area

Now hit the bomb block as you enter this conveyor belt area to unveil a soul piece under the second stomping platform

2022040113420900 S

This next one is nestled at the back right of this first little area under some bomb blocks

2022040113430800 S

Hidden in the back left behind a stomping platform, time your run in well to avoid being squished

2022040113435100 S

Now hit the red switch and quickly get to the yellow cage to net this next three pieces, we suggest a ranged bomb attack from atop the stomping platform so you can get to the cage before it shuts here

2022040113444900 S

Move along to the right and you'll grab this one as you pass under the enormous stomping platform

2022040113462500 S

Now a sneaky piece is hidden upstairs past the broken stomping platform on your right, it looks too tight to squeeze under but go for it and the conveyor belt will whip you under quickly so you make it. Head up now to net your three pieces!

2022040115410200 S

The next 5 pieces can all be netted during an extended miniboss encounter where you'll battle five phantoms in a row!

2022040113480000 S

Next you're in rollercoaster mode and need to grab the four green coin pieces to your left and right as you go, then grab the final piece on the platform at the end to get three more pieces

2022040113510600 S

Now head over the barrier to the right of the warp star to find one last piece from defeating the phantom tucked away over here

2022040113525000 S

4th Area

Defeat Wild Edge with water for this next one

2022040113553200 S

Now head back and refill your water then move forward and sit in the hole to reveal a chest with this next one

2022040113584100 S

Beat Wild Bonkers with ring mouth for this next one

2022040113593400 S

Now head up the crumbling steps to the right and jump into the hole with ring mouth for another piece

2022040114005500 S

Now best Frosty and Fleurina with the vending machine to net yourself another soul fragment

2022040114020200 S

Now use your vending machine to fit into the hole to net your next piece, you'll need to ride the platform up above and then drop down to manage this

2022040114032700 S

You'll fight two phantoms on the back of a turtle - not every day you get to do that - in order to get two more pieces

2022040114045800 S

And now the final three pieces for killing the turtle with cone mode!

2022040114052400 S

And that's all the soul pieces you'll find in the normal areas of Forgo Zone!

Phantom Forgo Dedede Boss Battle

The final five pieces you need in this world are your reward for beating the area boss - Phantom Forgo Dedede - and you can check out our guide to taking them on if you need help nabbing these final five pieces by following the link below. Good luck!

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