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Update: Well, the reviews are in for Kirby's latest adventure — and turns out it's very good!

Check out our own Kirby and the Forgotten Land review to get the lowdown if you're still on the fence. The game is out now, too! Check out the best deals below...

Kirby, everyone's favourite sentient pink sphere, has made another splash on Switch with the fabulous-looking Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

This lush 3D action platformer is available now and plonks the Kirbster in an apocalyptic (but still beautifully colourful) setting and sees him exploring ruins and abandoned structures and uncovering the mysteries of a past civilisation. Kirby fans will obviously be onboard for anything the cute little ball does, but we imagine this gorgeous-looking adventure will also attract new fans to Kirby's bouncing brand of family-friendly fun. Never has the apocalypse looked quite so inviting and jovial!

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This guide is part of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land Walkthrough Guide, which covers every world in the game (Natural Plains, Everbay Coast, Wondaria Remains, Winter Horns, Originull Wasteland, and Redgar Forbidden Lands, plus the post-game areas — SPOILERS!! — where you'll find all Leon Soul pieces throughout The Isolated Isles in Forgo Plains, Forgo Bay, Forgo Park, Forgo Horns, Forgo Wasteland, and Forgo Zone).

We also detail Every Waddle Dee Location, every Copy Ability Blueprint Location, and how to beat every boss in the game (so that's Gorimondo, Tropic Woods, Clawroline, King Dedede, Sillydillo, Forgo Dedede, Leongar, Fecto Forgo, and finally Fecto Elfilis, plus the post-game bosses — SPOILERS!!Phantom Gorimondo, Phantom Tropic Woods, Phantom Clawroline, Phantom King Dedede, Phantom Sillydillo, Forgo Dedede, Forgo Leongar, and Morpho Knight).

There's also our full list of Kirby And The Forgotten Land Present Codes which will get you bonus in-game goodies if you input them at Waddle Dee-liveries.

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