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  • News More Rumours Add Weight to Talk of a SNES Classic Mini

    It seems inevitable, right?

    The NES Classic Mini is a cool little device and proved hugely popular, though sadly Nintendo botched the whole supply and demand thing. The success of the hardware, and the buzz it brought in the Holiday season last year, certainly makes rumours of a SNES Classic Mini this year seem feasible. It could be announced...

  • News SNES Classic Edition Gets Name-Checked In Xbox E3 Survey

    Microsoft knows something we don't

    News comes from the most unlikely places at times. A Microsoft survey asking Xbox Live members about their thoughts on the upcoming E3 has once again fueled speculation that a SNES Classic Edition is in production at Nintendo.  In the survey, Microsoft ask users "On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means 'Not...