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  • Anniversary Retro Studios Celebrates 20 Years In Gaming

    Now let's have some Switch games, please

    We imagine Retro Studios is one company that needs absolutely no introduction on these pages, but we're about to provide one anyway as the developer is today celebrating 20 years in the world of gaming. Yes, back in 1998, Retro Studios was born as a game development studio with Nintendo acting as a parent...




  • News Retro Studios is Hiring and Tweeting, Which is Nice

    We all want to know what the dev is making, of course...

    Retro Studios is among the most admired of Nintendo's associated studios, having made its name with the Metroid Prime Trilogy and then by reinvigorating 2D DK gaming, most recently with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Wii U. The studio has contributed to other games - including Mario...















  • News Retro Studios Gets a Bigger Office

    Scaling up for Wii U development?

    Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns developer Retro Studios has moved to a larger premises, hinting that the company is expanding to handle significant support for Nintendo's Wii U console. According to, the move was very hush-hush, and no press release was issued to mark t


  • News Reggie: Retro's Hard at Work, Won't Say More

    Could be a long wait

    We all wanted Nintendo to show what Retro Studios is working on, but we saw nothing of its mysterious project during yesterday's E3 conference. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has assured fans the developer is hard at work, but we probably won't get to see it for quite a while. Speaking to IGN, Fils-Aime said:...


  • News No, There Is Not a Star Fox & Metroid Crossover Game

    Told you so

    In our big Wii U E3 rumour round-up yesterday we gave our reasons why the rumoured Metroid and Star Fox crossover game wasn't going to happen. And guess what? It isn't happening. Originator of the rumour Paul Gale Network has revealed the game is not in development at Retro Studios and therefore will not be shown off at E3 next week...

  • Rumour Retro Studios Preparing Star Fox Wii U Reveal

    It's an E3 rumour, prepare the salt

    With E3 now only one month away we should prepare ourselves for plenty of rumours, some genuine and well-sourced and others that are more questionable. Today we give you — Retro Studios preparing a Wii U reveal of Star Fox at next month's video game industry spectacular. We'd class this rumour as one that's...


  • News Miyamoto: "Retro Could Work with Nintendo on Zelda"

    Zelda Prime?

    Retro Studios has a pretty incredible development record: having developed Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns there's understandable excitement about what other Nintendo franchises the Texan studio can turn its magic hand to next. How about The Legend of Zelda? Shigeru Miyamoto spoke to 1Up about Retro's involvement...


  • News Check Out Retro's Unreleased American Football Game

    Life before Metroid

    Before there was Metroid Prime, Retro Studios hadn't had a bona fide hit, and several of the studio's games were cancelled before seeing the light of day. One such title was this unnamed American football game, recently featured by prominent site Unseen64. The animation shown below is undoubtedly impressive, particularly considering this game was intended for release on..


  • News How Retro Studios Achieved Backing from Nintendo

    Simple in theory, anything but in practice

    Nintendo has a brand image that's as solid as a rock, so what does it take for an independant studio to get backing from the company and the opportunity to develop games based on its IPs for its consoles? Retro Studios president Michael Kelbaugh highlights a few qualities needed to do just that. During a...


  • Rumour Retro Studios Working on Game for Wii Successor

    And relax

    Ready for another batch of Wii 2/"Project Café" rumours? Of course you are. The latest round comes from Gameolosophy — no, us neither — who have gone all-out with claims of fan-favourite developers, third-party loving, storage solutions and more. The most interesting nugget of a rumour hidden at the bottom of the story is...

  • News Nintendo Wants More Developers Like Retro Studios, Please

    Who doesn't?

    We reported recently that Retro Studios thinks like Nintendo, so it shouldn't be any surprise that Nintendo is keen to find more developers on the same wavelength. Speaking to Edge magazine, Nintendo's US liaison Kensuke Tanabe stressed the importance of fostering stronger relationships with Western developers, in addition to Nintendo's...

  • News After Nine Years, Retro Studios Thinks Like Nintendo

    Two companies "share a vision"

    While many of us would love to work 10,000km away from your boss, when you're creating new instalments in some of Nintendo's best-loved series, it's not ideal. That's the situation at Texas-based Retro Studios, but after years of working with Nintendo's Japanese headquarters the developer has learnt a valuable skill:...



  • News Latest Iwata Asks Opens Eyes to Nintendo's Tough Standards

    Retro Studios in the hot seat

    Donkey Kong Country Returns developer Retro Studios recently sat down with Nintendo top man Satoru Iwata to discuss the game's development and the difficulties of long-distance relationships. The Texas-based studio spoke of the inherent troubles of 5am teleconferences with Japanese producer Risa Tabata, who often would...




  • Rumour Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong

    Maybe he's finally coming back to kick some tail

    Most famous for its Metroid Prime series of course, Retro Studios has been rather quiet since completing work on Samus's first person odyssey, with nary a snifter of information slipping from its Texan headquarters. Here's an intriguing rumour courtesy of IGN, however: the studio is working on...


  • News Metroid is the Citizen Kane of Games

    Comparison confuses design director

    Outside of the gaming media, videogames rarely find much airspace, and at times suffer large-scale ‘video nasty’ shock stories. However, when ABC News ran a favourable webcast, comparing Metroid Prime Trilogy to Orson Welles' renowned cinematic classic Citizen Kane, Mark Pacini, the series' design director,...


  • News Corruption Saves Incompatible with Metroid Trilogy

    Sorry guys - your old Metroid Prime 3 save files won't work

    Developer Retro Studios confirmed that save files from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will remain incompatible with the forthcoming space bounty hunter epic Metroid Prime Trilogy. The studio had this to say: Due to the way the game data is allocated for production and the changes that we made in the source code, we were unfortunately unable..