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  • News PlatinumGames Is Looking To Create A Brand New IP

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    PlatinumGames has amassed a rather dedicated following over the last few years; games such as The Wonderful 101 and the Bayonetta series - including the upcoming Bayonetta 3, of course - have given Nintendo fans more than enough reason to get behind the studio's works. Interestingly, Platinum has always developed games for other...




  • Random Did PlatinumGames Just Tease Bayonetta For Switch?

    Fly me to the moon

    Depending on how optimistic a person you are, PlatinumGames may have just dropped a hint that Bayonetta is Switch-bound. The popular series - which began life on the PS3 and Xbox 360 before shifting to the Wii U thanks to Nintendo co-funding development - has been dormant since the second game, but has a massive base of fans...





  • News PlatinumGames Will Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary This Year

    Here's to the next ten

    On 2nd February PlatinumGames will celebrate its 10th Anniversary, a fact it's reminded us of as part of its New Year post to fans. The studio that evolved from key members of Clover Studio (which was funded by Capcom and produced brilliant games such as Okami) has rapidly earned a reputation for high quality and exciting...


  • News PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3

    IGN to host the reveal

    Anticipation for E3 just stepped up a notch for fans of intense, bombastic and hugely entertaining games, with the news that PlatinumGames will be unveiling a new title at the show. The news comes from IGN, who will host the début announcement and footage on Tuesday 16th June at 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 11pm UK / midnight...




  • Hands On The Wonderful 101

    You know you're playing a Platinum game when...

    Way back in June 2012, we had the chance to play Project P-100, an exuberant new IP from PlatinumGames being published by Nintendo. It's had a name change, and its arrival has been delayed to such an extent that it's done the rounds to appear at this year's preview events; we've gone hands on with...

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