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  • News The Legend Of Zelda's Link Is A Guest Star On Google Maps

    To mark Twilight Princess HD release, we're assuming

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is out this week, and it would appear that someone at Google is a bit of a fan, as hero Link is making a guest appearance in Google Maps. Open up Google Maps in your browser and hover your mouse pointer over the little "Street View" character in the...



  • Art Here's Another Western Take On The Legend Of Zelda's Link

    The Hero of Time is looking a bit more rugged (again)

    Last week, we featured some concept renders of Link from The Legend of Zelda created by 343 Industries character designer Kyle Hefley. Sporting a more mature and realistic look, it was an interesting mix between east and west. We've unearthed another piece of Link art and it shares some...


  • Rumour Could Female Link Be In Hyrule Warriors On 3DS?

    Mysterious crossbow has chins wagging

    When Hyrule Historia launched a while back, the inclusion of concept art for a female Link - christened "Linkle" - caused quite a bit of excitement. It seemed that Nintendo was at least considering swapping the gender of its famous Hero of Time - a trend which is proving to be quite popular in the world of...






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