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  • Random Here's A Custom-Made LEGO Version Of Super Mario’s Odyssey

    Grand design

    LEGO has collaborated with a number of franchises over the years and even adapted themes to video games thanks to the help of Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Still, after all this time, we’ve not yet seen a partnership between Nintendo and the famous brick-building company. About the closest we’ve got is a couple of Easter eggs...


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    Review LEGO The Incredibles

    Family values

    With LEGO Dimensions nothing but a brick-based memory, TT Games’ seemingly endless conveyor belt of licensed LEGO games has returned to regular full-game releases, and with its cinematic inspiration now playing in cinemas the world over it’s the turn of the super-powered family of The Incredibles to receive the Danish block...

  • Random This 1/2 Scale Nintendo Arcade Cabinet Made From LEGO Is Completely Playable

    We'll take five

    Sometimes fan-made creations can simply blow you away, and this 1 The design of the cabinet only took Helen around six hours, but over 27 hours were needed for the build itself. With a giant Donkey Kong figure on the top, brick-built graphics on the sides, and a mock co

  • Random Praise The Bricks! Dark Souls Gets A LEGO Makeover

    Danish delight

    While the rest of the world enjoys a rekindled return to Lordran, us Nintendo Switch owners are left to wait patiently for Dark Souls: Remastered to finally make its way to our hybrid shores. To help fill that hollow void, one intrepid player has managed to recreate part of Dark Souls... in LEGO Worlds. Entitled Dark Souls...






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    Review LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

    It's about time

    The LEGO effect has benefited many a popular fiction franchise since 2005, from Star Wars to Jurassic Park to Harry Potter. Throughout that time, though, there’s arguably been no better fit for the Danish toy brand than Marvel. With the comic giant’s peerless roster of colourful characters, developer Traveller’s Tales has the...











  • News LEGO Worlds is Indeed Coming to the Nintendo Switch

    Warner Bros. confirms 'reveal' by TT Head of Design

    Just recently we reported that the TT Head of Design, Arthur Parsons, had stated that LEGO Worlds was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Casually mentioned alongside LEGO City: Undercover in a Tweet, there was the potential that it was an innocent mistake, as no official word of a Switch release of...

  • Video LEGO City: Undercover Re-Release Gets a Shiny New Trailer

    Coming to Nintendo Switch, remember

    Back in November last year Warner Bros. added another game to the list of confirmed Nintendo Switch titles, including the system for a re-release of LEGO City: Undercover. Originally a Wii U exclusive, it's coming to the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC in Spring this year. A new trailer gives a reminder of the...














  • News Zelda Fan Builds Amazing LEGO Hyrule Castle

    Everything is awesome!

    We've seen some amazing LEGO creations over the years at Nintendo Life, but this recreation of Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess possibly tops them all. It's the work of 19 year old Joseph Zawada, who unveiled the masterpiece at Brickfair Virginia this year. Zawada explains that Twilight Princess is...

  • Video Things Go Bump In The Night In This Lego Dimensions Scooby Doo Trailer


    It's not long now before the launch of Lego Dimensions, and here we have an exclusive trailer for the Scooby Doo levels, as well as a close look at how this will play on the Wii U. While it's not right to have favourites, Scooby has to be up there with Back to the Future and Ghostbusters as a fan favourite brand. He's one of 14 franchises...

  • News LEGO Marvel's Avengers Will Assemble in January 2016

    Pre-order at GameStop and get a Silver Centurion Iron Man LEGO mini figure

    If you're a fan of LEGO games and The Avengers, then you are in for a treat as LEGO Marvel's Avengers is getting ready to assemble on the Wii U and 3DS on 29th January 2016 in Europe and on 26th January in North America; this is perhaps a little later than expected, though...


  • Video Lego Dimensions Story Trailer Features Squabbling Batmen, Scooby Doo And Much Middle Earth Mayhem

    Plus Marty McFly taking it to eleven

    Lego Dimensions aims to combine Skylanders-style NFC toys with a full video game adventure, and Warner Bros. has just released a story trailer which hints at the kind of action you'll be enjoying when the game launches later this year. The trailer features the game's primary antagonist, Lord Vortech, and shows...

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    Review LEGO Jurassic World

    Don't go into the long grass

    In case you've been living under a rock or have been crystallized in amber for millions of years, a new film in the Jurassic Park series has been unleashed into the world. As has been the case with so many film franchises before it, this release also brings along with it a LEGO video game adaptation. Welcome to the 3DS...

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    Wii U

    Review LEGO Jurassic World

    Fun but lacking InGen-uity

    A whole lot of chaos has ensued on the islands of Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar. Since 1993 we've seen two state-of-the-art theme parks abruptly go defunct and two rescue missions disastrously unfold on these isolated chunks of land. The crazy thing is, we relish in the spectacle that results from these unfortunate events...





  • Rumour Warner Bros. is Working on Building a LEGO Toys-To-Life Game

    Get those wallets ready

    The toys-to-life idea introduced in Activision’s Skylanders series is a deviously profitable one. The whole business model is built on the idea of selling video games alongside a range of toys that unlock specific content when scanned into the games after using a certain peripheral. So, in essence one must pay a significant...

  • News LEGO The Hobbit DLC Trilogy Expansion No Longer Planned for Release

    To never be continued...

    LEGO The Hobbit was a peculiar release, as unlike a number of its licensed contemporaries it didn't tell the whole story. Released mid-way through the film trilogy's arrival in cinemas, it covered events for the first two movies only, ending with a 'to be continued' message. The understanding was that DLC would be released...

  • Weirdness Sega Classic Arcade Machines Could Be Reproduced in LEGO Form

    Now there is a good idea!

    It might say Nintendo Life above the entrance to our magnificent office, but it's no secret that we're also massive Sega fans too. Well, the Sega of yesteryear... if you know what we mean! Sega has been busy reliving its glorious past and working with M2 lately on excellent 3DS ports of After Burner II, Out Run (out this...




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    Wii U

    Review LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    Bricks, Bats and Beyond

    With a steady schedule of semi-annual releases, dependably decent (and sometimes downright excellent) gameplay, and an ever-expanding stable of licenses, LEGO games are fast becoming the comfort food of family-friendly gaming. The Wii U alone has seen a half a dozen of the titles in the two years since its launch, and the...

  • News Warner Bros. Announces LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin for Nintendo 3DS

    Bricking it

    Hot off the release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Warner Bros. is already in the process of overseeing their next LEGO adventure. LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is to be released for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita and is being developed by a TT Fusion – a subsidiary of TT Games who have focused on the handheld efforts in the...




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    Review LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids

    Cyberpunk ninja bricks

    It's a new month, which means that the team behind the ever-popular LEGO games has a new release to share with the world. Rather than building a game based off of a popular book or film series, the latest addition to the LEGO pantheon is based on the company's own Ninjago universe. Acting somewhat as a sequel to 2011's LEGO...




  • News Check Out These Awesome LEGO Super Smash Bros. Concepts

    Block and roll

    Despite numerous film, TV and comic book franchises undergoing the LEGO treatment in recent times – not to mention indie video game mega-hit Minecraft – we've yet to see a crossover featuring any of our favourite Nintendo characters. However, with your support that could soon change, thanks to a couple of ideas put forward on the...

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    Review LEGO The Hobbit

    Barrel full of mediocrity

    It doesn’t take an analyst to know that the entertainment industry loves a good trend, and one current example is to find a hugely popular work of fiction, turn it into a big-budget film, then let Warner Bros. make a LEGO video game out of it. The works of beloved fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien, of Lord of the Rings and...




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    Review The LEGO Movie Videogame

    Movie Mildness

    Video game tie-ins have been haunting films since the inception of the interactive medium, especially when those films are deemed "kid friendly." Essentially used as a marketing ploy, video games based on motion pictures are usually ill-fated projects that never stood a chance from the very beginning. From Disney cartoons to sci-fi...

  • News LEGO The Hobbit Questing Onto Wii U and 3DS in April

    Will block up the charts

    With two movies down and a third on the way, LEGO The Hobbit finally has release dates for its arrival on Wii U, 3DS and pretty much every gaming console on the market. It'll begin its epic quest on 8th April in North America and 11th April in Europe. This game entry will take in events from the first two movies — An...


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    Review LEGO Friends

    No friend of mine

    Warner Bros. Interactive and Hellbent Games' LEGO Friends is a bad game. There's no nicer way of putting it. A squandered opportunity to make another gaming hit out of a popular LEGO property, LEGO Friends feels like a cynical cash-in designed to provide young gamers with a few minutes of mindless diversion before they request the...


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    Review LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril

    Another bag of bricks

    With a great franchise comes a great number of releases. In the case of the LEGO video games series, their multi-platform games have hit just about every major gaming console of the past 10 years. Having no desire to be left out of the series’ success, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril brings an original adventure...

  • Video The LEGO Movie Game Unleashes Its Début Trailer

    Batman appears because, why not?

    In future years we may look back at this as an era of many things in gaming, but LEGO will surely get an honourable mention. LEGO games are everywhere, with the latest being LEGO Marvel Super Heroes; 2014 is already gearing up to deliver even more. One of these is The LEGO Movie Videogame which, unsurprisingly, is...

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    Wii U

    Review LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

    Super studs

    There was really no way to predict it so long ago, but the modern series of LEGO franchised games are undeniably great. When the first LEGO Star Wars game hit store shelves in 2005, it’s probably safe to assume that Traveller’s Tales didn’t foresee the growth that the franchise would go on to enjoy. Eight years and more than 10...

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