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  • Video The Making Of SNES Classic Star Fox And The Super FX Chip

    And so, the Lylat System was born

    Whether you're a diehard fan of the series, or even just familiar with the team thanks to the Super Smash Bros. games, Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Peppy hold a special place in the hearts of many Nintendo fans (yes, we're including Slippy here). The series' Lylat System was born in 1993, when Star Fox (known as Starwing...

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  • News New Book Delves Into The History Of Star Fox And F-Zero

    Otherwise known as "the franchises fans really want"

    Star Fox and F-Zero. Hearing those two names – assuming you're of a certain age – will probably force you to come out in fits of nostalgia, your mind flooded by memories of the good old days when the SNES and N64 were the hottest tickets in town. Today, neither franchise really seems to be at...

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  • Video How Ingenious British Teens Helped Nintendo Fly With Star Fox

    The dawn of the Lylat Wars

    The story of how a group of ambitious young British programmers gave Nintendo the courage to enter the 3D arena is hardly new; we've covered it on this very site, for example. However, the tale behind the development of Star Fox is one that bears repeating, making this new video from People Make Games well worth a...

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    Review Star Fox 2

    Every McCloud has a silver lining

    It's hard to believe that sat here in 2017, we're actually getting the chance to review Star Fox 2. The Super FX-powered SNES swan-song has gone down in gaming folklore as a perfect example of Nintendo's ruthless approach to the video game business. When faced with the possibility that it could be compared...

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  • News Monster Hunter Generations x Star Fox DLC Confirmed

    Gee, I've been hunted by Fox. How swell.

    Monster Hunter Generations is just days away, and in addition to Western-exclusive Capcom franchise cross-overs in its DLC offerings, it seems gamers outside of Japan will also enjoy some awesome Palico outfits themed on the big N's franchises; a Wind Waker outfit was confirmed recently. It's now confirmed...

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