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  • E3 2016 Check Out the Paper Mario: Color Splash E3 Trailer

    The final cut

    After its brief tease earlier in the year, we finally got a good look at Paper Mario: Color Splash thanks to the Nintendo Treehouse Live broadcast from E3. We saw aspects of the story and gameplay, with the segment ending with some rather entertaining (and creative) sequences. Key details include the lack of formal 'XP' points, but...

  • E3 2016 Paper Mario: Color Splash Dated for 7th October

    Treehouse will fill us in on more soon

    While The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has taken up the majority of Nintendo's Treehouse Live time in its first day, the second day holds looks at a wider variety of games. One of the titles up for a look, Paper Mario: Color Splash, has been given a release date as well. According to a North American...



  • News Paper Mario Colour Splash Coming to Wii U

    The next entry in the beloved series

    After much anticipation, the next console title in the Paper Mario franchise was announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct - Paper Mario Colour Splash. Equipped with his new weapon, the Paint Hammer, Paper Mario must help the citizens of Prism Island bring colour back to their home. Once in battle, using...







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    Wii U eShop / N64

    Review Paper Mario

    Historical document

    Can we take a moment to appreciate just how gloriously wacky it is that a game like Paper Mario exists in the first place? This is an idea that followed in the footsteps of Super Mario RPG, the Square/Nintendo collaboration which in itself marked a big departure in genre for the Mario universe. Nintendo would continue down this...




  • Nintendo 250x183 Paper Mario

    Hey, Mario! We got a letter from Princess Peach!

    It may possess a paper-thin aesthetic, but Paper Mario's biggest success is that it adds considerable depth to what is historically a story-weak franchise. The puzzles may be a little on the simple side, but otherwise this is a rich and fulfilling RPG experience -- something which is quite hard to...



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    / Nintendo 64

    Review Paper Mario

    A two-dimensional adventure which is anything but thin!

    Remember Super Mario RPG? It was basically the swansong of the SNES, and though sales for it were fairly poor (Since people had moved on to new consoles and all), the games managed to build up quite a fanbase, and is, nowadays, one of the most popular Mario games ever made, despite not being...