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GO Series: Undead Storm Review

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Frighteningly good

To date, the GO Series has been a bit of a mixed bag, ranging from the disappointingly average GO Series: Pinball Attack! to the brilliant dungeon-crawling puzzler PicDun. As such, it's understandable that one might be sceptical of the latest title in the series, GO Series: Undead Storm. We're pleased to report, though, that this is one zombie apocalypse you won't want to be left out of.

The story is as such: the dead are rising from their graves, and you must shoot them. It's a simple concept upon which to hang a fun single-player experience, and an absolutely stellar multiplayer one. Up to four people can join in the campaign for survival, and it's definitely worth assembling a full team as you'll need all the help you can get.

There are four characters to choose from, and they fall into their expected archetypes: the woman, the old man, the fat guy and the good-looking youthful one that everybody will fight over being. It won't take gamers long to notice distinct — and deliberate — similarities to the acclaimed Left 4 Dead series and, indeed, Undead Storm plays like a simplified, portable adaptation of those games.

For each campaign you can choose one of three scenarios to play through, and you'll also be able to choose from three difficulty settings. The scenarios each offer a different map and final boss, and the difficulty settings affect both the strength of your adversaries and the number of items available to help you along. Survive enough waves of the undead and you'll be plopped into a new area with a big, dangerous boss.

In single player mode you'll have to find your companions and help them survive. In multiplayer, it's every man for himself, and it's up to you whether or not to work together as a team. Post-level summaries provide different statistics of all kinds, including how many healing items were used, how many of each enemy type were defeated and how much damage was dealt to bosses. Because of this, it's easy to compete with your friends in unconventional ways, and that just adds to the fun.

There's really very little fault to find with Undead Storm, but that doesn't mean the entire game is as smooth as it could be. For starters, the visuals are fairly muddy and unattractive, but once the excitement of the game gets going, you'll notice this much less. The controls, as well, are responsive, but many gamers might find the default turning controls — requiring presses of the L and R buttons — awkward, and it would be nice to have an alternate control scheme for that reason.

The game also contains a large number of achievements to unlock, which does of course add to the replay value, but it can also become irritating: we unlocked nearly ten of them in a single playthrough without realising it, and then had to sit through that many individual announcement screens congratulating us. It slows down what could otherwise be a faster-paced experience when you and your group of friends wants to get on and play another level.

Those are all more irritations than they are complaints, and the large variety of weapons and endless potential for replay far outweigh them. Undead Storm might be a relatively mindless shooter by design, but it's also a very fun one that pulls you in and doesn't easily let go. For single players it's fun enough, but for groups of people looking for a great time waster, Undead Storm is a must buy.


GO Series: Undead Storm is, simply, a steal. Frantic, fast-paced four-player action, copious achievements and three levels of difficulty come together to make this an experience worth replaying many times. While those who would prefer to strategise their way out of a zombie apocalypse might feel a little bit left out by this game's rain-of-gunfire approach to problem solving, it's difficult not to get seduced by the simple, frenzied fun. Some minor gameplay niggles are present, but the experience is more than worth the price of admission.

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Spoony_Tech said:

Ill tell you what. After looking at the trailer the other day it does at least look interesting! For two dollars I can except the plain looking graphics for a good fun playable game! Thanks for the review Philip otherwise I would've probably skipped this one.




Does this play any better on the 3DS than a DSi? I have both, but I'm thinking the circle pad on the 3DS may provide a better control method than the D-pad.



Spoony_Tech said:

@6 I was thinking the same thing. I'm sure it would play better as its just more comfortable then the d pad!



Samholy said:

the go series will have to thank you, i bought it with no after-thought following your review !
i was waiting for a brainless top down shooter. that centipede thing looked promising, but this one might prove to be much cheaper than a retail game, and who knows, more fun.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Would this still be good if I only played single player?

I still have fun with it single player, and there are achievements specific to that mode, but I can pretty confidently say that the best experiences you'll have with this game will come from multiplayer.

I have both, but I'm thinking the circle pad on the 3DS may provide a better control method than the D-pad.

Since the turning is controlled with L and R, the circle pad probably wouldn't make much of a difference...it's more the precision of your shots that matters than any real need for precise movement control. You may prefer the circle pad, but I personally don't think the dpad would be much of a step back.



cyrus_zuo said:

A 9, really!?
I got this day 1, and I think it is pretty good for a $2 game. In the 7-8 range.
The visuals, as noted, are often ugly, it can be hard to tell one of the squad members from the Zombies.
The big issue though is the controls! Why they used the R/L buttons to control aiming is a mystery. It seriously impairs the game. Instead of quick and satisfying SmashTV like shooting you have a slow and imprecise turn and shoot mechanism that "you can learn to work with." For me that immediately means this game is not in the 9 range.

Multiplayer makes things better, and at the price it is worth picking up, but temper your expectations. There is a definite controls issue that is baffling, b/c they could have gone with SmashTV controls and then used the R/L buttons for picking weapons, but inexplicably did not. As a designer you should assign your most important function to the face keys. In this case the designer has made switching weapons more important than aiming, which is really unfortunate, b/c otherwise I totally agree it would be must-buy 9!



King_Boo said:

I think they should have gone with the touch screen for turning and selecting weapons. Like most shooters. It's fun though, I just need to get my friend to buy it.



bboy2970 said:

I doubt it but...does it have Download Play? If it has that I will open the eShop and buy it right now!



Samholy said:

download play hahaha
comon, its 2$. lower than half a video game location !



M0rdresh said:

The "To Be Announced" for EU really starts to annoy me. Though Nintendolife can't help it off course.



AVahne said:

Bought it before the review, only problem I had with it were the turning controls and the allied AI. But other than that, the game is really really good and definitely worth $2.



Azikira said:

Okay now my only question is, does it support Download play. Because I am all up for $2, but I wanna know if I am gunna be adventuring alone or if I can have my DS Buddies join me.



bonesy91 said:

Would have got it if it was 3dsware and included online play. But because it doesn't support online, I don't think I'd enjoy playing it alone for more than 2 hours. :/



sirmarcelot said:

Yeah, no online play is a no no for me too.. I don't know any 3DS owners... Being an adult gamer sucks.



Heng-Yu said:

1. How many free blocks do I need on my DSi?
2. Is multiplayer via WiFi available (like Tetris Party Live)?



Shotgunryugan said:

I bought it yesterday after reading this review,definitely one of best 2$ i've ever spent XD

My only complaint will have to be,the sniper rifle,seriously does anyone use that gun?



Spagem said:

I WILL ONLY GET THIS IF MY 2 BROTHERS DO. this game looks sweet but sounds pretty lame if your not doing multiplayer. plus my bros. have to pay for mine too. Im saving my money for the anime-con coming up. (i have a game like this on the XBOX360. its an indie game called "i made a game with zombies in it!!!!")



ejamer said:

People who say "what do you expect for $2" have a great point... but online support or at least download play would make this game much more appealing. I may never have the chance to try multiplayer without those options, and while the single player mode is fun it's easy to see how multiplayer is the real deal. If either of those features were added, I would happily pay more.

That said, at $2 it's still a deal and clearly worth owning for any fan of survival action games. Good review.



Kisame83 said:

Too bad it wasnt designed with Circle Pad Pro support as an option. It looks like from screens (and control complaints) that it REALLY wants to be a dual stick shooter. Like that one series on Xbox Live (I think its just called Zombie Apocalypse or something), or Dead Ops Arcade in CoD: Black Ops.



Samholy said:

got it, and i must admit its not quite good looking. movements look clunky...but....
its darn fun. i cant believe their price point.i didnt even touch the multiplayer portion yet, and i feel its worth more than 2 dollars.



mayhem13 said:

It is a good game, controls take some time to get used to though I have played top down games with these style of controls. I guess I can't think of any way to make the controls better on a ds/3ds. But beyond that..fun game. I don't know if I'd give it a 9...wow Personally, I thought it was an 7.5 and that's still very good. But for the price, it has alot of time killing fun. I also like the music. Absolutely worth it.



Sam_Loser2 said:

Obviously they never make games with download play to force everyone to have a copy. Yet if the included it everyone would be much more willing to buy it. Like online-only multiplayer games forced people to each buy a $60 copy, but the classic multiple control approach to multiplayer is why games such as Brawl and Mario Party fly off the shelves. If developers would stop trying to force a few consumers to buy their game, plenty more people would want to. Pretty much, it had download play I'd get this game, but it doesn't, so I won't.



Ven said:

i found this a fun, if not very pretty use for my 200 points after buying Cave story and Zenonia. Ok controls, so its not great, but its worth the $2.

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