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3D Pixel Racing Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Even the pixels can't save this one

Long-time gamers have a unique love affair with the pixelated visual style of yesteryear, so it comes as no real surprise to see developers like Silicon Studio, creators of PlayStation 3 game 3D Dot Game Heroes, have success melding the nostalgic look of pixelated sprites with the modern visual capabilities of today's consoles. Now, Microforum has taken that same visual principle and applied it to its WiiWare racer 3D Pixel Racing.

For the most part, 3D Pixel Racing feels like a cross between a more traditional racing title and a kart racer. The cars and their handling tend to lean more towards the gameplay mechanics of a kart racer, while some of the actual race track activities lend themselves to a more realistic racing experience. You'll generally find yourself racing through five given tracks in an attempt to score more points than your CPU or human opponents.

The Championship and Single Race modes allow you and up to three other players the opportunity to take each other on in races around a host of different tracks with varying times of day and weather conditions to deal with. Championship mode will take your through five tracks, whereas the Single Race mode allows you to jump into a quick race around a single track. You choose from a selection of different cars, each with their own unique speed and handling capabilities. You'll even be able to make pit stops during the races in order to change your tyres and refuel, both of which can dramatically affect your car's handling.

There are also a couple of rather unique modes you can jump into as well, such as trying to outrun the law in Hot Pursuit, or playing a game of Capture the Flag where you try to be the racer to earn the most points by hanging onto the flag for the longest distance throughout the race. There's even a Time Trial mode to test your speed and manoeuvring abilities around various tracks in a race against the clock.

Controlling your car is accomplished using the tilt controls of the Wii Remote on its side, but you can expect a rather loose feel as the tilt controls are extremely sensitive and most of the cars drift incessantly, some to the point of being completely out of control. You can make use a Wii Wheel if you have one to hand, but in all honesty it doesn't offer much in the way of a remedy. You have buttons for acceleration, braking, turbo boost, and even changing gears, although it does take a little getting used to given the rather spread-out button layout.

In all truth, there will probably be those who manage to stick with the game long enough to become mildly proficient with the touchy tilt controls, but even then the myriad of sharp twists and turns will likely still prove to be too much for most players. The additional modes of play are a nice touch, but given that they make use of the very same flawed gameplay mechanics of the main racing modes, they don't end up adding much to the package in the end.

The pixellated visual stylings of the game are extremely well done and offer up a very unique presentation that should appeal to modern and classic gamers alike. The frame rate is also fairly solid, even when the screen is split into four sections and the racing action hears up. The scenery off in the distance is a bit bland at times, but in reality you'll be spending most of your time staring at the blocky cars and tracks, so you'll have little time to notice.

The game's soundtrack consists primarily of techno-infused music tracks that, while catchy enough in and of themselves, feel a bit out of place in a racing game of this type. The tracks also tend to repeat rather frequently and don't show a lot of variety over the long haul. Even the racing announcer doesn't come off very inspired in his voice duties. About the only really decent part of the audio package would have to be the impressive car sound effects.


As interesting and unique as the visual presentation is, it's still not quite enough to cover up the many gameplay flaws that rear their heads rather frequently throughout the game. The overly touchy steering controls and the somewhat lacklustre execution of the gameplay itself makes playing the game like more of a chore than an enjoyable gaming experience. Unless you just have to tackle every racing game that comes along, you might want to pass on this frustrating package.

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User Comments (90)



Colors said:

Thanks, almost bought this. Onslaught was much better. Yay, commented on a review before it was published! n_n



accc said:

That was fast! Well, at least this game is better than Enjoy Your Massage.



Number_6 said:

@4 - Yeah. Enjoy Your Massage. It got a 2. So if Microforum adds the review scores of all its games together, they still only manage to get 6 crummy stars.



Rensch said:

Too bad, I really was enchanted by the visual presentation.

Speaking of which, it couldbe very suitable for a LEGO-style racer where you build the cars and tracks yourself in a Minecraft-like setting. Now THAT would be cool.



Burn said:

Hm, that's unfortunate. I was hoping this to be a solid game.



Rm88 said:

Oh man, that sucks. I really wanted this to be good. To be honest the fact that it uses only tilt-controls is enough to make me not buy it.



Masterjoe116 said:

I've gotta admit I'm pretty disappointed, not with the game, but with this review! It makes it seem like there's Sooo many things wrong with the game and that it's a total waste of money. I downloaded 3D Pixel Racing last night and quite honestly I think it's Fantastic. I will agree that the controls are a little loose when it comes to turns but I've definitely seen much, much worse (Excite Truck anyone?). It's one of those games that will Punish you if fall behind. But as far as "flawed gameplay mechanics" go, that would be the only offense, and a minor one at that. Some of the "frustration" may be in part because it come across as a kart racer but has Some of the same characteristics attributed to more hardcore racing games like GT. It's got pit stops for crying out loud!

The AI is refreshingly challenging for a racing game and more difficult to catch back up with once you fall behind (much like my college GPA). However I found that a lot of my failures were self inflicted because I took too many turns too wide or went off the course. I haven't gotten a chance to check the options to see if you can turn down the tilt sensitivity but I'm sure there's something you can do about that.

Can't say anything about the music since I had the sound down but all in all I think this game is relatively well done. Much more deserving of a 6 or 7 than a 4 if only because of the learning curve for the tilt mechanic. Still a decent buy IMO so Please don't just read this one review, see the 4 and think "wow, this game must really suck". This is LIGHT YEARS away from Enjoy Your Massage (no I didn't buy that crap lol).



Masterjoe116 said:

I'll be trying out the multiplayer today so that's good news about the frame rate. To sum up the novel I wrote above (sorry about that), this game deserves a chance.



Corbs said:

ExciteTruck and Excitebots were both far better than this one in the controls department. And I even stuck with it for almost 6 hours hoping to get a better grip on the controls and while I found it improved a little bit early on, I quickly reached a point where it just wasn't getting any better. Even pausing the game is a pain, having to press two buttons at the same time.



Henmii said:

Aw man, another Wiiware game in a short time (Ark of sinners is the other) that had a lot of potential. However, the only thing that seems wrong is that the controls are a bit loose. Couldn't it have gotten a 6 then?



Slapshot said:

I came so close to buying this on a whim last night too!

Great review Corbs as always!



Sneaker13 said:

I still think I'm going to get this one. I think I can get used to the touchy controls.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Oh well, I still enjoyed this game, and it was dirt cheap too.
Not the best racing game ever, but still pretty cool, imo.



Link79 said:

Another piece of trash for Wiiware.
You guys didn't honestly expect quality from the people who brought us Enjoy your Massage right? Why do they keep adding this crap to the shop instead of something think say.... La-Mulana?



KaiserGX said:

I know at first I was the first one to have major complains about the controls. After having played a good chunk and watching the AI cars do turns, I really do think Excitebots (never played Truck) had looser controls.

I wouldn't call this a piece of trash. For 500 points, it's got a variety of modes. The controls get a bit getting used to but I can say that I am rather good with them now. It doesn't really play like a kart game, it plays more like one of them dirt drifters. I don't even know if that's the name for it lol.

1st Person mode should be easier for some as well.



KaiserGX said:

Ignorance... and that the title has Pixel in it. We know they are Vol... whatever. Lol



Corbs said:

We all know they're voxels, but since a lot of people who read the reviews don't, I made it a bit more familiar by using pixelated instead.



Corbs said:

I did towards the end. It was the only way to navigate some of the trickier sharp turns. Otherwise I was flying off the track and getting that super-annoying blinking return to the track. LOL



TheGreenSpiny said:

Wow, that sucks. When are people gonna learn that tilt controls suck? They ruined Excite Truck, and Excite Bots, they sucked in Mario Kart, and if Nintendo can't do tilt controls right, nobodies gonna do tilt controls right.



KaiserGX said:

I've unlocked everything on Mario Kart including the Time Trial cars with the Wii Wheel...



Corbs said:

I don't mind the tilt controls on stuff like ExciteTruck and Mario Kart, but if you're going to have sensitive tilt controls, you have to balance it out with a bit less drifting and sliding to compensate.



StarDust4Ever said:

It's a shame. 3D Dot Heros was/is a gem. I highly recommend it if you own a PS3. This POS racer don't even have a cart editor.



KaiserGX said:

Corbs the breaks! Use it for all turns! I learned this from watching the CPUs turn. Just slightly tap them, I don't slip and slide anymore.



OverlordMao said:

Developer: Hmm, we still need to work on the gameplay a bit before we release this..
Publisher: We gotta push this pixel angle, people. MORE PIXELS!



Scribbler said:

So, other than the control issues, it sounds like a decent game. Not GREAT, mind you, but fairly decent.

@TheDarkness ExciteBots was flawlessly designed with tilt controls in mind. The tracks were built AROUND the controls so that everything could be easily accessed, as long as one pays attention and reacts accordingly. MarioKart Wii, however, was a mess. Not only was the game at least 50% luck based, but the track design required WAY too much precision for any motion controller to pull off. It felt like an eleventh hour addition that was forced on us.

@KaiserGX Sort of reminds me of how I used to hate F-ZERO because the controls were really slippy and frustrating until I learned how to use my L and R triggers in tandem with the control thrust.

I dunno. I really want to give this game a shot, but part of me says to just wait and import TrackMania.



accc said:

I don't think you'll find too many people agreeing with you on that Scribbler, I and many other people played Mario Kart entirely with the wheel and found it to be the preferred method of control.



Vinsanity said:

Squirrelly controls really brought this down that much? And to think they could've avoided it with some good ole' dpad ones...



SwerdMurd said:

awww and it was cheap and looked good . Why games don't also offer the classic/wiimote and chuck/GC controller methods of control is always a mystery to me....

@accc - I disagree. When playing with a gamecube controller, I won virtually every game (race, not battle) I played--against people that played MK constantly and were using wheel. It's a fun gimmick, and it's the best use of tilt to steer, but the precision of an analog stick in the right hands trumps it universally.



countdown said:

Hi to All People!! Surprise!! I'm Federico Tollemeto... the Author!!!
Obviously I disagree at all with this review!!(REALLY??)...
I loved this game during develope and I think that if you love car games, you will love this delicious software... I not will talk about game-modes, racing experience, and blah blah blah... BUT.... I say that: try it at friend's home or download demo(available soon) Try it... then I'm sure you will buy it, and will return here to comment this poor review!!! Thank you at All!! Another thing: If the game will be a success (I'm sure of that, after playing a while all people love it!) we will make the sequel with ALL requests I see on these pages, because your wishes are law!! (Cars/Tracks editor, cube explosions, online multiplayer, etc. etc) Can be born a new generation of Wii-Games: PERSONALIZED by Users! This depends only by you!!! Bye Bye & thank you for support!



daznsaz said:

i wouldnt call tilt driving a gimmick even when you use joypad for driving you tilt that too



NiBar said:

This will be great and i'm looking foreward to the demo and
thanks to the author for his comments. Fast racing league got mixed reviews because it was to hard for some peope but I think it's an amazing and fun game. Never trust only one game review , to many people on this site trust on single reviews like this and then say they wont buy the game. Please do compare with other reviews, metacritic collects all, or try the demo before you make your decision..and tilting in racing game is a must. It makes the racing a lot more realistic and fun but of course you should be able to custumize the tilting to your needs.



KaiserGX said:

When I play with Mario Kart Wii, using the Wii Wheel, on automatic, I feel like I'm cheating. Sure others are doing boosts are they turn, but I'm making such sharp and quit turns without loosing any speed it feels too easy sometimes.

I can't play with bikes using the wheel though but I still prefer the karts. Bikes are good for time trials...



countdown said:

Federico Tollemeto Author of 3DPR. wrote:

Ok Guys, now I will list some features of this title that in review don't appears and some tricks:
3DPR, under the funny skin is a real kart simulator. KaiserGX already learned this!! You must drive the cars tilting softly the wiimote(try to steer too rapidly on a real car!!!!) and using the "2 pedals" driving technic. This means that you must tap the brake to control trajectory of car during a long turn or make a 180 degree skid during a corner. The physic module is realistic (if the car lose the ground effect during a hill, you lose grip) and rally-stic.
I suggest start using a 4x4 car(also this is not mentioned in review!) like Delta or Celica....ooopsss sorry, like Shadow or Arrow!! LOL. DO NOT HIT intensively the AI cars, because are vindictives!!! Manage your advantage and save tyres with a soft driving style(don't cut turns, don't run on grass, don't skid for long time). Remember... I'm a player of GT and in this title you must drive like driver, not like granny! Like says KaiserGX, the first person view helps at beginning but after a while you reach playing also with manual shifting... I suggest play with one friend to relish how much intensive is the competition... Hot pursuit is better played in cooperative (or cops-erative, ah ah, ...ehm sorry) mode: 1 human cop, 1 human bandit or 2 human cops or THREE HUMAN COPS, and so on.... try also long races to make a sense to pitstops!! My preferred car is the Runner and you know why..... (red, convertible, ramping horse, some idea???) If you have any question i will try to reply!!! Bye bye Runners and good drifting!



KaiserGX said:

Can you unlock cars and tracks by only playing on Easy Mode? Also thanks for confirming about the breaks. I was just looking at how the AI was driving and I saw their rear lights would light up as they turn so I said they must be using breaks.

If you guys do make a sequel, I think you guys should move Pause to only + instead of both - and plus. If you are going to quit, I guess it doesn't matter but sometimes it's hard to hit if you just want a break. If you guys needed room you could have the D-Pad up and down shift gears and B uses the boost. Left and Right change the camera view. Just my input.

Track editor would be cool though, and maybe you could destroy cars in Championship like in Pursuit. Then they blow up in little blocks.




I'm loving this game. The controls were a bit tricky to get used to, but once you get used to them, the game is a blast to play (It's all in how much you tilt the WiiMote). The drifting around corners makes the gameplay almost like a Rally racing game.

I like how the weather effects change up the gameplay, like when the track you select has rain, it doesn't rain throughout the whole track, just every so often you'll drive through a rain storm. BTW, The tracks can also be played in reverse!

Anyhoo, thank you Microforum for making this game for WiiWare, I having a lot of fun with it



Mr_Nose said:

Anyone who bases their purchases off of reviews here, hasn't been paying attention, and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

This is hands down the most robust racer available for download on Wii, and it's a blast. I'm hyped to hear of a potential sequel.

Thanks, countdown.



countdown said:

Federico Tollemeto Author of 3DPR. wrote:
Yes! In easy mode you can unlock all you want. You must reach first position on podium. Different Game Mode unlocks different goodies. I suggest you to unlock cars as soon as possible because any car is particular.
I'm sorry for controls that isn't customizable(this should be the correct way) We tried to mix experience of other famous title on Wii.
The - button is used to flash with high beam during night, the + button is for use Turbo in Hot pursuit, Time Trial(if you select a turbo car!), and Capture the Flag
Good idea of KaiserGX to use Dpad LF-RG for views and UP-DW for gear shifting... The actual choice is near to f1 cars that had the gear levels under the steering wheel. 1-2 are similar to cross/circle in racing game like GT where the shifting between brake/gas must be very rapid. I tried to mix in this game all I love of racing car games:

  • Driving physics,
  • Cars of my favourites racing games
  • An intense competition "bumper to bumper"
    Thank you to you Aenigma, I see that you played really the game! At your service guys!


SKTTR said:

Well, if they bring out a demo of this game and it plays well I might buy it.
Yeah, if the controls are better than the ones in Excite Truck then a 4/10 is terribly underrated.
Might pick up this game, FAST, and MotoHeroz with my next Wii points.

This must be the best racing game ever, if the motion controls are as perfect, spot-on and tight as the ones in Excite Truck (only gripe were the stunts). There are many different trucks to choose from (and to unlock) in Excite Truck, and they all have different physics so people who found the controls too loose should test different trucks. I haven't played such a good racing game since F-Zero GX.

Finding the right vehicle, and driving some practice rounds is a normal process of getting into the 'feel' of a racing game. It seems 3D Pixel Racing is decent enough, and initial negativeness is only coming from the first hour of playing which is just the learning curve of the game. It's lame that deeper racing games like Excite Truck get unfair reviews just because some people can't get into the game fast enough. And it seems this can be applied to this game as well. Everyone needs to have some simple Mario Kart nowadays.

PS: There are a few genres that greatly benefit from motion controls. And racing games are one of them - if done right. If a developer feels they got it right then they should use it - and for that I respect developers like Monster Games and Microforum! A racing game shouldn't be played with analog/digital controls - except it's something exceptional and crazy like Art Style: light trax. Motion controls in racing games only seem bad because Nintendo couldn't do it right with Mario Kart Wii.



KaiserGX said:

I don't think the drift can be blamed on the controls, it's just how the game drifts. I wouldn't doubt if it was the same with an analog.

After getting used to it though it's really fun to get the drift to work on your side. Sometimes I go too fast and slide way off and hit a wall which I know was my fault now. The motion controls work well, it's just the drift that people might not be used to. Which you should be using the breaks for anyways.



KaiserGX said:

Anyways Federico, at first I was really bummed I barely spent a couple seconds and wrote it off as terrible controls and I was kind of mad I wasted my points. I was glad I stuck it out to learn the drift mechanic and I don't regret my purchase at all now. Very fun! Though I probably wouldn't have gotten it if I had waited for the review.

In the end only you can say if this game is good or not.



Corbs said:

@KaiserGX - I just realized that you're the one who ripped this game apart in the forums and wanted to write up a review of it to save people their points. LOL Well at least you got a handle on the controls. I went back last night and played some more of it with friends and everyone pretty much agreed that it just wasn't very good. But if you enjoy it, you enjoy it. As I said in the review, there will be people who will be able to stick with it and eventually begin to get a feel for it. I guess it all comes down to personal opinion.



KaiserGX said:

It's just I went in thinking it was like Mario Kart control, and I had to learn it was more like a Rally Race which is what this is, and for a Rally Race game the controls are perfect (if your using the breaks how I constantly keep saying and is probably getting annoying to everyone). Lol



Corbs said:

Well perhaps other media outlets will like it better. Might just be a certain fit for some people. Be interesting to see.



countdown said:

Dear Corbs.... everyone starts in this way with this game.... play a night... another night... another night... I hope that also you will love 3DPR!!
Cheers, Federico



JimmyWhale said:

A damn shame, I was kind of looking forward to this one ah well, looks like we'll be waiting for La Mulana!



NiBar said:

Try the game before judging and condemning ...Don't just believe a single review. Make your own mind (and thanks to those who did)



MrAndrewJ said:

First of all - awesome! Thank you for coming to speak with us Federico, and for being as level-headed as you have. I have a 3 year old who loves race cars and went nuts for the chance to play a racing game that looked like it was made "out of Legos."

We only played a couple rounds of multiplayer and haven't unlocked anything yet. The only real issue I had, personally, was the squealing tires. The tires that seem to almost always squeal. Maybe that was a problem with multiplayer, or maybe a problem with a 3 year old trying to control a car. I'll have to try it on my own to be sure.

On the other hand, picking the car, driver and color of the automobile were great additions. I'm a sucker for any customization and my kids were both excited to have their favorite colors on the cars.

These are both first impression comments. I'll work on learning to control the car better and try to find the easy mode. In the meantime, thanks to Corbie for the review and thanks to the developers for taking the time to speak to us.



countdown said:

Federico wrote:
Honored to speak with you Andrew!
The unlock of additional contents can be achieved only if you play in one player mode and reach first position in podium ... as a prize for the race! Tires screech when car don't go straight!!! We are really happy that a child 3 years old play with this game a lot more than any other success!! However, for a child, the game is a little difficult, because behind this LEGO-style graphics, lies a challenging game even for experienced virtual drivers! Maybe with the Wii-wheel, even the little ones could learn to drift! Thank you for your comments!!



bujubatman said:

How I resolved the twitchy controls. Hold the controller nes style like the game suggests, but have the D-pad 1 2 buttons face you and the B button facing towards your television. The tilt control works perfect this way. Great cheap fun. Thank you Microforum.



RightHemisphereG said:

read the comments and looking forward to getting this. just in the middle of a move right-now and will be recommending the demo.
@countdown thanks for the comments, tips, and insights to future projects. P.S. you should add your Email or web-address to your NL profile.



MeloMan said:

I saw the lipstick and almost forgot this was a pig! Glad I read the review, thanks Corbs. And it looked so good in the trailers too...



countdown said:

the only way is to go to the web site
www.3dpixelracing.com and click on "contacts" label
The mail will be sent directly to my team, and I can reply to you!

thank you to all!



SpawnHellraiser said:

Don't let this review scare you off. This game is pretty good and deserves at least a 7.0/10.0. I have been waiting for this game so I decided to get it. When first playing, the controls are kinda tough to management, but so is every racing game. You have to get a feel for it. Once you get the feel of the game and mastered the track, which took me 2 hours of play with all the modes and different cars, I was zoomin down the track. Of course, I am a novice driver in most racing games anyway, and this game will put off casual players. I'm convinced it's not really made for casual players. So it just leaves hardcore racers. I had fun regardless.
please refrain from taking pot-shots at our reviewing staff — TBD



XyVoX said:

I was playing this around a mates yesterday and i CANT believe the developer have only included TILT control method for this game is utterly bizzare it could never compare to an analogue stick for a racing game, the review is correct in that it is very twitchy and sensitive and drifts far to easy and that you can actually get to grips with it to an accomplished extent but it always feels like unecessary hard work, personally i'd still give it a 6/10 though.



Thwiidscube said:

How can you expect a good game from a company that made a game called "Enjoy your massage"?



Quenaelin said:

I had to register just to comment how good this game is, definitely worth of 500 points. This is first real racing game for WiiWare and now reviewers are complaining for loose drifting controls, this game is drifting game and it is fun. I don't believe reviews, some times they are right, but now they are completely wrong. This game should have scored at least 8/10. Great racing game, easy mode is too easy for me and medium is almost too challenging that I haven't manage to win it yet. There should be car tuning and rally or dirt tracks and cars, hope to see them in sequel.



BuioOmega said:

I really love this game. i'm not a fan of the tilt control, but this time i never had a problem with the controls. It feels perfect. Its fast, love the graphics and the changing weather and tires/fuel conditions are adding some extra pepper to the game. this game deserve a higher score, at least 7/10 imho.Worth every 500 points.



NiBar said:

Finally got the game and I have played this racer nonstop for 3 hours and I must say this is FUN. Yes the tilt controls is a bit loose but that is an important aspect of the game allowing you to drift your car fast and smooth around the many sharp bends which is SO enjoyable when you get used to it . Just stick with it and you will love it, but if you are put off in the start of the challenge from the rather tough cpu drivers on normal mode, don't hesitate to change to easy in the settings and you will soon be overtaking them and it's a great way to really learn and master the whole thing before selecting the higher difficult.. The retro dot graphics are beautiful and very charming and I actually noticed the trees swaying. The different weather conditions and night riding is great, cleverly disguising the only 5 existing tracks. I like the way you can bump into other cars jostling for position, it looks fantastic with good physics all around and the pit stop is a nice touch, putting some strategy in to the game when to visit the pit or not, as you car is getting damaged and you perhaps are in the lead. Racing is fast and fun but don't cheat by driving through, instead of around the bends or you will instantly be sent back on the course to do it properly, this also happen if you drive to much out of tracks which certainly makes for a fast paced game, but I like games forcing yourself to get back on track, and watching you driving offcouse in replays is allways hilarious, so maybe a selectable mode in 3d pixel racing 2?, together with a course designer and online races.. Finally I really can't understand Corbs' low score review. This is a game which is just as fun as say Mario Kart and I highly recommend it, and for only 500 points it's a must buy and even if the cost were 2000 point I would still rate this game 9/10.



Quenaelin said:

Finally I was able to win couple of races in medium level, but never all races in full 5 race championship, I will continue practising those turns. It helps alot if you memorize all the tracks, otherwise it is much harder to win. I noticed that sometimes you need to turn wiimote side to side when there is small wheel icon front of car before starting race, it is somekind of calibration.



TheGamerKnight said:

I personally think that this game isn't as bad as they make it seem. it's a cool game. Sure, it's not the best, but it has somewhat promising multiplayer experience...? <



bkdove said:

this is a good driving game, enjoyed a lot!! I hope for a sequel with online races and rumble feature



countdown said:

.... and finally..... DEMO RELEASED!!!!
Enjoy yourself guys!!!!
thank you a lot for all comments (positives and negatives)



Ristar42 said:

Played the demo, bought the game. £3.50 is around what I'd pay for a C64 game in the early 90s, afterall. I've played through the first Championship on easy and had no problems drifting with the tilt controls myself, seems like a fun racer and I like the various retro references.



fleggle78 said:

Try the demo! I did and loved it. The review to my mind is very harsh, in fact so much so that I bothered to register and write this. I'd agree i found the controls a bit tricky at first but once you get it, it's good challenging fun. For 500 points it's good really pretty good. In fact i downloaded the demo of Fast at the same time and although maybe a much slicker experience i lreffered the feel of this. Maybe it's my age, as thjs kind of reminds me of outrun/nitro. I'd say it's a7/8 at least. Try the demo



Incognito_D said:

had a quick go of the demo and I agree that the handling is poor (why do i slide to a near stop at each corner) and the music is generic as hell and far too laid back to fit the frantic nature of a racing game



collect530 said:

Worth sticking with this one, really disappointed at first - which got me thinking...wish you could trade WiiWare games in an open online market if you don't like them or no longer want them...future idea for Nintendo?!!. Anyway back to the game handling first appears poor and hard to keep up with the other CPU racers (and I agree music fairly generic!), but given time and skill you can learn the game and how to take the corners. This of course comes with a greater sense of achievement than a racer game you just pick up and play...



irelandmc said:

I'm not much of a gamer, but I am a race car driver in real life. I downloaded this one night and I have to say the controls in my wii wheel felt extremely realistic and very intuitive. I'm not sure how it stacks up against racing games, but against the real thing its a very fun ride - and you don't have to stress about the cost of crashing! If you think the handling is poor, try a real race car!

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