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Classic 8-bit graphic clashes with modern 3D era: welcome to the first 3D Pixel retro-cool racing game of the world!

Challenge up to 4 friends in crazy race modes! Enjoy the fast arcade action and unlock new tracks and cars. Select your favourite car and get ready to burst in the first 3D Pixel championship of the world!

The game features a graphic fully rendered with cube-based Voxel: everything in the game is made of small, single colored cubes, assembled to form more complex solid forms (cars, trees, etc...) - it's the same principle of 2d pixel-art graphic, but applied to a full 3d environment.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Even the pixels can't save this one

Long-time gamers have a unique love affair with the pixelated visual style of yesteryear, so it comes as no real surprise to see developers like Silicon Studio, creators of PlayStation 3 game 3D Dot Game Heroes, have success melding the nostalgic look of...

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Wolfenstein83 said:

I just downloaded this, and for 500 points, it's pretty decent.
I wish there was an online mode, but there are some other fun things to do.
Like capture the flag, hot-pursuit and of course, time attack.
There is also unlockable stuff like new vehicles, characters, race tracks, and you can have up to four players.
The only thing I got tired of was the music, it does get on the nerves after a while, but there is an option to shut it off if you want.
There are different songs, but they all kinda sound the same, basically generic techno.
The controls seem hard to handle at first, but you will get used to them, especially when you find a car that suits you.
Other than that, pretty good package for such a low price.
Oh, and I loved the graphical style, wish some other games looked like this.



Gameday said:

yea this looks pretty fun , wish was onliine tho so i could play with the Lifers



Wasley5 said:

Its a pretty good game. Just wish you could change the controls to classic instead of having to move the whole wii controler to turn. For some reason too they forgot to put a pause function in it too while playing. Still a pretty good game though for 500 points.

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