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Sat 8th Jan 2011

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MrAndrewJ commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

I gave up on Bethesda after that buggy mess they made of Daggerfall.I almost came back, but they tried to sue Mojang over Scrolls.

Now they seem to be on a pr campaign against Nintendo. First the Wii U was to weak. Now Nintendo didn't cozy up enough. Which is it?

Nintendo has problems but this is bad, bad form from Bethesda.



MrAndrewJ commented on New River City Ransom Sequel Confirmed:

Oh yes. My family didn't go to church. My brother and I played RCR on the NES every Sunday morning instead. Every single Sunday morning.

I'd buy a 3DS sequel in a heartbeat.



MrAndrewJ commented on KORG M01D Music Workstation Hitting 3DS eShop ...:

I guess I'll be the grouch. Exporting to MIDI is actually a nice step up, but I have an Android app that will also export to MIDI. The $8 Android App also exports to .wav and .ogg, so I can effectively export loops into FLStudio, or even create entirely new songs while out and about.
I am excited that the interface looks more familiar and comfortable. It looks good and the rhythm instruments sounded great. I like a lot, but export to any audio format would have been the deal-maker.



MrAndrewJ commented on Review: Babel Rising (WiiWare):

@Ernest_The_Crab "Sexy Poker" on WiiWare was rated M. It didn't get very well received, and at best could be enjoyed like any fan-service anime or knowingly tasteless low budget-film.

Games like this can be found for free or cheap elsewhere. I hate being that guy. A ten dollar port from iOS must be the console gamer's revenge for iOS selling twenty year old console ports at high prices.



MrAndrewJ commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2013:

Megami Tensei IV here, plus I'd love to just be surprised by something outside of my comfort zone. It happens often enough, but I want the 3DS to be the place where it happens.



MrAndrewJ commented on Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D Hits North Ameri...:

Well, the borderline offensive trailer had my interest. The drama and threats to contact PETA were enough to make this a day one purchase for me.

My shortest argument: shooting endangered animals for sport is horrible. Shooting pixels for sport is awesome. A structure of free speech that allows such virtual alternatives is necessary and also awesome. Shoot more pixels.

I've only played the first stage, but you lose points for shooting females at this point. That was a sobering contrast to the blissfully uncouth advertising.



MrAndrewJ commented on Feature: 3DS Games You'll Probably Never Play:

@Swiket Capcom games on the 3DS? Which one would I buy? I mean — assuming they don't tease a game and then kill it — do I want a lifeless port of a game meant for high-resolution 2D screens? Maybe one that won't let me erase my save game? Or the one that costs ten dollars more than most other top titles?

Every time I used to hear that the 3DS was dead, the first word that came to mind was "Capcom."



MrAndrewJ commented on Review: The Hidden (3DS):

My wife got this for me as a birthday present two weeks ago, I'm having a lot of fun with this under a few uncommon conditions.

I'm in a rare environment where there are a lot of homes with WiFi around. It's like the Homeowner's Association actually banned 10/100 cable here. I also actually ENJOY playing video games on my feet, and am happier when the game offers physical activity. Plus, it's really warm here this winter. I'm also friends with real, working, professional clowns. Looking like a fool was already a personal lifestyle choice.

Gripes: The Hidden feels more like an indy-film science fiction endeavor than horror. The other human characters are really interesting on the surface. Sadly, the game limits their banter to a chat room where they use mood-killing user icons. Worse, their chats happen during the AR sessions but at no other time. I like the brightly colored ghosts, as I tend to play after working hours, but they look familiar. Too familiar. Matching those wavelengths on the scanner is a really frustrating experience but it's the only mechanic I have found to be bothersome.

I am enjoying this game. I can easily see everyone's frustration, but it does as advertised with enough competence that the 1 doesn't reflect my experience. Of course, I'm the guy who says "I like it" after 46 negative comments. I also once got the NES game Amagon for my birthday. I promise: it could be much worse.



MrAndrewJ commented on Review: Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: Th...:

I used to enjoy the games during middle school. That probably even extended to high school, when they should have been beneath me.

Am I reading this right, however? 10 Math problems? That's it?

The single playthrough is horrifying. Even the old versions of the game depended on multiple playthroughs. It's more than a little sad that a WiiWare title is being outclassed by its Apple IIe predecessor.



MrAndrewJ commented on Review: 3D Pixel Racing (WiiWare):

First of all - awesome! Thank you for coming to speak with us Federico, and for being as level-headed as you have. I have a 3 year old who loves race cars and went nuts for the chance to play a racing game that looked like it was made "out of Legos."

We only played a couple rounds of multiplayer and haven't unlocked anything yet. The only real issue I had, personally, was the squealing tires. The tires that seem to almost always squeal. Maybe that was a problem with multiplayer, or maybe a problem with a 3 year old trying to control a car. I'll have to try it on my own to be sure.

On the other hand, picking the car, driver and color of the automobile were great additions. I'm a sucker for any customization and my kids were both excited to have their favorite colors on the cars.

These are both first impression comments. I'll work on learning to control the car better and try to find the easy mode. In the meantime, thanks to Corbie for the review and thanks to the developers for taking the time to speak to us.



MrAndrewJ commented on Review: Cosy Fire (WiiWare):

The wild juxtaposition of Newton's skilled review against the fact that this title merely allows you to stack and burn pieces of wood had me in stitches. The pure mention of Fireplacing, as a contrast to Cosy Fire, made me laugh until I hurt.

This is not a sleight against Nintendolife. Rather, it's like watching Schroeder play "Jingle Bells" with one finger while Sally screams with pure excitement. Schroeder, Newton and Brutus all deserve better than their lot. Yet, you just can't help laughing at Sally.

This site is almost always my only source for WiiWare reviews due to the talent and depth provided by the writers. Thank you.



MrAndrewJ commented on Review: Magic Destiny - Astrological Games (Wi...:

I am an enthusiast of - although by no means a "believer" in - tarot. I'm curious to know the details of what the game offers in that regard. Are there different spreads? Just one deck of cards? (I use them for a writing aid.)