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WarioWare: Snapped! Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After two years we finally get our hands on the sixth game in the WarioWare series, but is it anywhere near as good as its predecessors?

So far, every WarioWare game has focused on a certain gimmick: the original game simply had button controls, Mega Party Game$ was multiplayer-based, Touched! used the DS touch screen and mic, Twisted! had players tilting their machine, and Smooth Moves used the Wii remote and nunchuk's motion controls. In this newest instalment the gimmick of choice is the DSi camera – all of the microgames are played by moving your face and hands around.

There are only four categories of games in Snapped!, each hosted by regular characters from the WarioWare series: Mona, Jimmy, Kat and Ana, and Wario himself. Once you've chosen one from the selection, the game will ask you to put your face and one hand in the correct position so that the camera can recognize them. You must be a sufficient distance away from the DSi when doing this – you don't hold it while playing, you're supposed to put it on a flat surface and take a few steps back.

While it all sounds rather neat, getting the camera to recognise you proves to be the hardest task in the game: it can't be too dark around you, it can't be too bright, and the background colour has to be in heavy contrast to the colour of your skin, or else the game will tell you to find a new spot. If you are of caucasian descent and happen to enjoy white/beige wallpaper and furniture, well, just hope you have some sort of dark tarp or cloth you can hang up behind you, or you'll have to leave your house to find a good spot! Kat & Ana's microgames also require a second player, which means two people have to try and thwart the camera before being able to play!

Once you finally get the game to approve of your choice of furnishing it's time to play. You will play five microgames (different ones for each category, naturally) after which the game will be over. These microgames aren't anything like those in previous games in the series – you get about 15 seconds to clear them instead of 3 to 5, and even if you fail them it won't matter! To further frustrate you, before each microgame you have to line up your face and/or hand(s) with silhouettes on the screen again, which creates more struggle with the camera; if you are unable to get the DSi to recognise you, you will have 'failed' and will promptly be booted back to the main menu – you better hope the camera's in a good mood!

Providing you were able to make it through all five microgames, you are rewarded with what is without a doubt the most amusing part of WarioWare Snapped! – a short replay of how you looked whilst playing each game, which can lead to some pretty hilarious results!

Once you've played all four microgame categories you're basically done with the game for good. Unlike any of the other titles in the series, there are no high-scores at all whatsoever. In the main game modes you are restricted to playing the five microgames in their set structure – there is no option to keep playing until you fail, and there isn't even the option to high-scores on individual microgames! Asides from the set microgame format, the only other thing you can do is watch the credits and play the special game contained within them. Unlike the rest of the game, which is way too easy, this credit-based is absurdly hard – you have to react to stuff so fast it's just not humanly possible.


All previous WarioWare games are pretty "short" – you can plough through the main story in under an hour – but there is a ton of replay value in setting new high-scores and playing unlockable "full" games. WarioWare Snapped!, however, lets the series down; it feels more like a tech demo than anything else – there's no replay value because high-scores and full games have been removed, and then you have to be content with the fact that there are only 20 microgames to play (instead of the hundreds available in every other WarioWare!). Unless you really enjoy seeing replays of yourself looking like a fool, we recommend you avoid purchasing this game. Buy any of the previous WarioWare titles instead.

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User Comments (85)



Stuffgamer1 said:

Man, that's a disappointing review. I was looking forward to this game, too. Now I'm not. Maybe I'll let my brother download it and see what he thinks before I waste my points...



Corbs said:

Oh well, scratch that one. I have a bad feeling that many of these DSiWare titles aren't going to fare very well. I hope I'm proven wrong.



Drake said:

I love every other WarioWare (Except maybe Touched!) so this was a massive disappointment to me. Perhaps the two year break made Nintendo forget what made the other games so good

Also, the camera just loves to hate your house, it took me over an hour before I finally found a spot it liked!



TheMole said:

4/10 are you sure? i would not have given it 1, i tried for a good 20 minutes to get the game to pick me up but i only ever got a dark shadow which made the game awkward to control and unplayable.

My advice get Art Style:Code instead, if your a numbers geek like me it will do the job

I hated this game so much i had to post for only the second time to voice my concerns that tosh like this can be available. AVOID IT GUYS!!!! SAVE YOUR POINTS!



Terra said:

I bought this for my Brother and Sister as they wanted to try it. I wish i'd never told them about it. We really need a B-Board WarioWare.



Olimar_91 said:

That's exactly what I was afraid of with this game, it being too short. Not that other WW games aren't, but they have so many games that you can keep playing and not even notice.



TheMole said:

Olimar - Not so much its short, its the fact it is rubbish that gets me, 500 points wasted on this



ILoveWii said:

I don't see how it's so short. Brain Age Maths Express has a good amount of content for a DSiWare game. Why not Wario?



Olimar_91 said:


Are you sure you're in a well enough lit room? I heard the conditions have to be just so to get it to work right.



Corbs said:

Wario Ware Touched! is still my favorite, with Twisted right behind it. If I get really bored at some point I might try this, but after reading Drake's review, I highly doubt it now.

I'd like to see Sega come up with some stuff like the Feel the Magic and Rub Rabbits games on DSiWare. I love those.



Cheezy said:

Ah, what a bummer, when (and if) I was going to buy the DSi, it was going to be my first download.



Kirk said:

I didn't realize this was such a shallow experience.

Not good.



JNoodles said:

Hey y'know, I knew it would be like this (short and no high scores) ever since I saw the first Japanese video of the game! I'm not deterred by the few things that make Snapped! 'tech demo' and I'm just gonna go for it.

Seems pretty fun while it lasts, sooo....



nintendojoe said:

bummer.... i might get this with the free 1000 points anyway.
lets hope made in ore is good (you can create your own microgames!)



PapaSmalls said:

I think it's safe to say the Art Style: Aquia game will be the best of the bunch as far as the launch lineup goes. I look forward to playing it (though I hate the idea of using $5 of my free $10 to download it ). I'm heading off to pick my DSi up in about 45 minutes, exciting times indeed!



Kid_A said:

Wow, that's a total letdown. Looks like I won't be wasting my free DSi points on this one. Looks like I'll be getting Birds and Beans.



geek-master said:

i love this game! i call it a short but sweet game. its fun to use the camera to do 20 mini games its very enjoyabla! and when im board i will play this game. this is a short but sweet game and its worth 500points
dont let these fools trick you not to get it!!



Objection said:

Hmm, this game for $5 or the original GBA game for <$10. (That's what I paid 2 years ago.)
@Corbie-Hell yes! Rub Rabbits was what got me into eBay since it was hard to find and I like Fell the Magic so much. Anyway, I'd love SEGA to make more in any form.



Chunky_Droid said:

Well I personally wasn't expecting much from a DSiWare version of the WW series. It should have had more time and depth in it, and made a retail title



TwilightV said:

What did you expect? It's only the first DSiWare game ever, so of course it'll be like a tech demo. I'll probably get it if I ever get a DSi...



KDR_11k said:

I already decided against it when I saw the video. No way to go for scores definitely sounds like a letdown. This kind of game needs SOMETHING to keep you coming back...




I downloaded this game on release day and i have to say i strongly disagree with you. It has its recognition issues and length issues but its 500pts. I generally agree with your revws, but for once i'm with ign's revw on this which i urge people on here to read as well as this one. Thanks for the hard wkend work onthe revw though. i appreciate its an opinionated guide.



cheese said:

Wow 4/10, if none of the DSiWare launch games get at least 9/10 there is absolutely no chance that I will get a DSi.
@LEGEND MARIOID thanks for the advice.



Mopsical said:

I'll probably still get this when I get a DSi, along with Aquite. I've played too many WarioWare games to miss out on this one.



KeeperBvK said:

Wow, the whole review mentions NOTHING about the actual mini games. It's ok trying not to spoiler anybody, but you could at least have said something about their quality.



-TR said:

I have a totaly diffrent opinon on this: I'll psot a review later.



worrybomb said:

I have to admit that "Snapped" was one of my anticipated launch titles but from reading all the reviews about it, I may need to revisit on purchasing this title for a later date.



jangonov said:

thanks for the heads up. Im definately saving my points now. btw nintendolife.com works great on the dsi browser. (thats what im typing from now)



TheMole said:

IGN have no clue about games or how to review them. With most of you being American will not know the storm the Football Manager review caused which led to its removal and i think maybe even sacking of the writer. After that i could never trust them again for not being able to understand the difference between that and PES.

I have tried this in about 6 locations including outside and in rooms that had different stages of lighting, no joy, I WANT MY POINTS BACK!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Whew, good thing I came here before I booted up my DSi. I was just about to buy this. Good thing I came here.

Thanks Drake, you are now know as "Drake, Defender of the Wallet"



togovero said:

Maybe in this review Wario Snapped is compared a bit too much to the other games in Wario Ware franchise... previous games costed 30-50 euro, this one costs 5 euro... of course it is just something more than a demo.



Kirigirisu said:

I actually really like the game, it's a bargain! As Togovero said above we are only paying a small price for the game and the main issue I have is the initial "line up," during the actual games it seems to matter less. The games themselves carry the same charm as earlier games and the photo sessions at the end are hilarious - "Head over Heels for Harvey" really made me laugh.

A few tips; if you have a long fringe / bangs pin them or move them so that your eyebrows are visible. Try and pay particular attention to lining up your chin to the template - works for me! Don't wear glasses if possible!



ILoveWii said:

Snapped is more like a tech demo of what the DSi's capabilities will be able to do in the future of DSiWare and DSi Gaming.



World_1-1 said:

Wow, what a bad score. Even so, I'll probably buy it with my free Nintendo Points just to try it, especially since other sites like IGN have given it better reviews.



Viral said:

The only one I've played was Smooth Moves and that was kind of a stinker of a game.



Corbs said:

I've found that as a gamer you either get Wario Ware or you don't. There's very little in-between. I love them, but even I'm finding Wario Ware Snapped! a bit mediocre and not terribly reliable in the game play department.



Mario_maniac said:

The only thing that I dislike about this game is the fact that I can only ever play it during daylight -- after I get home from school or work, though, I won't feel like playing it. I won't even bother trying to find the right lighting during the evening hours, as I'll just be spending more time setting up the game than actually playing it.

That said, I had some fun with it. I would give it a higher rating than a 4, but that's considering that I didn't really care that there was only 20 microgames. I <3 WarioWare, and I <3 this. ... 'Cept for the camera. >_>



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

I actually liked this game, but I am truly loyal to the WarioWare series. This isn't the only time I got a game against bad reviews. The first was Family Table Tennis.



PKShadowGamer said:

Well, it's five bucks what do you expect? The point is, it's fun to play and replay, in my opinion it's at least a 7/10



McGruber said:

Yeah this game is not really worth it. I bought it without looking at this review. It still is kind of fun, but I wouldn't spend money on it. It is clear to me why Nintendo put this out along with the 1000 free points, because nobody would pay for it. It is basically a tech demo.



Supermarioman said:

Wow, never expected WarioWare to get this low of a score, but I'll probabaly still get it for cursoitys sake. That is whenever I get a DSi . Lets hope my camera will be in a good mood then.



StarDust4Ever said:

One thing I'm concerned about in general is with the DSi face recognition. I did not get Warioware snapped, but I have already noticed some problems with the photo features.

My friend is Ethiopian and the DSi could not recognize any of his facial features at all. It only half works for me and I'm Caucasian (with glasses, long hair, and a bushy goatee). So if the face recognition system only works for fair-skinned people (which I assume all the Japanese beta testers were), then that would be a very serious design flaw with potential social repercussions.



Danny_August said:

Why are so many people absolutely terrified about the DSi and the new features? The camera I should say? It is fresh out of the oven, but remember, it is upgradable. With that the device can change and be made better. They can fix it, the have the technology, they have the resources...They can make it faster, stronger...



minimario_man said:

It is very ironic that the most 'Mainstream' game from the dsi shop was the most crap! When i have £150 i am probaly going to spend it on paper plane, the two art styles and some other new games that may have shown up during my dsi wait!



Mega_man_xK said:

I downloaded WW Snapped! and I love it even though its little hard at first but with a little practice you can Master it. I'd give it a 7.87 out of 10.

........But thats just me. :-/

Besides its DSiware game not an entire DS game



SolsticeWings said:

I love this game, and come on it's on DSi Ware, its not as if they'd spend years on packing tons of microgames in



mrPlow said:

This game was not that bad. Of course it is a tech demo for DSi but at least it's a "free" tech demo as you can decide whether you spend gift points for this or not (I'm glad that I did).
Controls worked quite ok for me when the camera was pointing at the ceiling towards the light (does that make sense? English is not my native language ).

Also I think it has more mini-games than just 4x5 though they are pretty similar.



Gogata said:

I really tought that this will be the best DSi game... I downloaded it and I caqn see that I was wrong. For 500 points I would like to see more levels - not just 5 in every mode + the credits minigame



WeeGee said:

I got my DSi today along with Warioware: Snapped with my free points. It's really short and frustrating but I'm actually glad I tried it out. I've still yet to play the multiplayer mode because of the lighting difficulties, but if you pick the right spot with a wall right behind you totally different from your skin, it is actually kinda fun. Get it with your free points, but don't pay for it.



Goomba2996 said:

I don't care about the review I just got my dsi yesterday after trading in ds lite at gamestop for it. And once I get it hooked up on the internet I will buy this whith my free points from nintendo.



BleachFan said:

This game is fun, for about 15 min a day....
Also, I rarely encountered problems with my camera...Until I read this review...
Now, for some reason, my face won't register...and the game's really starting to show it's true colors...
It seems this site has some sort of magical powers...



MasterWill said:

This game works perfect as long as you are in good lighting and have a good solid background behind you. As for this review giving a 4/10 is complete crap and he did a terrible job reviewing it overall. In reality this is easily a 7/10 game. The reviewer didn't do a very good job looking at this game considering on the main menu there are only 6 buttons and he failed to click the "Credits" button, which brings you to a mini-game which you navigate a car using the motion sensor and try to get a high score. Between the three single player games and the car mini-game it provides a decent amount of entertainment for one person especially for the price and the two player option is a lot of fun to try out with friends. Additionally this is a great game just to try out the new DSi features.



Slapshot said:

I cant get this game to work either at all. I put about 30 min into it and just got really PO. I wish I could get my points back for this one, instead I ended up buing more yesterday to get the new PICTOBITS wich is much better.



Sylverstone said:

I feel like the Big N suckered us into buying the game. It's more of a show title for my DSi (which I'm typing from!). Mario vs. DK fixed the problem... for now.



PressStart said:

Wow, I thought this would of been really good, with the camera's and all... I'll probably still get this with my free 1000 DSi points, just so I can complete my "WarioWare inc." collection!



mmKALLL said:

I got it just because it had the name WarioWare in it... I've played and enjoyed all the previous games(except the GC one) so I thought it would be even ok... Just look at it! The price is same as Dragon Quest Wars, and you can (very) easily see that the quality is way above in DQW. Meh, if I only saved my points in it, I actually read this before buying it, and still bought it _



tazoop said:

This game was horrible. I had not yet found this site and went and got it and never got it to work and spent 3 hours on the phone with Nintendo support trying 8000 different things to get it to work and finally they refunded my points.



qiliieun said:

wario is so cool this was probobly the only wario game to let me down (and i like master of disguise no matter what anyone says) he used to be my fav video game series until i heard about pikmin and metaknight



qiliieun said:

omg i just noticed i misspelled my user name wow it supposed to be qilieun double i



Dsiwarehunter said:

Hey guys, this game may be awful, but think about it. This is the first time the Dsi camera was used throughout the whole game. Maybe Nintendo will learn and improve, change this and that, and maybe the Dsi camera may actually grow and improve to be a great hit! As a first game in this sense, it's not to shabby.



hulklol123456789 said:

wowowowowowowo, someone give a 2/10 to ganstars someone give a 2/10 to don't feed the animals and you give a 2/10 to the piece of @@@@
hye it is 0/10 or 0,5/10 but never, NEVER, 4



aerogirl1003 said:

THIS IS CRAZY! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME WITH ALL MY HEART AND WOULD GIVE IT A 10/10! Please listen to me and get this game because it rocks!



xPOTATOx said:

This game is very fun....until you take an hour to find a good lighting adjustment to actually start the game. Once you beat a course/(coaster), its pretty funny to see what they do with the camera. I think it should be worth 200 points though, not 500, but if your looking for fun with the camera and have the time to move around your house for the lighting adjustment to agree with your surroundings, then buy it.



rachelthehedgehog said:

Umm i have this game and not the best at all. Its not the worst, but gets boring after a while. This is a game you cannot play for long without getting bored but it is fun. Shouldn't be 500 points, should be 200. Sometimes it is hard to get good lighting and adjust the camera to your face. Line up is annoying, but when you see the dance at the end it is usually funny. Multiplayer is very hard, when you have to line up. I have tried it with my brother who has this game and my friend. None of us got the line up. This is a good game, but not my favorite. You should buy it if the walls in your house isnt too close to your skin color, like tan or brown or something. That will not work. But my walls are blue, so it works out fine. But sometimes the camera detects my ceiling, and my ceiling is white so I have to try to adjust the camera and it never works out.



Supremeist said:

I'm sorry to say this, but this review is completely inaccurate. This game is really fun and entertaining, especially when you are playing games around family and friends or what-not. The little movie it shows at the end of the game is the best part of this game and they are HILARIOUS.

I'm in with @rachelthehedgehog: (My sister, lol) but it shouldn't really be 500 points. 200 would be a bit more suitable, but I'd still pay 500 because It's almost reasonable.

But overall, it could have packed in a bit more content, but It's still worth the grab for this wacky little game :] It will keep you entertained when you're showing off your DS/3DS or what-not.

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