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Thu 9th Apr 2009

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Danny_August commented on Review: Red Alarm (Virtual Boy):

I have a VB and most of the limited titles were great...The first processor was lousy and when they switched the to the 32 bit RISC, well, no more headaches...Literally...Red Alarm was definitely fun and showed us what stereo vision was all about...

Did you know that the VB could of been full color, well, maybe around the amount of colors of the NES...It was not cost effective...Why they chose red, I don't know...I remember the green of the GB...Oh well...



Danny_August commented on Animal Crossing: Wild World:

I was not a complete fan of the series when it debuted in the US on the GameCube. The mechanics behind the controls seemed sluggish and there were too many times that I would wait for the controls to "catch up". I know when this title hit the Nintendo DS, I rushed to pick it up for many reasons. The first being that at the time, the only console/hand held that I owned was a NDS and I was hungry for the 3D transition. Secondly, I was ready for something new on the NDS and gaming in general. Amazing, I was hooked and addicted. The controls are very tight and you have options between touch screen and digital. They had refined the control speeds, this suited me fine. The transitions between acres was removed and the whole town is fluid. At "log roll" effect was welcome as well. Combine great features such as local and WiFi connectivity. An easier world to navigate. You are making a great title! What the NDS left out from the original, you can find in Animal Crossing City Folk for the Wii.



Danny_August commented on Review: WarioWare: Snapped! (DSiWare):

Why are so many people absolutely terrified about the DSi and the new features? The camera I should say? It is fresh out of the oven, but remember, it is upgradable. With that the device can change and be made better. They can fix it, the have the technology, they have the resources...They can make it faster, stronger...