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United Kingdom

Sun 19th Oct 2008

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Mopsical commented on Steel Penny Games Update:

I hope they get on to releasing their games in Europe soon, I'd hate to see another developer take the US only route...



Mopsical commented on Review: Rhythm Heaven (DS):

I thought the new voiceovers were going to ruin it (especially after that DTOID article), but now I'll definitely get it when it comes out here as 'Rhythm Paradise'.



Mopsical commented on Equilibrio Available on WiiWare Today in North...:

@RGVEDA: Translated version:

WiiWare: Bubble Bobble Plus! And Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure on PAL dates

06.04.09 - Square Enix announced that Bubble Bobble Plus! On 10.04.09 on WiiWare in Europe, and the arcade game Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure on 10.05.09 should follow.



Mopsical commented on Review: Art Style: AQUITE (DSiWare):

A 9 already? Well, I'm definitely getting a DSi then. Tomorrow can't come soon enough... Also, you said Aquia instead of Aquite, is it called that in different regions?



Mopsical commented on New WiiWare Game: Fish'em All:

@Walter: If you're trying to do a parody, the name Fish 'em Up would be so much better as Neomega said. But I guess you can't change it now...

The games gonna' be awesome anyway, so...



Mopsical commented on Review: Bang! (WiiWare):

I don't think this game was ever going to compete with any puzzle game on WiiWare, for the one reason that it doesn't provide any challenge, what puzzle games were meant for in the first place.