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Sun 29th Mar 2009

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minimario_man commented on Nintendo Falls Under Further Pressure Regardin...:

I'm so glad that Nintendolife has covered this issue.
This is a real issue effecting the lives of real people, this isn't just some 'fling-dirt-at-nintendo' article. All the defensive fanboys not caring about such an issue or calling this a Sony conspiracy should be ashamed of themselves.
Nintendo is a company that creates good games, but that doesn't mean that they are free from fault. They're a gaming company, not the messiah.

If you truly cared about Nintendo then you would protest about this issue and would help make it a more ethical company.



minimario_man commented on Pokémon Black & White Set in Megalopolis Wher...:

Snakes did use to have legs but lost them through evolution, the same thing may happen to tsutaja. Also if you look at its ringed belly and cuved body, it does have a look of a snake. It is my favourite of the starters. Pokabu has grown on me as well because I like it's smile! Mijumaru also looks really cute, but it wil probally evolve into a six-foot otter thing with claws! Also, Buizel wasn't an otter, too many people say it was to make mijumaru look unoriginal, the pokemon was a weasel!



minimario_man commented on Miyamoto Borking Super Mario Galaxy 2's Story:

Rosalina wasn't tacked on, she could have been if they didn't include her backstory. I also enjoyed her as a character as she was more surreal than peach or daisy. Sonic games tack on characters, just who the hell were team chaotix anyway?!?



minimario_man commented on Miyamoto Borking Super Mario Galaxy 2's Story:

every platformer that has atempted to put story before gameplay had failed. Platformers are not about plot, their about gameplay. However a hiden backstory, like Rosalina's past was an effective system with the library. I just think mario games shouldn't be story heavy.



minimario_man commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Only Multiplayer At ...:

To be honest I think that the lack of online is a good idea. When you are aaround other people there is a certein amount of social interaction that you can't acieve online. I would rather be playing with people I know than with some random person over the internet.



minimario_man commented on Miyamoto Keeps Check On The Opposition:

Miyamoto is simply scaring the oposition by looking at sony's new portable toaster. To be honest I think that it looks realy uncomfortable to play and the fact that you have to buy all the games again is unacceptable, the least sony could do was make the psp go backwards compatable!



minimario_man commented on E3 2009: Nintendo's Announcements:

This is not dissapointing, how can anyone say that when new mario, samus and golden sun was anounced! The casual games look cool aswell, I like the look of the wii balance board platform game!



minimario_man commented on E3: New Wii Mario Game In The Works?:

It might be a spinoff, since mario & luigi 3 has been released in japan, I wouldn't be suprised if it was a mario rpg. Also for all we know other clasics like zelda and f-zero could be anounced at E3. I am personly looking foward to an original concept, I want nintendo to amaze me like they did with pikmin.



minimario_man commented on Review: WarioWare: Snapped! (DSiWare):

It is very ironic that the most 'Mainstream' game from the dsi shop was the most crap! When i have £150 i am probaly going to spend it on paper plane, the two art styles and some other new games that may have shown up during my dsi wait!



minimario_man commented on WarioWare: Snapped!:

This is enough to make me buy a dsi. If other mainstream nintendo games reach the system I will be even more interested. Also 500 points is quite good value for the game, even though it is said to be smaller than previous titles. I just hope theirs an album mode so i dont have to play main mode to play my favourite microgame. Still it will still be good even without the album. Rock on dsi!



minimario_man commented on Pyoro:

for a quids worth of nintendo points. It actually looks good value for money. I will be getting it. Especially if it has some gameplay enhancements!