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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Is LostWinds the innovative platformer Wii fans were hoping for, or just a lot of hot air?

Let's face it, the Wii has already had its fair share of below-average platformers, so it comes as no surprise that, despite the enormous amount of hype surrounding Frontier Development's LostWinds title, Wii owners have approached the game with a certain degree of scepticism. We all know that the Wii Remote is one of the most innovative video game controllers ever created, but so far we haven't seen a lot of originality when it comes to the controller's use in the platforming genre. Sure, Super Mario Galaxy was an outstanding platformer and made solid use of the Wii Remote, but there's still a nagging feeling that so much more could be done with this unique controller. So is LostWinds the game to change all that?

In LostWinds you take control of a young boy named Toku who's suddenly instilled with the power of the wind and the indelible task of restoring peace to the land. Toku must use this wind power to perform a number of tasks ranging from floating into the air to drawing fire from torches and water from streams. The game is labelled a platformer, but you'll find that there are plenty of puzzle elements, not to mention some serious RPG overtones, strung throughout as well. It's this unique combination of gameplay elements that somehow work together in perfect harmony to give Lost Winds its addictive qualities.

At its core, LostWinds is a typical platformer. While you can control Toku using the Nunchuk, it's the innovative use of the Wii Remote to control the powers of the wind that make up the bulk of the gameplay. As you begin, you're given the basic power of wind movement that allows you to wave the Wii Remote at Toku and give him a wind boost in order to reach platforms that are too high for him to jump up to normally. As you progress, you'll be given new wind powers that will allow you even more freedom as to what tasks you can perform. Some of these tasks include using the wind to draw fire from torches in order to guide it to items that you need to burn, or water from streams to shower onto plants you need to sprout up from the ground. It's these puzzle elements and unique Wii Remote movements that add new life to what would otherwise be a fairly standard platformer without them.

The control system might seem overly complicated since you not only have to control Toku using the standard control method, but you also have to make use of the many special wind powers. The game throws a lot of moves at you, but it does so in such a gradual way that it never seems to become overwhelming. You'll always have plenty of time to put a new move to use until you get a solid handle on how to perform it before the game tosses you a new one. The use of the Wii Remote to control the wind is a perfect fit and feels extremely intuitive, even after only a short amount of playing time. The puzzle elements are never too difficult to grasp, but you'll likely spend some time wandering around aimlessly as it's not always clear where you need to go next or what your next task is. Other than this small gripe, LostWinds performs amazingly and is a real joy to play.

LostWinds uses lush 3-D visuals to paint the beautiful fairy-tale world you'll be exploring, but the fun doesn't end there. What makes the game's visuals so impressive is the way in which all of this scenery reacts to your wind pointer as it moves across the screen. If you move the wind pointer across the screen, objects such as trees and bushes rustle as if real wind were passing through them. Even the water in the streams and fire on the torches react every time you move your pointer across them. It's quite impressive and something that must be seen in action to be fully appreciated.

Instead of employing a full-blown musical score, LostWinds tends to stick with the "less is more" philosophy and instead makes use of short bursts of melodies and a hefty dose of hypnotic sound effects to carry the mood of the action taking place onscreen. The bulk of the music is soft flute melodies that are intermittently enhanced with unique tribal drum beats that sound off when the action begins to intensify. It would seem like this unorthodox musical styling might lend itself to becoming repetitive over time, but it all seems to come together quite well and manages to carry the mood of the game without being overdone the way some musical scores are.


LostWinds might not be quite as revolutionary in terms of play control as some had hoped, but it does manage to bring some very new and innovative gameplay ideas to the platforming genre and that's definitely a step in the right direction. It's also the game that proves that Nintendo is on the right track with their new WiiWare downloadable titles and that these games can be every bit as good as those found in retail stores. LostWinds might not have the high production value of a Super Mario Galaxy, but it's every bit as much fun and an absolute steal at 1000 Wii Points.

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User Comments (133)



Villain said:

Great review, Corbie. Like I've already said, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME. I don't care if it's short, to me it's quality over quantity.

This kinda reminds me of french games like Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, you know?



Kevin said:

I'll be getting this soon maybe along with dr. mario next week.



Charco said:

I think I have no option but to download this given the positive reviews I have read so far.



ChocoDK said:

I have read so much good things about this game. Nice review on it too.



Corbs said:

Rayman 2 remains one of my favorite platformers, and LostWinds does have a "Rayman" feel to it at times. I didn't really catch it until i saw the game mentioned.



Objection said:

Good review, though you didnt really address the hot topic of, is it long enough for 1000? And/or, the number 3 (hours) is thrown around but how long for those of us who arent the best at puzzles?



KirbyPunk said:

I was never interested in this game, but I felt like getting a WiiWare game and heard alot of great things, so I got this yesterday and wow. This game is simply beautiful. And fun to boot.



lockelocke said:

Not to stray from topic, but the ability to personally rate these games (like on vc-reviews) would be nice. I came here to give Lost Winds a hella enthusiastic 10 out of 10. I'm loving these controls, which are not AS dependent on the Wiimote as I had anticipated, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that, although they're not changing the way I look at gaming controls, they do represent an unbeatable blend of Wii brand motion sensitivity and classic analog stick platforming. Intuitive, allowing you to dive right into the game, without being too easy, or making puzzles/obstacles seem predictable. Highly recommended.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Great review. But the part about it being a steal at 1000 Points can be refuted when you allude to the game's short length. That being said, I REALLY want to play this and I will... sorta.., if LW2 can rectify the lacking Replay Value.



DJ_Triforce said:

KnucklesSonic8... this game is great. You wont regret it. It's a beautiful looking game. The music is really good too.



ACK said:

LostWinds is absolutely brilliant. Please, don't worry about the length. Who complains about paying $10 for a 2 hour movie? Well, this is better than a movie.

Besides, I'm already looking forward to playing through it again with my gal. And again on a rainy day. Then on a hot summer night...

What can I say? I guess LostWinds is just the sort of medicine I need for whenever generic gameplay and bland concepts are getting me down.



Corbs said:

I'm not too critical of a game's length as long as it's fun. I'd rather play a game like Super Mario Galaxy for an hour than some of the other garbage out there for 10 hours. : )



ReaperJ21 said:

Hey, im new 2 this site and wiiware, im trying 2 decide if I should get lostwinds, mostly 4 the fact i don't have much money (im only 13) and just wondering if its worth it, the reviews are great, but since i don't have a credit card, i always gotta ask my parents...so just wondering if its worth begging my parents =)



Corbs said:

It's pretty amazing. Especially for a downloadable title. If you like platformers and are looking for something a little different, this game will be well worth the begging and pleading.



DEMON212 said:

But Corbie, when that 2 hour movie is say... Star Wars IV, V or VI (2:20 I know, but LW is 3) then I think I've watched them more times than I'd ever replay this style of game. I've never found games like this replayable simply because it's never going to be that hard that everytime you do it is a challenge. And once you've solved a puzzle, there's less fun just remembering its answer.

It's like Another/Trace Memory. Brill game, but really short and unreplayable. Had I not been able to return it for full cash back (U.K thing that we could do) then I'd have never bought it. And LW strikes me as a returner. Infact, every WW game out so far does too.

With the exception of FFCCMLAAK, which is a win the lottery game to me.

And when the PS3, NDS and VC can offer me both fun, difficulty and length, it makes me not want to bother with WW.



Gameguardian said:

This is amazing. I can hardly wait until next tuesday, when Wiiware comes to Europe. And by the way moderators, this is an amazing feat and a worthy comrade to vc-reviews (the people making this site are the same as vc-reviews right?)

Anyway, a great endeavour, and my number one Wii online software and news update source on the Internet. You have my sincerest thanks for making great sites such as these



Dazza said:

@demon212 - I think for 1000 Wii points (£7.50 / $10) a good solid 3-4 hours of gameplay isn't bad value for money at all. OK it may not suit you but many people don't have so much time to embark on a 50 hour saga. I don't think it diminishes the games overall value myself.

@gameguardian - Yes WiiWare World is brought to you by the same guys you know and love from VC reviews!



ReaperJ21 said:

@corbie thanks 4 the good news, im sure i'll download this game next week, im waiting 2 see if dr mario comes out on mon. hopefully it does that game looks just as awesome as this =)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

"KnucklesSonic8... this game is great. You wont regret it. It's a beautiful looking game. The music is really good too."

@DJ Triforce: That's just what I wanted to hear! I'm dying to try this. But I'm waiting for someone to tell me what the sequel is like because I'm too excited for other titles that are for the same range in points, which is why I'm skeptical to drop 1000 despite the avid puzzler and platformer fan I am.



Waxxy said:

Regarding the argument about game length, I'm afraid I have to side with Demon here, at least in part. I had heard that the game was short, but I figured for $10 that wouldn't be a big deal. Even so, I was surprised when the game ended after a bare handful of puzzles and a single boss fight. It's not really evident until the game is done and you realize there's no enjoyment left to be gleaned from it just how short an experience this is.

Don't get me wrong, I loved this game while it lasted. The graphics were great and the attention to detail - how every object in the world responds realistically to the wind - was refreshing. I also thought the story was endearing and the overall art style added to that. However, regardless of how enjoyable a game is, finishing it in just 2 1/2 hours makes you feel a little bit jipped. When you compare this experience to the endless replay value of games like Defend Your Castle ($5) and Pop ($7), or even My Life as a King ($15), the value-for-money equation gets turned on its head.

So where does that leave someone looking to potentially purchase the game? I'm not sure. I'm still glad I went ahead and got it, because as I said I really enjoyed the experience while it lasted, but at the same time I can no longer honestly say that $10 was the right price for this game. If each installment of the game is going to be as short, it seems like it'd be better priced in $5 "episodic" increments. Here's hoping that the sequel is either longer, or cheaper.



DEMON212 said:


I wish I had that time. I just think when you can buy OOT, or SM64, or MK 64 etc... Or 2 great NES/C64/SMS games for the same price, I don't see WW as good value for money when compared to the VC.

Especially DYC as it can be played on your Wii for free (I've been playing it today).

But everyone's different. You guys like the looks/sounds of it, I don't. It doesn't mean it's a bad game/service, it's just to pricey for what you're getting IMO.

I'd snap LW up for 500 and if FFCCMLAAK was 2,000 complete instead of 4,000 at the mo with more cost being added later, I'd get that as well. And PoP for 300 would be great too.



Dazza said:

LOL you want the moon on a stick. So you are happy to pay 500 points for a C64 game on the Virtual Console, but LostWinds is only worth 500 to you?



DEMON212 said:

When that C64 game is IK, then yeah. Like many I felt the C64 games were overpriced, but they've had work done on them, so the price hike is just.

But when games like Impossible Mission give 6 hours of play, games like LW should be able to as well.

All I want is no flash games that can be played free online (And even worse on your Wii) and games on a par of what we get on the XBL:A and PSN. That's really not asking much, is it?

Look at Cloning Clyde, it's a quirky unique platformer that takes about 3 hours to beat, but it's got online and offline 4 player co-op and vs and costs less than LW. I won't go through the extensive XBL:A and PSN collections, but for less cash I can get better, is my point.

And... XBL:A has demo's for every game. PSN has a few. If WW had demo's, then it'd be fine, because people could see if it really is worth paying $10/£7.50 for. But when fans say that it isn't, we have problems...

I'm still glad I went ahead and got it, because as I said I really enjoyed the experience while it lasted, but at the same time I can no longer honestly say that $10 was the right price for this game. If each installment of the game is going to be as short, it seems like it'd be better priced in $5 "episodic" increments. Here's hoping that the sequel is either longer, or cheaper.

Hang on, that's a point, speaking of co-op, you guys say this has 2 player support, but not once in the review does it mention this. What is the 2p? I'm gonna need to know for Friday.



Waxxy said:

For the two-player mode, think Super Mario Galaxy. Essentially, a second player can hop in or out at any time by picking up a second Wii remote and turning it on. That player can do everything with wind that the first player can do, using the same controls. So theoretically you could have a friend help you out by distracting or attacking enemies while you focus on thrusting your character up to that next platform... in theory, anyway.

In reality, there's not a heck of a lot of use to have a second player there, as the game is designed for one player acting as wind and controlling Toku. The puzzles certainly never require two players acting in tandem, and the enemies are usually not enough of an annoyance to worry overmuch about them interfering. Also, every time you use a wind action (either player) the game speed slows to allow you more time to "draw" the wind path or execute the action. Unfortunately, this means that if a second player is just trying to attack enemies, your character is slowed every time they perform a wind action, throwing off your own attempts to move through the area. And of course a second individual more intent on disrupting the gameplay could do so easily by holding a button down on their wiimote so the game is slowed indefinitely, or simply by throwing a large heavy object at Toku, for that matter...

I consider the 2-player mode not much more than a novelty, and a poorly implemented one at that. There are much better multiplayer games available on the service.



Corbs said:

I know some people put a lot of stock in the length of games. If that's important to you, nothing I or anyone else can say will change it. It's just not as important to me. When I've sat and played for a couple of hours, I'm either satisfied, or I'm not. This is only $10 and it's of a higher quality than the many of the $50 Wii Retail titles, especially the third-party offerings. : )

There are still a lot of people that think Star Soldier R is actually a full shooter. They don't realize that it's basically just two timed levels. I think many of these games are just developers getting their feet wet and trying to quickly establish a fanbase. Hopefully, Frontier Developments will put a little more length into the Lostwinds sequel.

But let me say this. If you're not happy with a 3-4 hour game, don't buy this. Go grab Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Day as a King. That will keep you busy for a heck of lot longer than 3-4 hours.

As for the two-player part of the game, I toyed with it briefly and it didn't seem to offer anything worth taking up space in the review for. I had a limited number of space and I filled it with all I could. : )



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I doubt people would get LostWinds for its multiplayer anyways. >_>

Lol @ My Day as a King. Trying to make it sound short, are ya? HM?! xD

And yeah, SSR is just two timed levels which is very disappointing, imo. Not worth 800 imho but that's another story for that part...

For me: It's not just length that plays a role but when I hear a game that will last you 3-5 hours with little-to-nothing to go back to, that in itself tells me that as awesome as it is, it's just not worth my hard-earned points, as badly as I want to try it.

Let's hope for a better more sustainable sequel.



Corbs said:

You can also hope that these launch titles might be discounted at some point and sold for less Wii Points. I guess it's always a possibility. And my slip up on the DAY as King thing. : )



DEMON212 said:

Corbie, it's $10 to you, it's $15 to us. Although I don't doubt that it's better than most Wii titles. Yup, Drake told me that SSR wasn't complete, which is why I'm no longer getting it. It brings my list of wanted WW titles down to about 7. 5 I will pay almost anything for, 2 will have to be 500 points.

Yeah, the 2p does sound naff, but I'd still be happier if I mentioned it in the Pod Cast

As for a discount, it took XBL:A ages to do that. And when the PSN's done it, it's usually been that they put it up for cheap then increased the price. So I doubt we'll see it drop, unfortunately

And I'm the same as Knuckles, length only plays one part for me. But this just doesn't look like the type of thing I'd enjoy.

Possibly the 3 biggest things I look for is fun, challenge, and length.

BTW, great Parodier review, totally agree and I've only played it for 20 mins. I love the game



Corbs said:

I understand completely Demon. And as you said, different people have different sets of criteria as far as what they look for in a game. I have a buddy here that won't buy any game that's not going to last him at least 30 hours. Needless to say, RPGs are about the only thing he buys anymore. I still remember importing Star Parodier back when it was first released in Japan. I've loved that game for ages. Too many people dismiss it because of the way it looks and the fact that it's a spoof. I appreciate all the kind words and comments man.



calculon said:

I have to go along with Demon et al in arguing that longevity and more specifically, re playability are essential for any game to be value for money. Platformers as a genre tend to incorporate some degree of replay into them as they are by nature fairly linear and even the crap ones hold people's attention because they offer some reason for the player to go back. From what I understand LostWinds is:
a) Very Linear
b) Has little value to encourage revisiting
c) Has also been fortunate in that the developers decided not to lead the player through the game, otherwise the game would probably last no longer than an hour and a half first time.

Whilst it could be argued that the game is a launch title, Frontier went on record as saying that they didn't find the size constraint a problem which leads me to ask "Why didn't they do more then?"

With regards to physics, why does everyone pull their todger over it? Exile on the BBC had revolutionary physics.

The graphics, whilst good seem to indicate some sort of limitation, either in storage space, time constraint or my personal favourite - imagination. Most of the imagery used in the game is largely forgettable, particularly the main character and enemies which are very average and the choice of using caves as a locale is so pre '95 it's unbelievable.

Considering the recent news that Frontier want to make the game episodic, I'm guessing LostWinds is looking to be another cash-in title.

Honestly, between crappy DLC ideas (and its associated price bloat) and half-arsed efforts WiiWare so far is proving to be nothing more than an expensive joke. I'm hoping games like World of Goo and TOki Tori can make a difference.



Corbs said:

I guess some people were expecting a lot more from these Wii Ware titles than I was. I never expected them to be anywhere near the same caliber of the retail titles. In fact, they're actually better than I expected given the development time of most of them. I always thought of them as cheap little titles to tide gamers over between the retail releases.



DEMON212 said:

@Corbie's 1st comment.

No probs Corbie

@Second comment.

I've got used to the XBL:A and the PSN though, so I was hoping for the same calibur at least, especially because of how good the VC is.



ReaperJ21 said:

@corbie me 2, im surprised as well, in the beginning, the only wiiware game I wanted was dr mario online Rx, but now i also want lostwinds, DYC(downloaded it, and love it) and im not sure y, but i think TVshow king looks kind of cool, i mean 4 a 43MB storage limit, its got 3,000 questions and mii support, pretty good if u ask me. Anyway, can't wait 2 downlod Lost winds ,dr. mario, and TV show king =)



Villain said:

Like I mentioned in my last post, length really is not an issue for me, as long as the gameplay itself is sweet enough. Take a game like Metroid Fusion for example. I beat that game in 2 hours once. But since that's one of those games with zero to none square moments of dullness, it really doesn't bother me. Quality over quantity. I never beat my faorite games only once anyway. The best games you can come BACK to one day. To me, the replayability is in the game itself. And if this game is worth half the dime of what has already been said about it, I'd come back to this game at least twice.



lockelocke said:

I don't get the price to length ratio issue. If we can assume that the Lostwinds sequel is to be as long as the first installment, and the price is the same, we have a six hour retail quality Wii game for $20 bucks. I just might complain about a six hour game for 50 bucks, but six hours for $20 seems like a bargain buy, especially when the quality is up to par with most and beyond the caliber of some retail Wii titles. After all, how long was Mario Galaxy?



PoisonRamune said:

This game is honestly better than 90% of the $20-$30 junk that ends up in the local game store's bargain bin.



michinmuri said:

The review is spot on, and this game is probably about the best $10 I've spent on anything, EVER. This game is just so much fun and a breath of fresh air, pun intended.



sportymariosonichybr said:

For me, I usually want 5 hours of gameplay for every $10 the game costs.

So for an Xbox 360 game, I usually want 30 hours of gameplay for a $60 game.

Which is why I have waited for price drops on The Simpson's Game because it is at most 10-15 hours, which means $20-$30.

As a comparison, it took me 60 hours to get 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy.

How long would it take me to beat this game?



Luigison said:

You can beat it in about three hours, but collecting all the statues may take a little longer.



Virus said:

Hmmm, it seems we have quite a few lovers of this game-- not that I necessarily hate this game. It's good, but.. well, it's just good. That's it.

First to note is the game's length. Yes, a game can be awesome and short, but three hours? For ten bucks, you can get a N64 game that is much longer and of the same caliber. I didn't find the music that great either. It was very bare, if only a little moody. There's basically two tunes that aren't that dynamic. And don't get this game for its co-op; it's worthless essentially. If you want to annoy the heck outta of the first player, by all means get it for the multiplayer because all the second player does is weigh down the first.

With that said, the game ain't half bad. Controls are great. Graphics are wonderful. For its three hours, it's awesome (those three hours include getting all the statues; I haven't found them all myself, but many are found along the path; I only need one more).

Yes, sometimes length doesn't matter, but for many, this game isn't going to appeal to them. This game doesn't have much replay value, so unless you suck at games or find fun in repeating yourself, the game is only going to run you three hours or so. Still, if anyone can tell me what happens after you collect all the statues, that can change.

So, I must note this last. I don't know what potential this WiiWare holds, but for now I'll remain harsh. If we get games worse than this in the future, I'll be terrible remorseful but I will admit this is the best game. But not for now.



Senhal said:

If you're a slow player who likes to hunt around for objects and leisurely take things in, as I am, you'll find that this game lasts more than 3 hours. I'm a little over 3 hours into the game already and I've only gotten 2 of the 4 chests. This is a game meant to be savored, not powered through.

I like these short WiiWare games because they fill an important niche. They provide brief (but hopefully innovative) gaming experiences that I can only otherwise get if I download an older VC game. VC games are great, but I've played through most of the good ones before, and thus their value lies in the nostalgia they generate (and some of them are tougher than I remember: I could beat Zelda II as a kid but I just don't have the prowess--or patience--anymore). That's why I'm happy to see some new development in this vein that's fresh and actually built around the Wii's unique controller scheme, rather than adapted to it.

To return to the game's length, I've got to say that I simply don't have the stamina for 20-50 hour games anymore. When I was a kid, I plowed through every Japanese RPG that I could find. Nowadays, the thought just makes me tired. I couldn't even finish all the levels of Katamari Damacy, and I'm not going to even bother trying with the new Mario game. I've been meaning to get around to finishing Twilight Princess for well over a year now. I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm one of those aging gamers: it's hard to suppress the habits of my youth (and thus I still buy long games), but now that I'm 30 I simply don't have time to play video games as a serious hobby. That's why I like these WiiWare games so much. Those of you who complain about length: I understand. Perhaps they could have made the game a bit longer (though they're restricted to some extent by file size). It's likely that they want to keep things episodic and make a profit, but I thought $10 was rather reasonable (though 5 more installments just like this would not, admittedly, produce a game comparable in length to a retail $50 game). The developers have always been honest about the game length. Keep in mind as well that there's an audience out there of older people like me who are quite happy to have quality games that you can finish in a weekend of casual play. Perhaps they're just milking us for money, but short games like this give this "old" man an all too rare sense of accomplishment!



Dazza said:

@Senhal - Well said. As a older gamer myself with less spare time on my hands now I prefer shorter games also myself, so long as the quality is not compromised, which I am glad to say in the case of LostWinds is not!

I cannot help but think that Tom McShea from Gamespot is being overly harsh when he gave LostWinds a measly 5.5 out of 10! (Contrast that with their own reader average of 8.7)



lockelocke said:

I could not agree more. I rarely get to play for a sitting longer than an hour, so playing an RPG takes about as much commitment as a long term relationship. I used to be all about em when I was a kid, and I'm glad I got my FF3's and my Xenogears over with before the real world started to kick my ass, because I just have no time.



Evermore said:

I have a question.

This game can be played only with the Wii remote (without the Nunchuk)? Thanks!



Virus said:

@ Evermore,
One-player mode requires a nunchuck (sorry!), but if another person wants to join in, he or she will only need a Wii-mote.



Raptor78 said:

This looks like a game I would get eventually, but it never really jumped out at me. i looks fantastic and it sounds amazing but it just hasnt "got me" yet.
Im glad to hear they are making a sequel though.
It must have done as well if better than expected to announce a sequel this early on.



DJ_LINK said:

I just bought this and I am loving it - very nice atmosphere and fun to play. Along with Toki Tori WiiWare has definitely come up with some very nice launch games for Europe.



DanAran said:

WOW! The graphic's and the art style are even better then Crystal Chronicles! The gameplay sound's good to.



Tundra said:

Oddly i've not really warmed to getting this game at all, but we're all different right? I might get it if I really feel starved for games, but i've bought two wii ware games already, not forgetting wii games to play, AND yet more coming out. I hear there will be a sequel, so hopefully that can fix on this versions inherent problems.



Steve1 said:

I was very tempted until I saw how long it lasts... it looks really fun though.
I think that part of the bonus of WiiWare games is that you'll have the channel there to play without having a disc in, so if a game is short I'd like it to be replayable- I have Pac Man and Super Mario Bros on VC which I think are perfect for that kind of thing.
That's why I'm looking forward to Bomberman on WiiWare!



Bass_X0 said:

Hm. Shiould I download LostWinds now or wait to see what is released on the Virtual Console tonight. and like i said elsewhere, short games mean nothing.

the original super mario bros. could be considered a short game but thats still considered a classic game.

i'd rather pay 1000 points for a short but very fun game that i will play until the end than a game that is supposed to last for ages but is so boring that i play for 30 minutes then never touch again.



i8cookie said:

Lost winds was amazing, well worth the download. It did feel like an extended demo though. Can't wait for the sequel! It seemed to me that it was pretty much totally inspired by Okami, the whole style of the world and even the fire / water following the path you draw, could have been a spin off!



lockelocke said:

Its been asked, but...
Has anyone collected all 24 treasures? Is there a point?
I missed 2, and I'd be all for hunting them down...as long as they actually do something. Which would be a let down, you know, if they just did...nothing



TRON said:

Don't let the short playtime and simplicity of this game deter you. At 1000 points this game has more polish, style, and gameplay than most of the full price Wii games. WiiWare was made for this kind of game, and it's great to have an outlet for the independent game developers to not only get exposure, but to make some money so we see more from them in the future.



Dazza said:

I am a bit late to the party, but I finally got some time to play through LostWinds last night for a couple of hours, and again this afternoon up to completion. What can I say? It is a bit special isn't it? I just wish that it could have lasted longer.

The art direction and music are really excellent. This has all the magic and wonder of Zelda Windwaker. The Wii controls are also used really well in this game for a change. Wether controlling Toku's flight, making fire arc around corners or smashing rocks through walls it all worked so well.

If this is a taster of what is to come then I can't wait for LostWinds 2! I just hope they can make the experience a bit longer, because lets be honest, when you have completed this you probably will want to wait a while before starting all over again.

I agree with other readers, this feels like what WiiWare was made for. This isn't intended to be a full retail game with endless hours of gameplay. For £7.50/$10 I think this is pretty good value for money, when compared to full priced games or buying DVD movies.

I can't wait to see what Frontier have in store for us next!

If anyone was wondering it took me 3.31 to finish and I managed to find 18/24 treasure items (I wasn't really going out my way to find them!)



Quimby said:

@ Everyone complaining about the length of this game - I take a different view.
It was the perfect length for me, as I very rarely finish games that are too long and so I enjoyed seeing the end for once.
Even though I loved every second of this beautifully crafted game, I fear I may have grown bored of it after a few hundred repetitive screens as there is only so many different puzzles frontier can make.
This game is a MUST BUY for anyone even slightly interested, a magical introduction to Wiiware. Good work Frontier.
2.58 with 19/24 treasure items. (I will be looking for the rest to see if it opens anything interesting up. I doubt it but will post what happens)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I would also like to know if there's any point in collecting all chests.

I can't wait to finally give this a shot. Is it REALLY a must-buy, guys? 3 hours doesn't seem THAT bad... What's the longest anyone's taken?



Quimby said:

@KnucklesSonic - It is a beautiful game and the gameplay is so good that you will probably beat it in a day or two, ignore it for a week and then start all over again.
The map is deceptively large and encourages exploring really well.
You end up trying to get to a out of reach ledge, just to see whats up there, not because you feel obligated to find something in particular.
I haven't had time to look for my 5 remaining treasures, I'll try tonight.



Quimby said:

OK, just finished Lost Winds 3:19 with 24/24 treasures.
I had planned to give out my email address so people who didn't want the surprise ruined for them wouldn't have to accidently read it here, but screw it.
Wondering what it unlocked?...
Me too. I was kinda expecting something to pop up on screen to celebrate my obvious greatness, but no.
So I looked around to see if any secret areas had opened up and I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.
So lastly I descided to beat the boss again to see if that helped, you know maybe some extra story panels or something... Nope.
So for those of you out there wondering if you should be bothered tracking them all down, I enjoyed searching for them (the map is freaking huge for such a short game) but I probably wouldn't have bothered if I knew nothing happens.
The way to play this game is to savour it and take your time. It is the perfect de-stressing game.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

For those who have been gripping about the game being 3 hours long; one word: kirby.

Half of kirby games out there can be over in half an hour, but that doesnt stop kirby game being [insert swear word here] awsome games.

Havent downloaded this yet, but I will be the moment I scrape together $18.



mummydaddy said:

unless you are stupid enough to buy a points card from Zavvi (charge £20) then typical value for Lost WINDS IS £7. Some Spectrum and Commodore games cost more than that over 20 years ago (not including inflation) and neither were as gorgeous as this or as fun and refreshing to play.
Note, there are far worse games out there at a much more expensive price on any of the next gen consoles. Now weigh that up, it isn't how quick you complete a game, it's how much you enjoy it.

We in the uk have only 6 wii-ware games to buy and along with Toku-tori and Dr Mario, Lost Winds is an essential purchase (even if you are obsessed with speed runs).
I do think tv show king is a little overpriced tho, it lacks variation like the buzz games.



strade32 said:

the game does not deserve a nine. it is a good game and it is fun, but three hours, that is not nearly long enough for 1000 points. the game is too short.



Objection said:

length doesnt effect quality, true
but it DOES effect a review, since a review tells you whether or not its worth your money. If the next Mario was super amazing but only an hour long, would you pay $50? I wouldn't. Length is a factor, you just gotta decide how much.



AlexSays said:

@ Objection_Blaster

thats a good point,
i learn something new every day on this site.



Bleak_Destiny_of_Fat said:

Lostwinds isn't that great, and the 3 hour amount wasn't good at all. I got 4X that much out of Toki Tori for the same price. It is a much better game. Seriously, defend your castle is better and gave me more gameplay than this for 5 dollars. There's better games out there, you just need to find them and give every game an equal chance. Therefore, strade32 is correct. Oh, yeah, and Objection_Blaster.



blackknight77 said:

Sometimes I don't feel like playing a 50+ hour game, other times I do

Thats why a 3-4 hour game is good to add to the collection



Quimby said:

@Strade - I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this game as I think it maybe the best thing to hit the Wii in a long time.That just goes to show how varied peoples gaming preferences can be. Have you tried this game as a speed run?



Objection said:

i am 2.5 hrs in and have 3/4 memory chests..is that the end then? besides a boss? and I dont know how to get to the last one (at the top of the Blah Falls)! Help.



Billy_Lotion said:

everything i read is telling me to buy it, but i hate to have to ask,
should i buy it? it looks good...



Jazzem said:

I just finished it after getting it last Sunday with playtime of 2:51 (So add about four minutes to that for the section that occurs after the last save) and 22 out of 24 statues.

Overall I really enjoyed it, but I think the level design needs to take a slight step up for the sequel. I thought the design was good in this but I think it could have been of a higher standard to be seen as equally good as the excellent gameplay mechanics.

That aside I'm glad I downloaded it, it was a really relaxing and fresh game. Probably my second favourite WiiWare game after Toki Tori.



Vortex99 said:

Best game on WiiWare i've downloaded so far. 'Nuff Said.

Well, besides Dr Mario...



hand2097 said:

I'm of two minds of this game, I don't totally regret getting it.
There's no motion sensitivity in this game. It could just as well have been done with keyboard and mouse. The graphics are gorgeous. The enemies are fun, they look cute and they die so easily that I feel sorry for them. The music is boring. The main character runs so slow that I get a hurt nunchuk hand from expecting him to run faster if I press harder; and there are only two speeds, so I'd rather have a digital controller for walking. The level design is annoying. Some sequences are very frustrating. I keep dying from falling like three inches and then I keep missing my "wind revives". I know there's some wavy thing you can do to survive falling, but it's not so easy to learn and it slows down the action.

Overall, I'd say it's worth playing but it's not a fave of mine, not at all.



strade32 said:

yeah, but when there is a short fall, you still get hurt, so you don't save yourself expecting not to get hurt because it is such a short fall, and suddenly you die.



Symphonia_King said:

Yeah, that's very annoying. In my mind, this game is definately not worth the money. Why would I play a 3 hour game when I can get over 100 for around the same price in the Gamecube's used section?



strade32 said:

if you want 100 hours, get Tales of Symphonia for gamecube. it took me 96 hours to beat it.

EDIT: oh, looking at your name i assume you have played it.



CanisWolfred said:

Kirby8(lot of kirby fans here), I'm not sure exactly which game you're talking about, but in my case it my agreement applies to both. It took me really long to finish Lostwinds because I kept getting stuck(looking for the next place to go, looking for the idol things, figuring out how to beat that Golem thing). It took me 5 or 6 hours to finally finish it, thhough the ending still felt a little abrupt. I am gravely stuck on Tales of Symphonia, which is very sad, since it's the only non-pokemon RPG I've ever actually enjoyed.

Quick question: If I'm out of MP, and out of Orange Gels, and I'm stuck in a dungeon, how am I suposed to beat the Boss?



moosa said:

After reading through EVERY comment posted here thus far, I felt I needed to make a point here...

To those of you who wouldn't ask for anything more than 3 hours of play (and I mean this sincerely), then good for you, and I hope you enjoy it.

As to the rest of us, lets talk about the cost/length/value issue.

To me, a game that is both long and enjoyable throughout is representative of a very good value, and definitely something to look for. However, a game that is short and high quality can still be worth a purchase. But the clincher here is that short games need to have a certain quality known as replay value to be worth the value of a purchase. After all, Treasure makes some of the most unique and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experiences in the entire industry, but their games can often be snuffed in under 2 hours by an experienced player. What makes them far from forgettable is that Treasure designs the games to be enjoyed in a played and replayed fashion. A very short game with little-to-no replay value would need to be a truly spectacular and eye-opening experience to avoid ending up as little more than a forgotten couple-hour diversion in the grand scheme of things.

Now there are some short and good games on the market that are absolutely worth your time. Quite a number of games, in fact, can be played for all they're worth in around 10 to 15 hours. Some a little less. These games are what I call "rentals." For around $7, they can be had for about a week (longer if you shop Blockbuster), giving you plenty enough time to finish and be done with certain games.

To try to speed things along here, let me just categorize things here to hopefully sum up my points on the matter:

Games you rent

*Good games that are short, or short enough, without much replay value
(Also games you're afraid to buy before you try)

*Games you purchase

*Good games that are long
*Good games that are short but have enough replay value
*OR good games that are short with little replay value AND are LESS than the price of a rental (dirt cheap)

So how does Lost Winds fit into all of this? I think we can pretty much all agree that it is a good game that is very short and has little-to-no replay value. It is also fairly cheap. However, $10 for 3 hours of gameplay doesn't stack up well if we compare it to $7 for 6, 10, 15 hours (or dare I say even more, depending on your habits) of gameplay from a rental. In fact, I might be slightly disappointed at a rental that was all out of fun after just 3 hours. At $5 (less than rental price), I might consider it worthwhile to purchase a good 3 hour game. But as it stands, it's difficult to justify $10 for Lost Winds when I could spend less on a rental of Okami, for instance, and enjoy higher production values and probably at least 5 times the gameplay length.

Of course, it is a bit idealistic in a sense to categorize everything so stiffly, and in the real world everything is certainly not priced according to value. That's a fact of life we all need to deal with in one way or another.

Now (disclaimer:) this is simply my opinion, and I understand and acknowledge that some people are subject to different tastes and circumstances. If you have purchased Lost Winds and feel justified and satisfied in having done so, then good for you, and I cannot/will not argue that against you. My purpose in this post is to identify and establish ONE manner in which many, not all, people may conclude for themselves that Lost Winds is not worth the value of the asking price. It is not meant to argue or imply that some or many may discover otherwise in their own personal experience.

...Now how's that for covering my back?
I'm sure you can't tell, but I'm having fun. :]



Objection said:

@Moosa What a lengthy and thought-out comment. And I agree with almost everything you said. What don't I? That LostWinds has no replay value. I beat the game in 2 days (about 3.5 hours) and then didn't come back to it for about 2 weeks. When I did, I played through it again over 2 day (about 2 hours). I can realistically see myself repeating this until #2 comes out. Oops, looks like its time to go through again.



CanisWolfred said:


WOW!!! And I thought I made speeches(not sure why, just did)!! I am truly humbled my friend.

As for the replay value of Lostwinds, well it did have those statues for you to find, and trust me, some of those are in really odd places. However, I spent so much time wandering around while trying to advance the story, that I found most of them before I beat the boss, with the exception of two that were hid in some really clever places.

To be honest I don't see my self playing this game any time soon. It's just not as fun once you know what to do and what's going to happen. It's the same problem I had with Metroid Prime - the fun was in the exploraion, and finding out what's around the next corner(and hoping it's not going to kill you). It's just not the same once you know what's gonna happen. The sadest part with MP though is, I deleted my save, somehow, so now I have to play it again, if I ever plan on seeing what's beyond that gas-chamber.

I suppose I'll play Lostwinds again someday, after I've forgotten everything, or at least after I beat Lostwinds 2. It's just really sad, Lostwinds was such a fun and creative game, yet our time together was so short(but so sweet). I suppose it was my fault for expecting something so great to last for so long. It was just a preview to an Epic, not the epic itself. I hope our next stay will be longer, but this time, I won't ask for so much.

Man, Moona, I keep looking at your post, and I gotta say, I'm jealous. I usually try to write the longest post ,if I can. Even if it involves cramming it with useless filler, I will still try. But here, my writing skills do not compare, and I'm not even going to try to trump your scholarly post.

Heck, I don't even think I could write anything that sounds as intelligent as that either. Maybe I need to start reading more books or something, I don't know. Since I signed up for this site, I've been trying to pass myself off as an intelligent man, maybe even started to belive it myself. But, after seeing that...I...I gotta go...



strade32 said:

mickeymac(comment101)- either leave the dungeon and get some orange gels(or if you are in Tethe'alla, get pineapple gels) and come back, or go to "strategy" under the menu screen(or whatever it is called) and set everyone to "do not use TP" and fight a lot of enemies until they get it all back. then fight the boss. trust me, i have beaten Tales of Symphonia(after 97 hours) and am now playing through it again.



Ricardo91 said:

I really want to try this, but I don't want to Invest 1000 points in something that tops out at 3 hours long. Is there any extras, like a post-game or something like that? Even if there isn't, I might still get this game if it's really good.

@Mickeymac. It's OK, buddy, just let it all out. As for me, I like to keep my comments brief. I'm a "short, sweet, and to the point" kinda guy. That and my A.D.D. keeps me from writing comments as long as yours on a regular basis. Hey look a Kitty!



Charco said:

Downloaded this game yesterday evening and I must say it is a breath of fresh air (no pun intended). Graphically beautiful, minimalist, relaxing and atmospheric music and some of the best use of gesture based controls by a third party developer so far on Wii. Couple this with the fact that it is made by a small, independent UK developer and I am one happy gamer. Already looking forward to Lost Winds 2. Developers: take note.



Ricardo91 said:

Nevermind the first half of my comment up there. After taking the time to read Mickeymac and Moosa's rediculously long comments, I now have a pretty good idea of this game's lifespan. I might still download it though despite the length and lack of replay value.



CanisWolfred said:

Thanks, strade32, I forgot about the strategy menu, and I can't exit the dungeon(the game stops me for some reason), so I was in a pickle.

@Mr. Cheez

First off, you will not be disappointed, there are worse ways you could spend $10, after all.

I have A.D.D. too, yet I'm still able to write so much, I just take brakes and lose focus while doing it. In fact, my ADD is part of why I write so much sometimes, as I...there I go again...start thinking about other things, and often times I start talking about them in my posts, even if the don't pertain to the actual conversation, or at least what I had been talking about.



Objection said:

So everyone complains about the length (well not recently) but I now think of it like Star Soldier R...HOW FAST CAN YOU BEAT LOSTWINDS? Seriously. What you do: (nearly) beat the game, and save next to OldGuy McFatherfiguredude before the last boss (so it may take you a 2nd attempt to do this right.) Then look up your time from LW's main menu! Here's my top 3 times: 1st runthrough: 2.5 hours 2nd runthrough: 1 hour 40 min, 3rd runthrough 1 hour 30 min. I'd love if this became an actual article/contest. So do your best, people!!



strade32 said:

Mickeymac- or just do a lot of battles. you get items sometimes, so you might get an apple gel. also, use Colette's item theif in battle to get something sometimes.
Back to lostwinds. it is way too short.



CanisWolfred said:


How do you know it's not short enough?

Like I said, I avoid level grinding, and I had to avoid most of the monsters in order to even make it to the boss, and now I have to use all my skills just to last more than 30 seconds with those things. I'll just use that strategy thing next time I play it, as well as that thief ability you mentioned(if see'd stop dying all the time!).


I'll make a thread in the forums if there isn't one already. The time to beat is 6 hours & 13 minutes. Get moving people!

@Mr. Cheez

There was no kitty, you tricked me!

Edit: Nobody seems to have done it already, so I'm starting the first Lostwinds Best Times! Feel free to submit your times in the forum. It's my first thread, so bear with my, I'll be in the Wiiware section of the Forums.

Here's a link if you're interested:



strade32 said:

MickeyMac- how do i know what's not short enough? also, i level grind all the time. i beat that game easy. and i always make sure i am prepared when i go into a dungeon.



Matt_Walker said:

This definatly will be my first Wiiware purchase. It looks like it's great, and you all have spoken so highly of it, plus it got a 9 or 10. Is that the highest rating here on the entire webstie?

Anyway, can't wait to get it. Very original sounding.



Objection said:

Definately get this. And then post your completion time on the forums!~ (See above) I can't wait for the sequel. I think it's about time we heard about its progress, WWW!



Mabbit said:

This game was awesom, I wake up at like 7 JUST to play this, Im having a great time, having great time, then I'm done with the game.........In a 2 hours.........



01philip01 said:

Is the game hard to play?
cuz u gotta move the wind and all the stuff? >_>
and is it better to get then pokemon ranch?
since those games are the ones that most appeal to me.



Macfly77 said:

To cheeseman:
As a lot of people have said in previous messages, the game is a little on the short side, but loads of fun.
Personally, I have been playing for about four hours and have yet to finish it.
It's a visually and aurally beautiful game, with original and highly responsive controls.
Also, trying to find all the statues (which is not necessary to beat the game) adds quite a bit of playing time.
I think Corbie said it best (comment #17): "I'd rather play a game like Super Mario Galaxy for an hour than some of the other garbage out there for 10 hours. : )"



dfalco said:

lost winds is very good it be in my top 5 best wii games so far along with mega man and my aquriame



Majime said:

Do not buy this wiiware game! It's absolutely boring. Yes, the graphics are nice and the use of the wiimote is great too. But there is no action and no fun in this game. It's just another puzzle without a common sense and the story takes place in such a sloooow speed. It would have been nice for 500 wiipoints but, 1000? It's not worth it.



Kirk said:

I just downloaded this game and it's all just a bit boring and meh.

It feels kind of lifeless and souless to me.

The graphics are nice but that does not a fun game make.



rayword45 said:

You people need to think. The average $50 release lasts 10 hours. this is $10 for 3 hours. Good, right? For me though, it wasn't worth it since it lasted 90 minutes.



apocalypse217 said:

great graphics for WiiWare but ultimately not as much fun as I was hoping but still a decent game. 7.5 out of 10



ds_lover59440 said:

is Lost Winds really that short?
i just got Lost Winds: (2) Winter Of The Melodias.
it`s slighty harder, and longer than Lost Winds.
read my reviews on Lost Winds Winter Of The Melodias.



rdenton85 said:

I forgot all about this but am interested again now. It's just a shame the two parts were never released on disc.

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