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Sun 18th May 2008

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Senhal commented on Review: LostWinds:

If you're a slow player who likes to hunt around for objects and leisurely take things in, as I am, you'll find that this game lasts more than 3 hours. I'm a little over 3 hours into the game already and I've only gotten 2 of the 4 chests. This is a game meant to be savored, not powered through.

I like these short WiiWare games because they fill an important niche. They provide brief (but hopefully innovative) gaming experiences that I can only otherwise get if I download an older VC game. VC games are great, but I've played through most of the good ones before, and thus their value lies in the nostalgia they generate (and some of them are tougher than I remember: I could beat Zelda II as a kid but I just don't have the prowess--or patience--anymore). That's why I'm happy to see some new development in this vein that's fresh and actually built around the Wii's unique controller scheme, rather than adapted to it.

To return to the game's length, I've got to say that I simply don't have the stamina for 20-50 hour games anymore. When I was a kid, I plowed through every Japanese RPG that I could find. Nowadays, the thought just makes me tired. I couldn't even finish all the levels of Katamari Damacy, and I'm not going to even bother trying with the new Mario game. I've been meaning to get around to finishing Twilight Princess for well over a year now. I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm one of those aging gamers: it's hard to suppress the habits of my youth (and thus I still buy long games), but now that I'm 30 I simply don't have time to play video games as a serious hobby. That's why I like these WiiWare games so much. Those of you who complain about length: I understand. Perhaps they could have made the game a bit longer (though they're restricted to some extent by file size). It's likely that they want to keep things episodic and make a profit, but I thought $10 was rather reasonable (though 5 more installments just like this would not, admittedly, produce a game comparable in length to a retail $50 game). The developers have always been honest about the game length. Keep in mind as well that there's an audience out there of older people like me who are quite happy to have quality games that you can finish in a weekend of casual play. Perhaps they're just milking us for money, but short games like this give this "old" man an all too rare sense of accomplishment!