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Sat 17th May 2008

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sportymariosonichybr commented on City Connection:

The premise seems cool, but how plentiful are the in/oncoming cars, how aggressive are the cop cars, and most importantly, how long does it take to paint the whole game once through?



sportymariosonichybr commented on Metal Slug:

Well if I wanted this style of games, would I not just download Contra for a better experience?

And does the anthology package on Wii include Gamecube controller support?



sportymariosonichybr commented on Review: Defend Your Castle:

"It endlessly repeats. Honestly past level 50 unless you have friends over it's not worth playing an hour each day."

Is that because it is not possible to win or because nothing changes past there?

And does anyone know how the save function operates?



sportymariosonichybr commented on Review: Pop:


I know what you are saying and if I had an endless supply of cash or even just time, I would download it.

But I am behind already, in that I have not completed several games I already own and still have not gotten a few Wii games out there at all yet, so I need to pick and choose among my available options.

For instance, I have not finished Geometry Wars: Galaxies yet on Wii, which blows this out of the water. Getting Boom Blox is already pushing it in that genre, but they are on opposite ends of the hardcore spectrum, so it works out.

I also am probably getting a 360 soon, so there is only so much I can get.

If the Wii Ware service turns out to be crap, I will certainly revisit this game later down the line...if I ever catch up!



sportymariosonichybr commented on Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle:

"DKC also had a 1-hit-KO system, it's no big deal. Especially when you have items like the fire armlet."

But you had 2 kongs, so you still could take a hit.

As for this game, I am seeing mixed reviews here.

How many hours of gameplay does it provide?

And are there any real problems cause I don't see any in the review, but it only gets 2/5 Stars?



sportymariosonichybr commented on WiiWare Launch Games Review Round Up:

For me, Final Fantasy, Pop, and Blackjack are out immediately.

Lost Winds is also probably no, because outside of the motion controls, there is really nothing special about it. Really, it sounds like a short, bland, half-cooked platformer, and the Virtual Console is chock full of platformers from familiar franchises with many more levels and for half the price and 10% of the memory!

TV Show King looks fun since I love game shows, but if there is no career mode, achievements, and/or unlockables for the single-player mode, then I probably will have to pass.

Defend Your Castle looks like the only one I might actually get, but since it is already Saturday, I will wait until Monday, before deciding if it is worth the space.



sportymariosonichybr commented on Review: TV Show King:

I do like game shows, but is there any sort of career mode or achievements/unlockables for single player, since I only have one Wii Remote at home and really no one to play it with anyway!



sportymariosonichybr commented on Review: V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack:

I know I won't be getting this, since if I want to play blackjack, I can either play online or play with my dad, but you do have some inaccuracies with the rules in your review:

1) You can only hit up to 6 additional cards, not a limitless amount.
2) You can only double down on an initial score of 9, 10, or 11.
3) When you split your hand, each bet is worth the same value, not the second hand is worth double the first hand.



sportymariosonichybr commented on Review: Defend Your Castle:

This game actually looks to have a slight edge over Lost Winds at the moment.

There seems to be much more replay value here, in which I would not mind playing 1/2 to 1 hour per day.

Also, the ability to save, will allow me to experience a much deeper part of the game, that I could never see on the PC version?

Can anyone confirm whether or not you were able to save and then restart on the level you lost on, in the PC version?

Also, at only $5, it should not be hard for Defend Your Castle to climb to 2.5 hours of gameplay.

Finally, it is a pretty unique style of gameplay, whereas the VC is loaded with platformers!



sportymariosonichybr commented on Review: Pop:

While this game looks like it SHOULD have enough to break the 3.5 hour threshold, it seems very similiar to the full fledged Boom Blox on the Wii, which has WAY more content: 400 puzzles VS 16 PLUS a level creator!

400 / 16 = 25. $50 (assuming Boom Blox is $50) / 25 = $2

And that is not taking into account the level creator and the other modes I am probably forgetting!

So while the game may be an 8/10, there is a more robust option available, that pretty much cancels this game out, for me!



sportymariosonichybr commented on Review: LostWinds:

For me, I usually want 5 hours of gameplay for every $10 the game costs.

So for an Xbox 360 game, I usually want 30 hours of gameplay for a $60 game.

Which is why I have waited for price drops on The Simpson's Game because it is at most 10-15 hours, which means $20-$30.

As a comparison, it took me 60 hours to get 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy.

How long would it take me to beat this game?