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Mon 7th Jul 2008

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Macfly77 commented on Review: Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 (Wii...:

To Rocky (post #60):
I guess you have never played a Monkey Island or even any point-and-click adventure game before.
The gameplay in those games has always been about 80% puzzles, 20% exploration.
I have played all the other Monkey Island games and I must say the puzzles in this game were very much in the Monkey Island style, while making more sense than some of the puzzles in the previous games.
I also finished the game in about 4 hours without using the hint system or any help guide (online or not) and loved every minute of it.
Finally, the reason you're still in chapter one is that... there is no chapter two! This is the first episode of a five episode series.

To Edwin (post #50):
Sorry if you think the lack of an action menu makes the game easier. You say that in the first two games, the actions from the menu that worked were the ones that make sense, so you didn't really need the other ones, did you?
In this game, clicking on an object will only do the right thing as far as picking it up (if possible) or activating it (in the case of a lever, for example). There are still "look at" and a "combine" options in the inventory menu. And if you need to use the object on something or someone, you will still have to pick the object from your inventory and click on the right thing or person to use it with.
In my view, this simplifies the system, but in no way kid-ifies it.

To Nintendo Life:
I haven't played the WiiWare game, but apparently, neither have you.
Otherwise, you would have reviewed your review, as the comments about choppy framerate and poor sound overflow not just on this but on the Telltale forums as well!
I'll be very cautious about following Nintendo Life's advice in the future!



Macfly77 commented on Review: LostWinds:

To cheeseman:
As a lot of people have said in previous messages, the game is a little on the short side, but loads of fun.
Personally, I have been playing for about four hours and have yet to finish it.
It's a visually and aurally beautiful game, with original and highly responsive controls.
Also, trying to find all the statues (which is not necessary to beat the game) adds quite a bit of playing time.
I think Corbie said it best (comment #17): "I'd rather play a game like Super Mario Galaxy for an hour than some of the other garbage out there for 10 hours. : )"



Macfly77 commented on Datel Release Retro Controllers for Virtual Co...:

Quick question for those of you who own an adapter from retrousb.
Is it compatible with the super multitap or will I have to buy several adapters to play multiplayer games (I own a super multitap and four SNES controllers)?



Macfly77 commented on US VC Release - 7th July - King of the Monsters:

Pardon me if this has been posted elsewhere, but have any of you considered that the reason the Virtual Console has been the way it is the past few weeks (in America) is that Nintendo is trying to release as many Neo Geo games BEFORE the release of SNK Arcade Classics, hoping that uninformed gamers might bite (and buy), and that they only release one a week so that gamers have no other option?
Tthat is the only way I can make sense of NOA's current "treatment" of the Virtual Console.
Not that I'm complaining; I own over 30 VC games, most of which I haven't even started playing, so it's nice to save a little money (especially considering the price of gas and milk!).