While Nintendo has spent much of this week spilling the beans on its new console the Switch, there's still an awful lot that we don't know about. The online side of things is sketchy at present, and there's a feeling that Nintendo is continuing to hold information back with the intention of drip-feeding it as the launch date approaches.

Given that we still don't have the full picture, it's perhaps unsurprising that fans have been combing through every screenshot and video released over the past few days to unearth more info, and one particular image has thrown up something which could be interesting - or not.

On the surface, one might assume that an airplane mode icon would suggest some kind of mobile connectivity - after all, it's an almost ubiquitous feature on smartphones these days, and is used to cut off all connections during (you've guessed it) airplane flights, as these can potentially cause interference.

Could the Switch offer some kind of data connection when you're out of the house for online gaming and other tasks? It's certainly not that outlandish; Sony offered a mobile data-enabled PS Vita, and many tablets come with SIM card trays for this purpose.

However, before we get too carried away over the prospect of playing Splatoon 2 anywhere there's a mobile signal, it's worth noting that airplane mode often appears on WiFi-only devices, and simply means that wireless signals are switched off. This could well be the case with the Switch - when airplane mode is active, Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi are all turned off.

What do you think? Could Nintendo include mobile data with the Switch to make it truly portable, or is this a case of a fairly innocent and innocuous icon being misconstrued as something else? Share your opinion below.

[via twitter.com]